Character Concept Question

I'm playing an intellectual game with myself, where I'm creating magi along certain themes. The current challenge is to create an Herbam specialist, but the question is how to go with that. Affinity with Herbam seems almost a given. I don't think Puissant is the way to go, but perhaps Magic Focus of some sort.

The idea is that I want a magus who can grow plants that are larger and healthier than normal, who can grow them inside as well. I'm seeing this magus as someone who is at home in the natural world, working in harmony with the plants. I'm thinking Faerie Blood with a dryad somewhere in her family line.

The other question then becomes, which House? I don't think Bjornear, but Merinita seems a strong possibility.

Make him house tytalus for a change. Challenge becomes to transform the world into a HUGE garden (driving goal). Or a Tremere trying to distill what martial abilities can be extracted from plant engineering. Merinita would be too common. Bjornaer (squirrel) would work well, even if it would be q2uite typical as well.

Make him suck in socuial interaction, but I would gove him Animal Ken (speak with animals) if he lives in a forest.

Hope that helps,