Chapter I: 1220-1221

Should I assume Gavin has written him back? Would he have mentioned the Society of Alchemists?

Master Rónan mac Domnall

It was with great delight that I read your letter asking about whether you could find a place here at Insula Canaria and potentially in House Ex MIscellanea. I am a member of that house myself, belonging to the group within it called the Society of Alchemists. So I find the subject of Alchemy quite interesting, and would welcome another alchemist here at our covenant. Of course, as just one member, I do not speak for the entire covenant, and I have no authority on my own to offer you a place here. But I can certainly invite you here as my guest and speak to the others on your behalf. From there you should be able to make an impression on the rest of the covenant that will result in your permanent place here. I shall even speak to the others now to see if we can arrange a more permanent invitation.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

With Best Regards,
Gavin ex Miscellanea of Insula Canaria

I can understand that reasoning. And it makes a great deal of sense.

I apologize if my imagination failed. I wanted level 40 item that had a +1 to GQ (which you say ought to be allowable). I came up with an idea and tried to go with what made sense to me. Perhaps I should have called it "a CrIg 40 magic item" and asked around for acceptable ideas from other players as to what they thought would fit for a +1 GQ/+2 other item.

So I will ask the troupe. I am looking for items for my lab that will add to Spells and Items, and, let's say, Re, Te, Cr, and Vi. And if I can slip some GQ items in there too, that'd be great. There must be items that provide these bonuses. What items would the troupe find acceptable to provide these bonuses, since my own ideas seem to fall short? I couldn't care less what they actually are, or even what their TeFo is. My goal is to have a bunch of useful (and acceptable) items that will benefit my lab.

That's why I suggested a forge over a cauldron. It follows Covenants much more closely.

Can I assume this happened and that enough are in favor? (Trying not to stall out here.)

I say yes.

Yes, agreed.

If you are asking for a vote, what are we voting on?

Extending an invitaiton to Rónan mac Domnall, Alchemist of Oxford, to come to Insula Canaria. I think.

GIven that he's Callen's companion character, I figured that was mostly a pro forma decision.

I figured but didn't want to assume.

I'm looking at having Eilid write a book this chapter, an Animal summa. She can write a summa of Level 13, Quality 7 as is. I'm wondering if the covenant/troupe would be willing to consider the following Resonances (as on p. 87 of Covenants):

  • Have the parchment for the pages be made from deerskin rather than sheep;
  • The binding ribbons, strings, and registers made from the sinew or tendons from the same deer;
  • The catches be made from deer bone.

She would give the book, when finished, to the library staff for scribing, illuminating, and binding for an additional +3. I'm also considering having it Clarified (p. 88), for another +1. She has way more than 15 in Animal.


I don't see those as particularly strong resonances, maybe a +1, but really both sheep and deer are animals... I think a more significant resonance would be to use an ink derived from animal sources as well as using a binding cover that is animal instead of wood.

I'm guessing she has at least a 26 in Animal, since that's the minimum level in Animal for her to write a level 13 summa.

Don't the rules only allow for two points of Resonance? (pp. 87 and 88 of Covenants.)

  1. "A book’s quality can be increased by one point if the book incorporates resonant materials that the covenant purchases. A book on the art of Aquam, for example, might gain an added point of quality if bound in eel skin and decorated with pearls."
  2. "A second quality point can be gained if the book contains resonant materials acquired through stories. A fine Ignem text, for example, might have two firedrake scales as its boards, be bound with cured strips of the creature’s ankle tendons, and employ its tongue — flattened and rolled — as bound-in registers."

After that, the only third point they mention is by Clarifying. So, as I understand things, Clarifying won't give you a fourth +1, it'll give you a third +1. And technically it says the second point of Resonance requires materials that come from a story, though we could always hand-wave that away.

Also, when using the Extended Rules for Quality, don't you only get Com +3 instead of Com +6, with the other +3 coming from the scribe, binder, and illuminator? (box on p. 88 of Covenants.) So wouldn't the final Quality be:

3 (base) +1 (Com) +1 (binding) +1 (illuminating) +1 (scribe) +2 (Resonances) +1 (Clarification) = 10?

I was thinking all of that for +1, not +1 each.

I could go for another +1 with "resonant materials acquired through stories," but I would need someone to run a story for her to do so.

Good catch. I missed that the dropped the base Quality with the Covenants rules.

I've always thought the extended library rules were a bit silly. If only because it puts a stop to things like writing your book on metal plates with magic or inscribing it in stone. It pretty much requires you make books that muggles can work on. Skill 6 is really high. That's high tier artisan quality. You really don't need an artisan scribe to write words. You need clear words, not artistically beautiful ones. Nor does the book need to be a work of art, it just needs to be bound together. Maybe its a different story if you are using resonance for that mystic kick, but if a book isn't magical it needs to be functional, not a work of art.

The other reason is I don't like it is because it discourages writing books. To get a good one you need an expert team. Writing books is a thing that really only helps your fellow players. I like mechanics that encourage cooperation. Unless you hand wave the assembly bit, but then why bother in the first place?

Maybe we could make the extended library rules optional? If you just want write a book a magus can write himself, but if you want to include a resonance then you need experts?

Found tacked up in a handful of places around the covenant, written in Latin. You can thank Jerry for this.

[center]Forge Companion Classes - Starting Fall 1221
Do you want an education? Apply to be a forge companion today! You'll learn smithing, reading, writing and laboratory principals! Everything you need to be a successful forge companion. Classes are free! With your training in forge companioning you'll be able to earn better lodging and food! Talk to Jerry to apply. Located at Maga Hope's sanctum. 15 open slots for students.

Some Latin as classes will be held in Latin
Able to tolerate working with Maga Hope[/center]

Duncan will apply immediately. Between unaffected by Gift and Facination with magic... plus he already knows Latin at 4, and Artes Liberales, and he has been reading about Magic theory and already knows quite a bit of Magic Lore, and faerie Lore, and Philosophae...
and yes, he is that enthusiastic. He is also 16 if age of applicants is a consideration.

Master Gavin ex Miscellanea of Insula Canaria

Thank you very much for your invitation. I am making plans to travel with my family and expect to be there relatively soon. It is heartening to hear of alchemists within the Order of Hermes already. I am not familiar with the Society of Alchemists, but no doubt we share some similar techniques and interests. I expect we will have many interesting conversations. I look forward to meeting you personally as well. You can expect us within the month.

Yours truly,
Rónan mac Domnall, Alchemist of Oxford