character creation: Eduardo Rana

From the very moment of Cullans birth he was a herald of simple misfortune, soon after he took his first cries his mother passed from this life into the next from the ordeal of childbirth. His father was forced to raise his only child without his wife of many years. His family were poor castillian peasants who worked the land of their lord, and in his youth the child was mischevious and unruly picking on children both older and larger than himself. However the older he got the most misfortune the gift carried around with him, accidents, falling wood planks, broken plows all were claims of the child employing witchcraft. If it has continued the child would likely have been stoned were it not for the imposition of Veratus of Flambeau, a veteran of several wizard wars and brutal magical battles. He swept in, in the guise of a holy man promising he would be able to remove the evil that had corrupted the child...instead he simply absconded back to his home covenant with the young boy in tow.
He gave the boy his first lesson in the order, he had the gift and with that power he had two simple choices, join the order and enjoy all its fruits, or as the smoldering palm of fire offered a quick death, it is easy to see which choice the boy took.
His apprenticeship was one that was heavily focused upon the basics and essentials of spell casting, after his gift was cracked open to the arts, his master imbued him with latin and a sense of style that wielding magic as they did. The lessons were varied testing for his skills hoping the child himself would mirror his parens in magical aptitude, he in fact was anything but a master of creo ignem. Infact for the first year or so of teaching magic he found the first miracle of his student was his resonance with perdo, it was completely second nature to him and more curiously he had no need to make even a motion to manifest its deadly magic, nor speak a word. His master focused his training in perdo to the best of his ability, teaching him in the school of Apromor with leanings toward bodily magics to destroy men and magi, and terram to destroy the earth and toolds of men. While cullain labored unders his master, the sheer affection for the boys skill, filled his ego as he mastery the ability to push through protection or in forceless duels against other young apprentices from his peers, leading him to an absolute assurance in his abilities.
Consistant practice made his magics more controllable, and even when pressed he had a control over his gift that few magi could match shifting the power of his spell to be easier or harder, and allowing him to drill through the pentration of lesser students. As he came of age while perhaps not the most handsome man in all of mythic europe he had a startling appeal that kept him distracted by suitors, some from women who were all ready married...of course his Parens apprroved that any worthy flambeau should enjoy in courtly love.
As his skill in perdo became exemplary and developed his first spell his master bid him the time for his gauntlet and into the field he went, the boy was dropped into one of the war corridors in Iberia with nothing at all, the demand of his master was to make it across the field of battle, clothed appropriate to his station, with a trophy of the heathen moors, and with just that he strode into the field. He first stole himself a dagger that was apropriate, and within no time at all he was met in battle by the moor, he was able to pull forward and counter spell the first strike of his opponent but the second burst a trail of metal from the ground tearing off the side of his face and removing his ear into such a mangle it could not be recovered. His counterstroke bore no signs of it coming before the viziers head burst open with pouring blood and quickly followed by him choking as the boy monologued to him of his impending death. Once he was unconcious the boy lopped off his head with his own sword, took up the viziers robes and rifled through his belongings for a proper trophy taking a striking ruby. As he crossed the battlefield, he was met by moorish soldiers and with simply a look thier bodies twisted and cutting off the lives of sons, brothers and even the moors who begged for their lives...he gave them no mercy in the slightest, a fact that would haunt him for the curses and enemies he made that day. Upon reaching his parens he was warmly accepted into house flambeau as he was clad as a magus, even if it was viziers robes, he had a trophy in his grasp and his enemies blood metaphysically on his hands.
In the end he was given his oath to the order, and granted parma magica, as well as a personal oath FOR GOD, THE ORDER, and HOUSE FLAMBEAU.At that time he was reborn no longer Cullain but the Magus Eduardo Rana. However no matter how talented he was with perdo magic it has a prolific affect on his hearth not that he has aged to the point to need a longevity potion, the sheer destructive force contained within him has severely reduced the ability for his body to accept the longevity ritual likely cutting a much longer life down. Though with the press of Triamore considering the opening of a new tribunal, the lothgarian his master bid him a final task if he accepted it, to join Triamore and defend it through the trials and tribulations it would encounter that would give him ample oppertunity to prove his skill for his house.

Magus:Eduardo Rana
Birth name: Cullain Delgado
Age: 23
House: Flambeau
Voting Sigil: Crumbling Pillar
Magical Sigil: Smell of Saffron

Sta: 2 (Hardy)
Int: 1 ( Bright)
Pre: 1 (Refined)
Qui: 1 (Twitchy)
Per: 1 (Observant)

Overconfident: +5
Refined: +2
Loyal to housel: +2


Venus' Blessing (Minor)
Subtle Magic (Minor)
Quiet Magic (Minor)
Quiet Magic (Minor)
Affinity with Perdo (Minor)
Puissant Penetration (Minor)
Cautious Sorceror (Minor)
Flexible Formulaic Magic (Major)

Pussiant Perdo * Free *


Difficult Longevity Ritual (major)
Overconfident (major)
Enemies (major)
One Ear (minor)

Brawl 2 [Dagger]
Guile 2 [Faking Weakness]
Spanish 5 [Poetry]
Stealth 2 [Urban Areas]
Athletics 2 [Acrobatics]
Awareness 2 [Alertness]
Survival 2 [Forests]
Artres liberales 1 [Ritual Magic]
latin 4 [Hermetic Use]
magic theory 3 [Inventing Spells]
parma magica 1 [Ignem]
Charm 1 [Courtly Love]
Penetration 2+2 [Corpus]
Order Lore 1 [History]
Code of Hermes 1 [Peripheral Code]

Creo 3
Muto 3
Intelligo 3
Rego 3
Perdo 11 (14) [2 left over]

Corpus 6
Terram 4
Ignem 4
Vim 3
Animal 1
Herbam 1
Aquam 1
Mentem 1

Spells 120 (tech/form+7)

Decay of Fur and Hide PeAn 10 Voice,Mon,Ind

Touch of Goose Feathers PeCo 5 Voice,Mon,Ind
Crown of Blood PeCo 20 Voice,Mon,Ind (Causes Medium Wound)
Grip of the Choking Hand PeCo 25 Voice,Conc,Ind

Pit of Gaping Earth PeTe 15 Voice,Mom,Part
Rusted Decay of Ten Score Years PeTe 10 Voice,Mom,Ind
Fist of Shattering PeTe 10 Voice,Mom,Ind
End of the Mighty Castle PeTe 25 Voice,Mom,Str


Dagger +2 Attack, +3 Damage

Season 1 : Adventure: Spend his first season on the hunt seeking out and hunting mighty beasts to find something
worthy of conflict or companionship, even if he is unable to find such a creature...he will at least be able to
bring back some good fresh meat.

I reviewed It and found no special issues.


ey pralix for that first season..did i aquire anything i should be aware of with the rolls, xp or the like?

Nothing but your sheet

meant for the first adventure season