Character creation : Andreas (Hildegarde's shield grog)

Andreas (Hildegarde shield grog)

After being kidnapped by court type faery to play the Heir role when he was still a baby, he was somehow "saved" from his abductor by a covenant expedition, although he wasn't really feeling captive, when he was around 10 year old. Because he was the same age as Hildegarde, He hit It off with her despite the gift because he was somehow reassured by her faery appearance. The time spent with faery creatures has made his thinking unorthodox and unnecessarily convoluted, based on false assumption that work only in fairy environment which made him a poor student. He was in good Heath so the covenant trained him as a warrior. He was paired with Hildegarde as a protector for a few years now mostly because She's one of the few in the covenant that has the minimum level of understanding of his logic to actually command him and because he has second sight which is a huge asset for a shied grog.

Age 25

Brave +2 ; Loyal +3; Curious +1

int -1(fuzzy logic)
per 0
Sta 3 (rock solid)
Str 2 (trained warrior)
Pre 0
Com -2 (incomprehensible)
Dex 1(graceful)
Qik 1 (on his guard)


Flaws :
Faery upbringing
Ability block (logic)
Poor student

Virtues :
Second sight (aligned with faery aura seems logical)

childhood :
French 5 (norman) (0xp)
Second sight 1 (illusion)(0xp)
Awareness 2 (bodyguarding) (15xp)
Guile 2 (lying to authority) (15 xp)
Brawl 2 (grappling) (15xp)

Later life : 5 to 25 : 300xp +50xp warrior
single weapon 5 (long sword)(75)
second sight 1-->4 (illusion) (45)
Faery lore 2 (taboo) (15)
Athletics 3 (running) (30)
Swim (endurance) 1 (5)
Stealth (urban) 1 (5)
Folk ken (Faery) 3 (30)
Charm (innocence) 3 (30)
Survival (forest) 2 (15)
Carouse (Power drinking) 1 (5)
Area Lore (Rhine tribunal) 3 (30)
Low German (Saxon) 4 (50)
Etiquette (Faery) 2 (15)