Chapter 8. Winter 1013 and Spring 1014 at Ungulus

"I think we should give them the opportunity to return. I mostly want to avoid our neighbor Lord Fergus to know too much about the Order. We need to be mindful, however, that more shield grogs won't reduce the burden on mundane servants, and that it will increase our expenses... we'll need some silver to setup the chapter house, most likely. I don't expect the lord will request payment if they worked for him during that period of time, which is my understanding of what happened - but I could be wrong. As far as Wicker Hill is concerned... how do we discreetly move the entire contents of a lab, exactly?"

“If the Covenant is willing to commit six pawns of vis I will invent the Wealth of Croesus spell giving us 13,000 silver shillings, that is 650 pounds, of silver coin. That will give a firm base for Ungulus and plenty to support all the needs of a chapter house for a good few years I would think. Lord Fergus may object to losing his turb to us but he can do little to oppose us if we are prepared to use the treat of violence. For me it is more a question of the old turb being willing to return. This war has made the prospect of those without magic resistance poor indeed, my experience being that the death rate in our battles with the Diedne among our mundane allies have been severe” states Janus

"For my part, I support the idea to use Wealth of Croesus. We can use that to fund many investments we need." after a minute. "As far as the threat of violence, I would like that not to be the first approach."

"We are agreed, then," says Thadeus. "I just want to give the opportunity for those who wish to return to Ungulus to feel safe to do so. My only worry is that Lord Fergus might take a dim view of us taking back those he now feels are 'his' soldiers."

"Regarding servants, remember that woman we talked to in Dunfries, who survived the battle at Dunwald? Benvy, that was her name. She seemed to be having a hard time there, and I would guess that others who fled Dunwald might be the same. Could be a decent place to recruit servants."

"As for recovering the content of the lab under Wicker Hill, much the same as we did last time, but without the bother of Fergus' rangers. If we go there first, under the cover of darkness, we could slip into the lab and pack up the more important pieces of the equipment, and then move it out. If it takes more than a night, so be it. We just make sure to establish camp some distance away from the place and rest there during the day. We could do that either before or after visiting Fergus for the grogs. I'd favour doing it before. I'd need some help, or some of the enchanted items we have in store. The enchanted glove that Thom brought would be helpful to lift the stone hiding the lab, as well as move the heavier pieces. I have charged items to provide light to work in there. Ideally, someone who could deal with any of the villagers who might come to investigate -- like putting them to sleep -- would be helpful. A veil of invisibility would allow us to slip in and away, like the last time."


Did everyone accept membership?
Who do we want to elect Praetor?
Do we all agree Hamish as Turb Captain?

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Nauvi accepts membership and declares he will retrieve his dowry and use it to further the growth of this fine covenant. Nauvi will offer to be Praetor, not because it's an exciting job, but because sooner or later we will all have to do a term of office and he may as well get it out of the way before he has any important magical projects.
Nauvi agrees Hamish will make a good turb captain, but is slightly concerned when Edwin mentions how the recruiting trip went.

Janus will point out that the covenant charter does not have the Praetor as a rotating position anymore but rather a voter or the council to appoint or remove.

IIUC. The next event you plan when Finn &co return is Thadeus' expedition to Galloway. Is that right?

Thom's venture to Midsumer Copse is postponed to Summer to allow Bethula to join. Is that right @Bartomeus ?

Nauvi quickly understands that the closest village is half a day's journey from the covenant. Villages inland, i.e. to the East are a lot poorer than what Edwin and Finn have reported from the coast. Sowing last year suffered from the damage from raids the year before, and they have only just recovered so that they can now sow what they used to, but then it is yet another six months till harvest.

If you plan anything else in the first half of Spring, please let me know ASAP.

Janus would want to have our scribes identify if any of the new servants could be trained a a scribe. If so then we can plan their Latin, Artes Liberales and scribe training. I think we only need one.

The girl previously referred to as laundry lass appears to be unusually bright, even if her childhood has given little nurture for her intellect. There are probably others who could be trained, but probably with more effort. The idea is alien to them.

OK we will single her out as a trainee scribe and the rest can be assigned as servants

Ugh... I don't recall discussing that we'd have a Praetor for life who can only be removed by unanimous consent of the rest of the council. I'm definitely not up for that.

Yes, I think the plan is a more united trip to the Midsummer Copse with Betula and Cath'rinne and others as interested... unless other issues arise at Ungulus.

On the Praetor Question: While Thom has zero interest in serving as Praetor, he would rather see either a rotating Praetor or an election every three years or so. Something that doesn't place all of the juice in the hands of one magus.

We could take that discussion into roleplaying though if we hold a council meeting when folks are back at Ungulus.

Janus is willing to serve as Praetor if no one else stands. We can discuss amendments to the charter at the Winter 1014 council meeting

Thadeus is also willing to serve as Praetor. Voting on who should occupy the position every three years sounds fine.

If we see it being a chore rather than an honor maybe we revert to a three year term in order of seniority by gauntlet (magi only, not redcaps) date as was suggested by someone in one of the many interations of the charter. That way everyone does a three year period in every 21.

IMO it is both a burden and an honor. I'd expect the Praetor to invest some time to the responsibilities of the position, but it also grants some standing.

I make that Janus-Nauvi-Cath’rinne/Betula-Thadeus-Sionag-Thomas

The rotation approach is also kind of fun. :slight_smile: Gives a little variety to things.

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What did Cath'rinne do after her adventure to the Gargoyle's Blossom? Is she just planning more adventures? Even as the copse is postponed till Summer? @temprobe