Character, and Character Creation


  • Players must join the forums, and then the "Play by Post Players" usergroup via the User Control Panel so you can all post here.
  • You can find advice on how to join forum here:
  • As a minimum a characters Physical Description and known reputations should be shared in the forums, so others know a little about them. They'll be a Player Characters thread shortly.


To write characters do not worry too much about the mechanical aspects of the Ars 5e system, instead we will try to explain story, background, history, more than powers, skills, and abilities. Broad descriptions are probably more useful in terms of degrees of power. e.g. beginner, apprentice, master.

We may even start stories before mechanics are written for some players.

At some point through the stories you will be given the opportunity to review and rewrite your character. Any aspect which has been used in play must be respected and maintained in an appropriate manner, but other edits are fine (with agreement).

At present we have five players doing character prep (ye olde pen and paper group), and two more players from the Ars community interested.

As I expect to have a slow post-rate, for the start I'd like to see how much energy it takes to maintain the current planned players, and then maybe add more folk afterward.