Character Creation Discussions (OOC)

My bad, then. I thought this was to be one of the character's goals.

No trouble.

I am bit puzzled now. Should we move on to make characters who can fit it into almost any kind of story? Or should we wait for more beta-SGs to engage in the discussion about stories for particular character concepts? Your call seemed to demand the latter, but the level of engagement points me towards the former ...

I note there is an absent role of Ambassador on the list of magi. Should I make a stretch to fill that role? Or are there other roles equally important?

To summarise,

  1. I could make a Tremere who is a good ambassador, but if his in-house superiors and the house agenda are not present in the stories, I am going to dislike this concept.
  2. I could make a Guernicus advocate, who would also be a good ambassador, but again, if he never gets assignments in his quaesitorial role, I am going to dislike the concept.
  3. I have this idea for a Bonisagus necromancer. He has a dependent, his sister, who is frail and predicted an early death, and he is willing to go to any ends to save her, whatever `save' might mean. That drives him to study healing as well as necromancy. He is meant to be a nice guy, but I do not see him as an ambassador.

Essentially, select the concept you like the most and the kind of stories you'd like him to be involved in. Write a short paragraph or two. If you get at least 2 likes, you have the go ahead to design the full character (stats and background).

For full development of your characters, I will create a new topic for you to post drafts, ask questions, receive comments from the others, etc. This is also the topic which will be used whenever you want to create stuff for your characters (items, spells, etc.) to receive comments.

Once the character is finalized, I will create a named topic to host the final version.

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A verditious weaver:

This character was born into a family of weavers, but they had a few problems growing up. As well as having the gift, they were slow, fat and weak. Bullied to within an inch of his life he wanted more than anything to be able to get away and to show he was better than the others around him.

Eventually, a verditios found him and took him as an apprentice, and he learned the way of a craft mage reasonably well. His paerans was a mystery cultist who was intent on making a new confraternity and finding a new mystery for the house. As such his learning years were spent wandering around Europe poking in strange corners for any new craft magics that they could find.

In one of these, he came across a faerie instance of Arachnae, who manipulated him into claiming he would be the greatest weaver in history. OIn a faerie regio. Which predictably meant that he ended up coming to the notice of one version of Athena, who noticed his hubris.

While wandering around in this time he became steadily more aware of how his body held him back, and how the human form was limited. When one mad mystic that his master was investigating started to talk to him about how the human body is the microcosm to the universe it became a clarified idea in his mind: the perfect weaving is weaving one's own body and mind into perfection.

He is now post gauntlet but is still used to being a bit of a seeker for new mysteries for the verditious. He has not got his master's experience or skill yet, but he knows on some level that he can find a path to making his enchantment and weaving raise the human body, mind and soul to something perfect.

The sort of stories:

He has a fae entanglement about hubris. I would like some stories about that.
He is a seeker looking for mysteries for house verditious, though he is not 100% sure of the form of them yet
He is working on self perfection (probably with a magical focus on augmentation or something like it) and is looking for ways to become perfected as a whole. I don't know about that.
He has a massive chip on his shoulder about not being good enough and seeking to prove himself to the world.


Hooray! 2 likes in time to do a character sheet tonight :slight_smile:

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Can I have a new topic to do my workings in, please?


Alright, I posted a shield grog. I'm next working on getting my companion finished, but they definitely won't be involved right at the start.

Even background characters (craftspeople, servants) are nice to have, as they add color to the covenant. They might not even require stats, just a quick paragraph describing them.

I'd like someone other than me to take a look at Stephen's magus before finalizing him at Gauntlet. So if you can, please take a look at it. Cheers!

OK. I have the Tremere concept.

A signaller of the House, he specialises in Imaginem, with Intellego and Creo as the principal techniques, both for the purpose of transmitting and receiving long-distance communication, and for the traditional trickery of the lineage. He is a decent politician and diplomat, and will be contend to the covenant role of ambassador.

He has been sent to this region to monitor the movement towards a Lotharingian tribunal, and report on any events which may threaten to destabilise the Order. Given his role and modest experience, he maintains a low profile, but as any young magus, he engages in anything which can serve to build his experience and standing.

Personality Traits Consciencious, Curious, Ambitious

Stories Hermetic politics and diplomacy and house commissions. (Not excluding other stories, but those two are essential to make the concept worthwhile.)


I would be happy to do some hermetic tremere plots for you. Also that looks like a fun support tremere!

Looks like a viable and fun concept! :slight_smile:

Can I read that as the second like?


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Okay, I have a concept

He's Succurro ex Jerbiton ,

with the flaws of busybody and meddler, and the virtue gossip, some magical animal companion (bird? cat?) that tells him secrets.
The meddler flaw description is his character description, and his tools are finesse and Imaginem.

Might be female, Fama ex Jerbiton

What happened to the Pralician Illusionist? :slight_smile:

Our method is that you post an idea with some idea of what story hooks apply, and we give out likes if we have some interest in/ideas for running stories for that character. I think above doesn't say much in the way of hooks...

The Pralician illusionist would have been two concepts at the same time: Illusions are about beauty, and I've played Pralicians in other games, so I got min-maxy and then decided a new concept would be better.

Fama hails from the town of Konstanz on lake Constance. While she accepts that magic should be mostly hidden from mundanes, she believes that magic comes with responisbility for those same mundanes. She was trained at Fengheld, but, as a Jerbiton, has been around. Although this has never been talked about, she suspects she was sent to Basel to establish a presence of enlightened magi there to counter the weight of the trditional guilds that have a lot of sway in the Black Forest area. They may also simply have sent her away because she was so meddlesome.

stories: She is a supporter of the Lotharingian tribunal, seeing it as a chance to do more for mundanes. That lends itself to story of politics and intrigue. She also cares about people: She is the kind of woman that sees the problems of covenfolk and tries to fix them (as an illusionist, she is not very well equipped to do so).
Most important for her would be stories about interacting with the people around the covenant,and her attempts to fix their lives: This is not the same as manipulating them for the benefit of the covenant, but finding lost sons, repairing marriages (or freeing abused women from their tyrannical husbands), etc
She believes that if good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people, more people will strive to be good.

Concept abandoned - I just saw that loke is creating an Imaginem specialist, I'll come up with an alternative idea shortly

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As soon as you get a second like for the concept (those represent other players willing to run stories for that concept), I'll create a topic where you can flesh out the character, including stats, background and such.