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I have some rules questions. They don't matter yet, but they will come up. They are mostly things that have significant discussion on these fora, without real resolution.

  1. The most recent judgment on Constant Effect is that it's not really constant, but reactivates twice per day without a "hiccup". Since it's arguably no longer a special case, what does that mean for effects like Thomae's Flight Disk on LoH 123? [Dur: Diameter. Modifications + 10 unlimited use, environmental trigger (this spell not working) +3.] Would that work as-is? And/or with Dur: Mom?

  2. Are constant effects (not "maintain concentration") ok in a familiar bond?

  3. Are group target effects ok in a familiar bond to target both magus and familiar?

  4. Do effects in a familiar bond need penetration to effect magus & familiar?

  5. Are we playing each others' familiars, or playing our own, or are they SG characters/NPCs?

That spell needs erratum if that's its environmental trigger. That doesn't qualify. That's an InVi effect with a linked trigger that someone didn't want to pay for.

Now, I'm quite happy allowing for old Constant Effect on Personal stuff (avoids the permanent hand-off issue while also avoiding the magic bypass issue).

If they're T: Group (or maybe Pair or something similar invented), then they fit the rules fine. Otherwise we'd need a house rule.

That works fine by the rules.

No. That's spelled out explicitly somewhere. But you may sometimes want penetration, such as for a MuAn effect to make the familiar's claws more dangerous, which would then need to penetrate.

I prefer choosing this on an individual basis because it can vary a lot. The general rule of thumb I gather from the books is that low-Might ones are more likely to be extensions of their magus's will, while powerful ones are likely to be fairly independent.

With 1) my main reason for asking is that it's a defense against dispelling of effects. If it had the linked trigger, would that make it continuous?

That's one of the ridiculous things about the new Constant Effect. You used to need a Ritual. Now you just PeVi and break the thing. It's silly. But there was the old ridiculous thing: constant Touch to put an affect on someone or something and then hide the item forever.

Yes, you should be able to manage an at-least-nearly constant effect that handles dispelling with InVi and a Linked Trigger. But a Group/Room dispel with non-Momentary Duration could suppress it.

Cool. So that trigger setup wouldn't "pulse" or "hiccup".

Although it would occupy the activation action for the item every round, so you wouldn't want it in an item with a bunch of effects...

I would think there might be really tiny hiccups that effectively are noticeable but otherwise meaningless, which is why I wrote "at-least-nearly constant." After all, we know Linked Trigger is fast enough to fire off a MuVi effect in time to handle the whole release of another effect, so it must be super-fast.

We'll see what others say...

How did everyone do on the two-day purge? I've seen a few little comments missing, but mostly I'm in good shape. I think it helped that the forums were mostly offline for nearly a day within those two days.

I few minor posts were lost, and some stuff about Julius. But since I keep the info in local files as well, no information lost.

I still have to check a few of the wiki posts I updated, but again those should be minor.

That's good to hear. I know one of my comments in your thread was deleted, but it was just agreeing with someone else that your favorite choice for potential mystery cult routes seemed to be a good one.

I think Houlio and Plot_Device each lost an advancement post on their magi.

I know one of my posts on Houlio's advancement topic was lost as well -- the one where I was suggesting a link to the covenant via Augustus Nero of Guernicus, who could have been sent to investigate potential Code violations in the conflict at Exspectatio.

Hopefully they were working from local documents as well when building their narrative.

I am working from local doc, but fortunately I didn't lose anything.

I was working from written notes, so I'll get mine back up in a little bit.

Don't know about you all, but I really like what @Plot_Device did with the reveal things in the character sheet. I'd like to do the same. @Plot_Device , what is the code for those? I couldn't get it by quoting. Thanks!

It's [details="Background"] [/details]

It has to be the beginning of a line though (that's why the above stayed code)

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Ooh! I might be able to do that with each spell. Then you can just click on the spell to see the description. I'd have to give it a long name with TeFo, level, casting total, etc.

How did you get carriage returns in there? It's working really nicely for the spells, but I'm having trouble when I break the line.

Related, I noticed I'm missing 10 levels of spells (and wrote one as level 20 even though it's 25 and I had 25 in my notes, so that's fixed). I know the perfect level-10 spell to stick in there for a Flambeau: that one from Apprentices for dueling phantasms.

the end and start code should each be their own line.

Thanks. They don't need to be their own lines for single-line things, apparently. So I didn't even expect that was the solution. Thanks, again.

No worries. I don't understand the code, it was just trial and error.

Indeed, It's a nice feature and I've used it for my magus sheet as well.

Note that you can write down the section to be hidden, then select it and use the "Hide details" on the gear button in the editing bar. All that's left to do is change the label and you're set.