Character Briefs

Please post with the following:

  • Character Name
  • Brief description of your character's appearance
  • Brief description of your character's interests and motivations
  • Your casting sigil
  • Your personality traits
  • Your totals for the following: [Per]+Awareness (and any Second Sight/Magic Sensitivity/Sense Holiness etc you may have as well), [Int]+MT, [Per]+MT, [Per]+Folk Ken, [Com]+Guile, [Str]+Athletics, [Dex]+Stealth, [Str]+Swim, [Int]+(any lore skills you may possess).

This will help me run things more smoothly and might aid your fellow players as well. Thanks!

Lady Sinmore

Giant flaming redhaired woman, with slightly dusky freckled skin, and brilliant green eyes, she's quite attractive.

Interested (now) in getting even with Geirlaug and improving her magic. She's also interested in finding out more about her (supposed) land of birth; Muspelheim and the giants that live there.

Wrathful +2, Brave +2, Flirtatious +2, Impatient +2

Per+Awarness 3 (Keen eyes), Int+MT 6 (Ignem), Per+Folk Ken +1, Com+Guile +1, Str+Athletics +6 (running), Dex+Stealth -1 (or more due to size +2), Str+Swim +4, Int+Occult Lore +6 (Norse Giants), Int+Magic Lore (Muspelheim) +5

Rhodri of Verditius and the Confraternity of Roland

[]Rhodri is a short, stalky, middle-aged man adorned by a contrast between the unkempt and the fastidious...[/]
[]Rhodri wants to continue his training with the Confraternity of Roland. He wants to establish himself as the best swordsmith the world has ever seen.[/]
[]Casting Sigil: The smells of a forge[/]
[]Personality Traits: Hubris +1[5], Loyal +1, Organized +1, Proud +4[/*]

Totals (Note that he has probably has an encumbrance penalty, depending on the situation.)

[][Per]+Awareness = 4 (5 for Alertness)[/]
[][Per]+Second Sight = 4 (5 for Invisible Things)[/]
[][Int]+MT = 7[/]
[][Per]+MT = 5[/]
[][Per]+Folk Ken = 3 (4 for Women)[/]
[][Com]+Guile = 1[/]
[][Str]+Athletics = 3 (4 for Running)[/]
[][Dex]+Stealth = 2 (3 for Natural Areas)[/]
[][Str]+Swim = 3 (4 for Not Drowning)[/]
[][Int]+Area Lore: Wales = 5 (6 for Faerie Areas)[/]
[][Int]+Faerie Lore = 5 (6 for Wales)[/]
[][Int]+Organization Lore: House Verditius = 5 (6 for Members)[/]
[][Int]+Organization Lore: Order of Hermes = 5 (6 for Stonehenge Tribunal)[/]

With skin bronzed by the sun, Aequi's shoulder length blonde hair is tied in mini-braids and held back with a blue bandanna. He's wide, bulky, and half a foot taller than your average man (though he has nothing on Sinmore). His walk is more of a swaying lumbering march than a graceful stroll, and he prefers breeches to robes. Although he's long left the seas behind him he still packs like a sailor, smallish drawstring bag casually thrown over the shoulder. His most common "disguise/body change" with Muto Corpus is of an extremely wide, fat, waddling Moorish man with saggy cheeks and very jerry-curled black and grey hair.

Aequi's voting sigil is a pile of irregularly shaped lodestones that form an almost perfect cube. His sigil is the brief magnetization or buildup of static charge in relation to any of his spells. Non-physical spells acquire a minor background electrical humming buzz, more felt than heard.

Charming +1, Cheerful +3, Nosy +2, Patient +3

[Per]+Awareness = 2 (No awareness)
[Per]+Folk Ken = 3 (Magi)
[Per]+MT = 6 (Creo)
[Int]+MT = 7 (Creo)
[Int]+(any lore skills you may possess) = 3 (No lore skills)
[Com]+Guile = 3 (No Guile)
[Com]+Charm = 5 (First Impressions)
[Str]+Athletics = 2 (Climbing)
[Str]+Swim = 2 (Long Distances)
[Dex]+Stealth = -2 (Sneaking)

This will help me run things more smoothly and might aid your fellow players as well. Thanks!

