Character arcs

What is your name?
What is your quest?
What is the wind/air velocity of an unladden swallow?

Forget that last one- this thread is to list character objectives and plans that can or should be developed into stories, ranging from 'looking for opportunities' to 'heading out this spring to try and accomplish'

Names are really hard, I'm still planning on finding a good one.

My objectives are numerous! As every member of my House, I wish to protect Faerie. There are many methods to accomplish this: Setting aside aura preserves, spreading Faerie tales, helping Fae adapt to the Dominion, careful ecological management of Fae or as some of the House are attempting, integrating Faerie Magic into Hermetic theory. ((OOC Note: A couple of these things have been blatantly influenced by modern thought. I blame the Fae, those guys are awful when it come to time.)) I also, as any other good natured maga or magus wish to use my magic to aid my fellow human. Luckily my paren gave me quite the spell selection for exactly that purpose. Finally, while selfish I wish to continue my advancement through the mysteries, and advancing my arts.

The great Fae, Google, tells me that a European Swallow has an average air speed of 10 meters per second. African Swallows are invariably Swallows of Virtue, or Legend. They have a velocity of "quickly".

  • Argyros

  • Man I'm a Mercere, I need cliché...Man I really need my magic dose ! I have to buy my rush. Money, Vis, this lead to books, casting tablets, lab tests, etc, and then....huge rituals. And huge rituals lead to HUUUGE RUSH !! I'm weak, I know. But this is so good. Maybe we can share this rush :slight_smile:

  • Is the swallow carrying a coconut ?

Alexander ex Miscellanea

Diary (don't you dare read it):
"I'm quite a competent magus, really, certainly not one of those mavericks that deal with demons and blow up covenants because they experiment recklessly. I mean who is as lucky as I am, having two mages as parents? The thing is, the order won't see it that way. All they see is that I am ex Misc, which they see as a proof of incompetence.
I'm going to show them that I'm a worthy magus and that the shapeshifter cult my father is from would be a worthy addition to the order. I have to be careful around Bjornaer magi though. Rumor has it they don't like shapeshifters belonging to other houses."
Short term goals: Find a place to build a lab to bind animal companion as familiar.

Ginger (Companion)
"Don't give me that crap about Eve and the original sin and stop leering at me. I know more about sailing than most people ever will. I'm a woman, a captain, and nobody tells me what to do with my ship and my body. You hear me?"
Short term goal: find land.

Hector (shield grog)
"The magi have saved me from the fairies, arh arh. I'll be forever, in their debt, woof."

Castor (sailor)
"Dice and lasses. Magi are creeps but they make life worth living."

I was also looking for short term objectives- early on these might simply be a focus or approach to an obvious problem (find seed and land, improve fishing capacity, a technique for looking for auras or civilization, trying to find an arcane connection to the old covenant that was lost in the storm...)

Also anyone interested in running any of the parallel stories, this would be a good place to discuss that...

What will be our status at start ? I mean, more drowning into the open sea or waking up on a beach ?

The ship was brought to a gentle coast and is offshore of an island when the sun breaks the horizon.

The island is mountainous, with bushes covering most of the mountainside along with grasses and bare spots. The island curves away from the ship, which could indicate a circular or cresent shape to he island, which is about a league and a half long.

Hmmmm ok. So we're lost, some people may have already died or will soon. No resources. No Vis for rituals. My my...we're doing fine ! :smiley:

So obviously shelter, finding food, water so we won't have a sick dying team after 5 days. But this is common sense.
For Agryros, finding a connection with my old covenant is not so urgent. I mean I'm nearly an outcast in the order because of my master, so being on my own for a while seems a good idea (at least not so bad :smiley:). As we'll all want our laboraory we'll have to explore this island. At least going on the top of some mountains so we can have an overview. Scavange everything we can from the ship. So we'll try to etablish the covenant on a good spot. If we're lucky we'll find some aura nearby (finger crossed not an infernal one T_T). If no auras soon, that's fine let's just etablish anyway we'll just start fresh if we find one soon and the first "covenant" would be an outpost.

Alternatively, if the first island doesn't work out, we could use the ship for shelter and to check out other islands in the area.

The situation is- The ship is right offshore of an island, about a mile and a half long on this side, mountainous, and curved away from your current position.
Time for people to begin defining the approaches that will lead into stories- starting with Captain Ginger- is the ship going ashore or sailing around, or something else entirely?

Ginger orders the crew to keep the ship well away from the island since they are in unknown waters and she won't risk running it aground. She'll be very reluctant to approach it until the depth of the water has been confirmed.
The Mage Alexander volunteers to find out how big the island is , what the shape of the land is (using his eagle shape) and if the water is deep enough to find a natural harbour for the ship (dolphin shape).

Argyros is pretty sure the harbor is safe and that we're all gonna be okay. Maybe this island would be a safe place to rest ! An expedition, why not !?
If any expedition which would eventually lead to magical discoveries are mentionned near Aurore ears she'll volunteer. Else she is staying by Argyros.

Ilia doesn't know anything about ships, but if someone mentions that it'd be useful to know how deep the water is, she'll offer to use magic to see through the water.

...which is much better than Alex' dophin scouting, because no one has to leave the ship.

Eagle scouting reveals the island is crescent shaped with a resulting bay on the far side of the island. The water on this side is a steep but steady slope leading the shore, there is a section near a beach which can be safely navigated and the ship tied out about 15-20 paces from shore. There are also what appear to be some sort of caves up in the mountains, and it feels like there is some kind of aura (it is hard to say more, beyond that it is not divine nor overtly infernal) around the bay.

Also you spot 5 other islands within 7 leagues of this one.

Magical aura ? If exploration is needed, I'm in o/ I'm sure Argyros will be in too ! (Damn Aurore !)

SO we have Argyros signed up to explore the bay, anyone else? Any other lines of investigation/pursuit?

Ginger will stay with the ship. If a mage who can see the depth stays on board, they can explore the other islands.
Alexander will go exploring.

Aurore is willing to participate too as this involves Magic (Only if someone wants to play her so I do not stak chars in an adventure ^^ ). Else she'll stay and sulk :smiley:
Aryros will take the Twidel brothers with him if possible.

My magus will be keen - 'a whole island to explore! There may be unknown creatures to discover' - just as soon as I've built him.