Chapter I: 1220-1221

For any random interactions, story threads, or runaway plot-bunnies from Spring 1220 through Spring or early Summer 1221.

The following messages will be sent off in spring of 1220:

[i]Spring 1220
Junius of Verditius
Semitae Covenant[sup]1[/sup]
Stonehenge Tribunal

Master Junius,

I hope the years have treated you well and that the caravan is still going strong. Since my gauntlet, I have travelled up to Loch Leglean where I am making my fortune. To that end, I have recently joined the covenant of Insula Canaria, and am setting up a new laboratory. It was this that I was hoping you could help me with. I have gathered a supply of vis and am now prepared to spend it.

I'm looking to get some magical equipment manufactured and was hoping you could advise me as to who within your house would be willing and able to create them for me at standard Verditius prices. I've attached some notes on what I was looking for, if that would help you make recommendations.[sup]2[/sup] I'm also interested in any devices that might assist me in preparing magical items for enchantment or in devising spells. I understand that magi in your house may have laboratory texts for items that I haven't considered, and I'd be willing to accommodate such lab texts, so long as it gets me an item that I can use.

I understand that any proper negotiations must go through a forge companion. I assume that Reginald is still with you in that capacity, and am happy to direct my correspondence to him, if that's more appropriate. But I thought I might presume upon our friendship to at least ask your advice as to who I might approach in either Stonehenge or Loch Leglean to perform my commissions.

Best wishes for a prosperous season,
Gavin ex Miscellanea[/i]

[i]Spring 1220
Acutus ex Miscellanea[sup]3[/sup]
Semitae Covenant
Stonehenge Tribunal

Master Acutus,

I hope this letter finds you well. I have been quite busy since my last letter. As you know, I was never quite content with my situation in Mac Gruagach, and had been looking around for a better opportunity. Well, one finally presented itself. The covenant of Insula Canaria, on Loch Ness sent out a call for new members, and I was among those who responded. I can see already that I will be happy here among my new sodales.

One reason I'm writing is to let you know that I sent Junius a letter asking for his advice. I'll ask for yours on the same subject, as well as your indulgence to speak with Junius on my behalf. Having distilled a reasonable amount of vis, I'm now embarking on a project to fill my laboratory with a number of useful items, many inspired by some of the items present in your own lab. Thankfully I have more room to work with than a caravan wagon will allow. Even so, the lessons in efficiency I learned from you show through.

I've made a list of items I'm looking for and asked Junius if he can direct me to Verditius magi willing to create them for me at standard prices, and I've attached a copy to this letter too.[sup]2[/sup] I'll make the same request of you that I made of him, though you needn't feel limited to Verditius magi. If you know any magi willing to take the commissions, I'd be most appreciative to hear of it.

I'll write more in the days to come, but the Redcap who agreed to carry this letter is leaving shortly. Please give my regards to Abraxas and tell him that I miss chatting with him. Once more, Groot has expressed some minor jealousy, joking that I like your familiar more than my own. I'm sure he'll understand once he finally meets Abraxas.

I remain your humble and obedient servant,

[i]Spring 1220
Mairi Sean ex Miscellanea
Mac Gruagach covenant[sup]4[/sup]
Loch Leglean Tribunal


I hope this letter finds you well. I'm settling nicely into my life at Insula Canaria. It's much quieter than Mac Gruagach, and I sometimes miss the hustle and the bustle of the larger covenant. But it also allows for greater quiet for meditation or research, which is nice. I also have a fantastic garden attached to my laboratory and sanctum. If you ever find your way to Loch Ness, please do come by and I'll give you a tour.

Right now I'm setting up my lab and was looking to finally get some of those items made that I've always been talking about. I was wondering if you'd ask around the covenant to see if anyone was willing to make them for me for standard Verditius prices. I know no one is actually from House Verditius, but I also know that magi always have use for vis, and some might prefer an activity that gets them a useful lab text instead of a season of distilling vis. I've attached a list of items I'm looking for.[sup]2[/sup]

I appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you at the Tribunal meeting next year. I'll miss being at the center of things, but it wills till be nice to see everyone again.

Yours in friendship,
Gavin [/i]

[sup]1 - Semitae covenant is where Gavin apprenticed.
2 - Attached is a list that includes brief descriptions of the following items previously posted:

  • Eternal Lamp (or equivalent)
  • Brazier of Heating (or equivalent)
  • Third Hand
  • Flameless Cauldron
  • Faithful Equipment Stand
  • Moveable Spell Circle

3 - Acutus ex Miscellanea was Gavin's master
4 - Mac Gruagach covenant is where Gavin spent the last seven years[/sup]

Sometime in the late spring of 1220, Gavin manages to catch Arthur at a meal or passing through the covenant and stops to speak with him. "Beg pardon," he says. "It's Arthur, isn't it? I'm Gavin ex Miscellanea, one of the magi at the covenant - as if you couldn't tell by the effects of the Gift." He smiles weakly and offers his hand. "I wanted to steal a moment of your time, if I may, to ask you a question. If you like, I can extend my Parma to you so that you can listen without the Gift getting in the way."[sup]1[/sup]

Assuming Arthur is willing to talk, Gavin goes on. "My man Cory tells me that you were once an apprentice. I wonder if you've ever given any thought to hiring yourself out as a lab assistant around the covenant. People in your position are often in high demand. You could make a good living doing that, especially in a covenant with a lot of magi, like here. For example, I'd pay vis for a decent lab assistant from time to time; I'll bet others would too. You could do quite well, even working just two seasons a year."