Young and lean with the dark hair and soft features of a Sardinian, Attravere keeps the perfect beard, trimming it every day to keep it at just the right length. A bit of a womanizer when he was younger the house has drilled -some- of that out of him.

  • Attravere wishes to re-discover the secrets behind Mercere's Portals.
  • Attravere seeks to uncover the disappearance of his pater, Maribus.

Casting Sigil: Clockwise Swirls

Personality: Calm +1, Loyalty to House Mercere +2, Trusting -1 (outside House).

  • Your totals for the following:
    [Per]+Awareness = 3 (Alertness)
    [Per]+Folk Ken = 4 (Women)
    [Per]+MT = 6 (Rego)
    [Int]+MT = 8 (Rego)
    [Int]+Order of Hermes Lore = 5 (History)
    [Com]+Guile = -2 (No Guile)
    [Com]+Charm = 0 (Women)
    [Str]+Athletics = 0 (No Athletics)
    [Dex]+Stealth = -1 (No Stealth)
    [Str]+Swim = -1 (No Swim)

Sophronia is an attractive woman of Greek decent. She keeps her brown hair long and drawn into a ponytail most of the time. She has hazel eyes and will show a smile to those she finds deserving. She detests the diminutive form of her name, that Justinius hamstrung her with and prefers to be called Sophronia.

Sophronia's casting sigil is the taste or smell of marsh mallow (not the modern puffed sugar treat, but similar and not so sweet. The higher the magnitude the more pronounced in the target.

[Per]+Awareness = 4 (Searching)
[Per]+Folk Ken = 3 (magi)
[Per]+MT = 4 (Intellego)
[Int]+MT = 4 (Intellego)
[Int]+Order of Hermes Lore = 4 (Intellego Specialists)
[Int]+Magic Lore = 3 (magical traditions)
[Int]+Code of Hermes = 3 (tribunal procedures)
[Int]+Area Lore:Gallus Florensis = 4 (covenfolk)
[Int]+Area Lore:Theban Tribunal = 4 (covenants)
[Com]+Guile = 4 (elaborate negotiations)
[Com]+Charm = 3 (No Charm)
[Str]+Athletics = -3 (No Athletics)
[Dex]+Stealth = 0 (No Stealth)
[Str]+Swim = -3 (No Swim)

Hiems Ex Miscellanea

A very pale, very beautiful young man, whose blue hair match the eyes, betraying his faerie origins. He displays no emotion whatsoever, save maybe a raised eyebrow (think spock or teal'c from stargate). His magic is strongly tied to Perdo Ignem, too strongly in fact: his skin is cold to the touch, and, over time, this effect extends to his surroundings (yes, he doubles as air conditionning...).

Casting Sigil: From memory. I may edit. IIRC, cold (more than usual, that is), and/or his hair rising when casting potent and flashy spells.

Traits: Brave (He's got little to lose) +2, Compassionate (At heart, somewhere, he's a gentle soul) +1, Cool-tempered (I could't resist this, and wanted him to seem mostly impassible) +3, Determined (A remnant from his fancy with arthurian tales: A true knight doesn't yield before adversity). +1

[Per]+Awareness: 2 (alertness)
[Second Sight]+Awareness: 2 (invisible things)
[Int]+MT: 6 (inventing spells)
[Per]+MT: 4
[Per]+Folk Ken: 2 (magi)
[Com]+Guile: 2 (Hiding his emotions)
[Str]+Athletics: 1 (acrobatics)
[Dex]+Stealth: 1 (hide)
[Str]+Swim: 0 (no skill!)

