Chapter I: 1220-1221

It looks like we have two books on Magic Theory in the library, or is that a typo? (link)

No, not a typo. I guess the problem's solved, then, huh?

I changed my plan on the wiki. It looks like we have no double booking from the planner.

but we have two copies at the same level

I didn't catch that at the time.

Corbin's preference for the vis type to take out is Creo, Mentem, Intellego, Corpus, then any Tech, then anything. In keeping with his relaxed manner, he's not too fussed and would prefer if the covenant kept itself well stocked instead of distributing to magi.
"Perhaps we take less for a year or two to build a diverse stockpile and then gain more later?"

Gavin would prefer any Technique except Creo, most preferably some Intellego, then any Form except Corpus, Imaginem, and Vim. Some Herbam Ignem, or Terram would be most preferable.

I would recommend that, as a minimum, the covenant spend 4 Co vis for two Healing (incapacitated) potions to go with the one they already have, and keep a reserve of 10 Co, 10 Vi, and 2 of each of the other types of vis (that's 46 vis as a reserve).

We could use the Divine vis for potions at the very least. Then either donate them or save them for when someone is in need.

It takes almost a year to get a reply from Junius. His handwriting is shakier than Gavin remembers, and the parchment is spark-scorched in a couple of places, and has greasy smears in a couple more.

He has a list of about three or four Verditius magi (two in England, one each in Loch Leglean and Hibernia, and one in Normandy) Gavin can contact with regards to making magical equipment. He also names about eight magi around the Order who he says might have lab texts for the kind of items Gavin is looking for.

Acutus's reply actually arrives some six months before Junius's. He says that he's spoken with Junius and the Verditius has received Gavin's letter, but has been very busy with his project.

He mentions a few possible magical craftsmen: a couple that will be on Junius's list, a couple of Bonisagus and ex Miscellanea, and Eilid.

The rest of his letter is social.

Upon receiving each letter, Gavin immediately pens additional letters seeing if any of the people on the list would be willing to hire out to craft any of the items he wants. He'll also seek out Eilid to see if she has any interest (though I already posted asking the covenant, and assumed that she wasn't interested because there was no response from her). He'll also write to see about the possiblity of purchasing copies of relevant lab texts.

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"Of course," Laerleggr responds, a bit gruffly. "A mystery cult wouldn't be mysterious without its members being responsible secret keepers."

Hope opens the box, revealing the contents, a book with their House Seal. I'm not sure if you know of this book, but its The Craft, a very detailed Summae on House Lore, and has unique initiation scripts. Some members of the House probably don't want a maga or magus seven years out of apprenticeship to have it, especially those deep into the mysteries. It cuts them out of being the keeper of power. Some will be opposed to condensing House Lore like this. Some will be philosophically opposed to the book. The point is since we are both in the same position seniority wise, we both stand to gain. I can let you borrow it if you want to study from it or use the scripts. Basically I'm trying to say we'll both be better off if we don't get into a tiff, and cooperate instead. Also I'm not going to be competing for commissions either. So don't worry about that.

Go ahead and make Bargan rolls for whomever you're writing to what what kind of item you're looking for from them.

I missed it. What season would this be?

In order to maximize his chance to get someone for each item, Gavin is not going to pitch a single item to each person he writes. He's going to forward a list of all items to each possible crafter to see what they can manage.

I'm guessing that these will be Com + Bargain checks, since it's by writing. If not, adjust the following rolls accordingly. I'm also assuming simple dice bacause it's not at all under stress.

Eternal Lamp: Com + Bargain check: 1D10+4 = [10]+4 = 14
Brazier of Heating: Com + Bargain check: 1D10+4 = [7]+4 = 11
Third Hand: Com + Bargain check: 1D10+4 = [7]+4 = 11
Moveable Spell Circle: Com + Bargain check: 1D10+4 = [4]+4 = 8
Faithful Equipment Stand: Com + Bargain check: 1D10+4 = [6]+4 = 10
Flameless Cauldron: Com + Bargain check: 1D10+4 = [7]+4 = 11

I won't roll for the Tireless Servant and the Faithful Note Stand since Bea said she'd do those.

He asked in Spring of 1220.

Were you buying the items or lab texts? I'd be happy to assist in paying for the lab texts.

The intention was to buy the items themselves. But if that's not possible, I'll look to try and get the lab texts. Of course, even if I get the items, I could still negotiate for the lab text - though that would cost more.

House Verditius lab texts will almost certainly use the bonus from their runes.

Laerleggr gently takes the book, if Hope allows it, and leafs through some sections. His eyebrows creep up with each turn of the pages. He shuts the book and hands it back, looking Hope in the eye. "I'm truly grateful that you would share this treasure with me Hope. Where did you get it? And who wrote it? And, on a side note, if you're not in the enchanting trade for the commissions, what are you in it for then, if I may ask?"

She does let him take the book.Its sort of why she brought it."My mother gave it to me. It says it was written by "The Craftsman" although compiling and editing took place after he entered Twilight. Although who knows if its true. Anyway, I use enchantments mainly for the benefit of my coven. I have plans to make items for my own use too, but Tia" Hope points to her back "and studies meant I haven't had time to make my own yet. Plus I cough up vis on a semi regular basis."

"I respect that. For me, it's more the craft and art of what I make that drives me. I could care less if someone buys it. Though making something that others will find useful adds to the satisfaction. And out here, almost at the edge of the world, it seems silly to get caught up in competition. Other things are more important. But regardless, thank you again. Tell me if there is something I can do in return for your generous gift."