"I understand that you're still getting settled into the covenant, so I won't press. But if you ever decide to hire yourself out, please let me know. I have a number of projects that would benefit from a skilled assistant."

[sup]1 - Gavin will extend his Parma to Arthur if he consents[/sup]

Arthur does consent, and listens with interest. "How soon would you be looking to hire someone?"

"I'd be willing to hire you right away," Gavin replies. "I'm looking to instill a power into my talisman and the more powerful I can make it the better. Your assistance might let me bump it up an entire magnitude. I'd be ready for that as early as Autumn of this year and I'd be willing to hire you for two seasons for that project. What would you want as payment for a season of assistance?"

"This autumn? I'd say 3 pawns corpus."

Gavin does his best to hide his surprise.Three pawns of corpus vis was highway robbery. That was the equivalent of six pawns of Vim vis on the open market. "What would you say, instead, to five pawns of Vim vis for assisting me through Autumn and Winter?" That was still a princely sum. "The project I'm working on would do best with two seasons of assistance."

Where are you getting the conversion between Corpus and Vim? According to True Lineages they are of equal value...

Arthur ponders this. "I'd be willing to take that rate if you were willing to put the project off until spring and summer of next year."

Ah, I can see where I might have been confusing. My intent was that to someone who only had Vim vis, it would cost 6 Vim to exchange with House Mercere to get 3 Corpus vis at their 2-to-1 exchange rate. Gavin has no corpus vis on hand right now, but enough vim to pay the fee.

[strike]"That would certainly be workable," Gavin replies with a smile. "I'm under no timetable for completion of things. And I can even say that if I get some corpus in my vis distribution from the covenant, I might be able to pay some of the five vis in corpus. I just didn't want to promise vis I didn't have. So it's agreed, five pawns of vim vis for assistance in the spring and summer of next year. I'm perfectly willing to pay in advance, if you'd prefer. " [/strike]

"That would certainly be mostly workable," Gavin replies with a smile. "I'm under no timetable for completion of things. And I can even say that if I get some corpus in my vis distribution from the covenant, I might be able to pay some of the five vis in corpus. I just didn't want to promise vis I didn't have. But how about spring and autumn of next year. Summer is the Tribunal and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to get enough time in the lab to do any proper work."

At the winter 1220 Council Meeting, Eilid announces that they have 278 pawns of Vis on hand (as she hasn't taken her full allotment in a while, and Boudicca has only been there a couple of years and only took a few pawns each year).

As there are nine magi, each is entitled to 30 pawns for the salary.

I'd prefer not Vim. I get enough of that without any help.

Eilid casts the Aegis of the Hearth on the Winter Solstice (using 6 pawns of Vis), with herself, Boudicca, Beatrix, and Hope casting Wizard's Communion to help.

Her WC roll is 25 + die roll of (first roll of 0, followed by a 4) = 29, with a spell level of 30. (Coyote Code is being wonky again.)

Boudicca's is 17 + 5 = 22, with a spell level of 20.

Eilid's roll for the Aegis is 32 + 4 = 36.

What are the arts and amounts of the pawns?

I don't know about the others, but I'd be fine with the covenant keeping a vis reserve of between 20 and 50 vis.

8 Creo, 22 Intellego, 17 Muto, 15 Perdo, 25 Rego, 20 Animal, 12 Aquam, 12 Auram, 33 Corpus, 5 Herbam, 13 Ignem, 12 Imaginem, 9 Mentem, 22 Terram, 31 Vim.

Angus will take his in Ignem, Aurum, and Herbem, and will vote to keep a reserve as well.

Woohoo! Our first library conflict!

Both Corvus and Hope have requested Magic Theory: A Primer for Winter of 1220.

We have a planner? We have a planner!

Hope can study in spring 1221 and write in winter 1220. Tia would study in spring 1221 and practice in 1220 winter. When Corvus wants it she'll already have been using it for a season, so she'll hand it over. That's an easily resolved conflict.

Or one of us can use the other magic theory tractatus with the exact same stats.

We could also certamen for that sweet, sweet adventure xp. :stuck_out_tongue:

When Hope has a chance she'll talk to Laerleggr of Verditius in a somewhat out of the way place. She brings a rather largish box with her. Hey can I talk to you for a bit. Its House cult stuff, but you shouldn't go blabbing it around, can you do that? it's double-booked for both Autumn and Winter, 1220.

I leave it up to y'all to sort it out, one way or the other. Negotiations, Certamen, drawing lots, what have you.