Chapter 8: The Bone Merchant

Mistress? I think you are confused. It is Bernard who serves the local noblewoman. He is Roberto's friend, he earned his respect (though Wirth is Sodale and Amicus, a higher status). Sir Richard is not from around here. He is a former crusader, like Roberto, and a knight errant of sorts it seems.

(thinks to self: "If she wants to help, all she has to do is ask.")
[color=red]Yes, thank you for pointing that out Iolar. I accept your offer of assistance and am humbled by my need for your help in this matter.

~When arguing with a woman and you realize you are 100% right, apologize immediately!
R.A.H., "Notebooks of Lazarus Long"

[color=red]The relic is not important. It is a finger bone.

I've told you before Louis de Castelnau and Symon Dancort were agents of another. I think it might be Baron Robert Boyde of Northumberland but he might be an agent as well.

The nuns saw here playing outside. One of them says they saw her go over to a man on a large black horse and climb on. That sounds like de Castelnau.

I do not know about the spell or who cast it one me but it was done to keep me from catching Dancort and de Castelnau.

Jebrick, awesome icon!

[color=red]So, do you think that they duped you purposefully all along? That would make sense. I was a phony deal from the start, all on behalf of that baron. But why?
And whose fingerbone?
Anyway, who is up for a trip to Northumberland?

I do not know.

As I've said several times already, St. Thomas the Doubter.

Havlard: I will go.

[size=59]I think that humbling Roberto may be more of an effort than that[/size]
Then in her normal voice to Roberto
[color=red]As Wirth asked does he have anything of his daughters and is their anything distinctive about his daughter so that we can recognise her.
Iolar glances at Wirth as she mentions him obviously still worried about how he will react after the problems in Greece.
[color=red]It would be better if we could resolve matters on the sea as confronting a powerful nobleman in his own lands on the behalf of a random stranger might get us into trouble no matter how noble and pure our cause is

[color=red]I was also thinking we could go straight to the convent. Bring Marcello. Go into the room where the girl was staying, grab a poppet of hers or hair from her pillow.

[color=red]I can get there within a few hours but I would be on my own

[color=red]Iolar, I can lend you a wand if you wish. That will keep any bothering mundanes of your back. I think it is best if you go and then return swiftly. Aelianus turns to Roberto.[color=red] Roberto, Diodorus and I can follow. As I said Diodorus is good at tracking though he draws some attention.

No. Nothing with him.

Sir Richard is looking nervous at all of your talk

[color=red]I know enougth ignem magic to drive off most mundanes. The problem is that at the nunnery I would be seeking information not combat and My gift and flying could cause problems. Roberto ask Sir Richard for a letter of intrduction to the nunnery and a sketch map , then I will fly and procure an arcane connection before rejoiing the rest of you. At least the nuns will speak Latin

[color=red]Don't you think that this would be a task better suited for Marcello? Perhaps we could turn him into a mouse so you can carry him. Well, a big mouse I suppose :laughing:.

[color=red]I don't think any of us are capable of magics to ennable someone to fly or change them into something I can carry as an Eagle , and a large mouse would be a bad thing for me to carry in my Talons flying is hungry work and when I am an Eagle I am an Eagle , although I prefer Rabits or Hares to Mice and I am really partial to a good partridge

[color=red]We can shrink him smaller and make you larger! That should be very easy to cast spontaneously. He can then ride on your back :smiley:

[color=red]And who would do that? As an Eagle I may be able to increase my size but I do not know of anyone in the covenant who could shrink Marcello enougth for me to carry him. Unless we have someone else who is not going to bear the effects of the Gift I have as much chance as anyone here and better than some to deal with some nuns

[color=blue]OOC Having looked at all teh character sheets I cannot see anyone who can shrink Marcello by 3 size levels to -1 so I can carry him as a Siz 0 eagle with a low strength. Realistically I think that it would probably need someone of size -2 preferably -3 if I am going to fly for long carrying someone

OOC - I figured you can do it. You are the spont mistress, and can cast cerimonially for boost. Take Preternatural Growth and Shrinking. MuCo15. Take off one magnitude because this version is not as grand and flexible (providing only one type of shrinking). You need to add one mag back for Marcello's size. That will take him down to Size +0. Another mag will take him down to as small as Size -3!
Hmmmm, that's 20 levels though.

Carlos! His natural size is only -1!
My concern is that Iolar would freak the nuns out. I honestly think taking someone with you is pretty much a necessity.
Shrink Carlos and you don't even have to make yourself grow large at all :smiley:. He will be charming and cordial with the nuns and secure their assistance.

OOC - What will the -3 size person do at the Convent? Do you want a mouse sized person talking to a Nun?

Havlard: [color=red]Can anyone find out if the Knight is under a Mentium spell? Not really my strong point.

Aelianus replies. [color=red]I could try to examine the mundane but I have to take him back to my lab. I could cast at least some modest spells to try to find trace of magic. Ask the mundane if he would comply. Diodorus rolls on his back and streches his body expecting the servant to scratch his belly.

After some talk between Bernard and Sir Richard, he agrees to go to Aelianus' lab.

OOC: What would you be able to find out in your lab? Or what are you looking for?

OOC: Props for ceremonial magic, strong aura. After all Aelianus have 7 in Intellgo and 6 in Vim or 5 in Mentem.