[Code of Hermes]+Int 3 (mundane relations)
[Provence Area Lore]+Int 3 (Legends)
[Magic Lore]+Int 3 (creatures)
[Order of Hermes Lore]+Int 3 (Seekers lore)

Cygna of the Bjornaer House

  • Cygna is a tall, rather thin, long-necked woman. Her long, flowing hair is snow white, save for a black bar at each temple, and is normally worn either beneath the collar of her Hermetic robes or down the back of her everyday garb. Her eyes are piercing black, and her nose is thin and angular, with a noticeable bump. Her skin has the tan of a pale woman who has spent a fair bit of time in the Iberian sun. Her Hermetic robes are a greyish-white and plain, while she normally wears normal English peasant dress most of the time.

  • Cygna is a Mentem specialist, who has in the past focused on spirits and shades, originally to try to destroy them, then as she came to deal with more and more benign spirits at Phoenix, to understand and (if necessary) control them. Her other driving interest is to find a way to destroy the shade of Adorjan Megidézó.

  • Her casting sigil is the sound of flapping wings, which grows louder the more powerful the spell.

  • Cygna's most notable personality trait is her temper. She also tends to be pious.

  • Totals for the following:

  • [Per] + Awareness = 2 (sight)

  • [Per] + Wilderness Sense = 1 (directions)

  • [Int] + MT = 9 (regiones)

  • [Per] + MT = 5 (regiones)

  • [Per] + Folk Ken = 2 (magi)

  • [Com] + Guile = 1 (untrained)

  • [Str] + Athletics = -1 (untrained)

  • [Dex] + Stealth = 0 (untrained)

  • [Str] + Swim = 0 (long distance)

  • [Int] + Area Lore: Blackburn = 5 (magi)

  • [Int] + Area Lore: Duos Flumen = 5 (magi)

  • [Int] + Gilderoy Lockhart Lore = 7 (his travels)

  • [Int] + House Bjornaer Lore = 5 (clan mysteries)

  • [Int] + Infernal Lore = 5 (tarnished auras)

  • [Int] + Magic Lore = 5 (monsters)

  • [Int] + Order of Hermes Lore = 5 (Tribunal proceedings)

  • [Int] + Orthodox Church Lore = 5 (The Great Schism)

Tektonius filius Methuselah doctrinae Bonisagi ab Oxford

Tektonius is a middle aged man, commonly dressed in scholars robes, with blond hair and blue eyes. He's eked out a living tutoring and making occasional longevity ritual since leaving Durenmar. He wished to join Scholae Pythagoranis upon returning to Stonehenge, but their string Gently Gifted policy prevents that.
Tektonius, as his name suggests is interested in buildings and architecture. His Arts are ill-suited to creations relying on Creo magic due to his inability to cast any formulaic or ritual spell, so he's focused on finesse and Rego magics. He has a natural affinity for terram magics and a preternatural ability to move stone (minor magical focus).
The casting sigil is such that targets feel as if they are firmly rooted to the ground. His voting sigil is a mason's trowel.
Tektonius is often Judged Unfairly due to his parens. His grand parens Caecilius, disappointed with the manner his parens treated his first apprentice and bungled the opening of Tektonius Arts has taken an interest in Tektonius career, and urged him to make his own way outside of Durenmar, unlike his pater. Tektonius keeps in touch as best he can, but Caecilius Twilight episodes are becoming more requent, he hasn't heard from him in some time. Tektonius's pater, Methuselah was lost in the Black Forest, neither pater nor filius have the desire or inclination to go searching for him, as it is likely he brought whatever situation on himself.

  • Totals for the following:
  • [Per] + Awareness = 5 (determining effect)
  • [Int] + MT = 13 (extracting vis)
  • [Per] + MT = 10 (extracting vis)
  • [Per] + Folk Ken = 3 (magi)
  • [Com] + Guile = 4 (lying to students])
  • [Str] + Athletics = -4 (untrained)
  • [Dex] + Stealth = 0 (untrained)
  • [Str] + Swim = -4 (luntrained)
  • [Int] + Order of Hermes Lore = 6 (stonehenge covenants)
  • [Int] + Code of Hermes = 6 (tribunal procedures)