Character Creation for Arthur (OOC)

Year 4 (1201 A.D.), Spring

A few weeks before I was set to leave, Augustus Nero told me he that it might be a good idea for me to travel to the Rhine Tribunal. My grand-pater, Leonardus, was a member of the Covenant of Triamore. Although he had not returned from Twilight, there was still hope that he would. Augustus had exchanged a number of letters with Ulisterius, the leader of the covenant, and he'd agreed to grant me guest status for a few years if I wanted to come and visit. Augustus further suggested that I take advantage of Triamore's library as much as I could, when not advancing my Arts, for it was well stocked in mundane texts of all sorts. He recommended that I read Gregory de Tours' Decem Libri Historiarum if I had the chance.

Augustus also presented me with parting gifts. A considerable amount of silver 'to support me in my travels', and more importantly the services of one of his personal grogs, Eustache. His experience would be valuable to me, and he could continue Louis' training.

Indeed, both Louis and Adeline were adamant that they wanted to come with me when they learned I was leaving. I feel responsible for them, but more then that I respect the oath they swore to me.

We left on 17th day of March, Eustache and I riding horses, while Louis and Adeline were riding a cart with our group's belongings and supplies. This would be a fairly long trip, so we paced ourselves and took good care of our horses. On the evenings, Eustache sparred with Louis for an hour, after they'd taken care of our horses. Meanwhile, Adeline and I took care of setting up camp and preparing the meal. The youngsters were surprised that I would dirty my hands so. To them, magi are much like the nobility. Not surprising, since this is pretty much how most of the magi at Confluensis act. Well, to be honest it is probably the same at most covenants.

We crossed the distance to Triamore in a bit less than a month. We had to make a few detours when the roads were in bad condition, or if we heard about brigands. Louis would have had us go hunting for them, looking for revenge for the fate of his family. We didn't, and Eustache had a talk with him.

When we finally arrived at Bois de Haillot, our first sight of Triamore was somewhat disappointing. The keep appears unfinished and a bit uncared for, although the gatehouse looks well maintained. Ulisterius welcomed me warmly. He is a Jerbiton like me and called a Council meeting so I would also get to meet the other magi: Aline of House Bonisagus, a jovial and friendly older man; Cardrew Ex Miscellanea, a tight-lipped man from Wales; Daria La Gris of House Tremere, who somehow reminds me of my mater, for she dresses splendily and condust herself with the hauteur usually seen in the nobility; Remi of Museau, the recently Gauntleted filius of Ulisterius, who looks more like a warrior than a magus. I was also introduced to Daria's apprentice, a lad she calls Versus.

I was assigned guest quarters and given acces to the library. I'm told that is I need a laboratory, I will be able to use one set up for guests, though occasionally Daria's apprentice gets to use it. Louis and Eustache will be lodged and train with the other grogs, while Adeline will assist the librarian, Isabel, who will also oversee the girl's studies.

Advancement: 5 xp in Ride from Practice

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Year 4 (1201 A.D.), Summer

It seems a shame to waste such a beautiful summer in study, but that is in fact what I did. Augustus was right, Triamore's library is a wonder, with hundreds upon hundreds of texts. One could probably spend a century trying to study them all. And fail, for there are just too many.

I shall settle for a few seasons improving my knowledge of Muto.

Advancement: 16 xp in Muto from reading a L12Q16 summa

Year 4 (1201 A.D.), Fall

This is the time of harvests, both for the peasants and for the covenant. While mundanes harvest their crops, the magi harvest their vis sources. As a guest, I got to help supervise the grogs.

Aside from that, I spent the season extracting vis for the covenant, so that the Aegis can be maintained. Apparently there was some trouble in recent years, so they maintain one that is stronger than average. Creo Vim is certainly not my strongest combination, but every little bit helps!

Advancement: 2 xp in Vim from Exposure

Year 4 (1201 A.D.), Winter

Studying Muto again, a subject that I find fascinating. Particularly since it was Leonardus himself who wrote this text. He still hasn't reappeared. I think most of his covenant mates have given up on him. That makes me sad. I'm sure he will come back. Doesn't Twilight just get longer the older you are?

Advancement: 16 xp in Muto from reading a L12Q16 summa

Year 5 (1202 A.D.), Spring

I finished studying the text on Muto. It was certainly an excellent text.

Adeline's studies and Louis' training are progressing well. They also both started riding lessons, so future travel should be faster. Adeline says she'd like to become my personal scribe when she is good enough. I certainly wouldn't mind someone to keep things organized. I still have my lab notes from a few years ago, but they aren't very well organised.

Advancement: 16 xp in Muto from reading a L12Q16 summa

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Year 5 (1202 A.D.), Summer

It is good to get out of the library and spend some time outside in the summer, so I joined Louis during his riding lessons. Adeline also occasionally riding with us. I'm proud of both of them for their considerable efforts in turning their lives around after their painful experiences, and for becoming such reliable helpers. I told them as much, while they shared their happiness at the opportunities I am giving them to learn and see more of the world. Louis just turned 16 and has grown much in the last 3 years, while Adeline is turning into a smart and articulate young woman at 15.

Advancement: 10 xp in Ride from Practice

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Year 5 (1202 A.D.), Fall

I finally followed Augustus' advice and started reading Decem Libri Historiarum, which is indeed fascinating. I wish I had more time to study it. I wonder If I could ask the librarian to prepare a copy for me, so that I could add it to my personal collection?

Advancement: 11 xp from resding a complex summa* (5 in Intrigue, 6 in Magic Lore)

*Note: Decem Libri Historiarum is described in The Lion and the Lily p.64 as covering several subjects, expressed as several summae: Organization Lore: Frankish Royalty (L4Q14), Area Lore: France (L3Q14), Magic Lore (L3Q12), Divine Lore (L2Q14) and Intrigue (L2Q10). It seemed to make sens that reading it would spread out into several Abilities, so for this season I chose to split it between Magic Lore and Intrigue, halving the Source Quality of each subject.

Year 5 (1202 A.D.), Winter

After I demonstrated my water sculptures to the covenant for Christmas, Ulisterius asked me if I could provide the covenant a copy of the lab text for Sculpt the Living Water. It is apparently not a widely circulated spell, so Triamore's library doesn't own a copy. I took the opportunity to go through my lab notes and write them down fully. I will start with Sculpt , so that Adeline can copy it for Triamore as soon as it's ready. She will also check with the librarian to see if any of my other spells might be useful, but I doubt it. I have yet to create anything original in the magical arts.

Advancement: 2 xp in Language: Latin from Exposure (writing down 100 levels of spells)

The spells he wrote down are Mighty Torrent of Water (CrAq 20), Sculpt the Living Water (MuAq 20), Bind Wounds (CrCo 10), Wizard's Leap (ReCo 15), Rock of Viscid Clay (MuTe 15) and Wizard's Vigil (MuVi 20).

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Year 6 (1203 A.D.), Spring

Writing down lab texts last winter reminded me that I have yet to invent a single spell on my own. So I decided to spend some time in the lab trying to come up with something new. A spell that would shape water into any tool I needed for sculpting, giving it the hardness and strength of steel. It could even be used to make weapons, should we have to need. I just need to study Terram a bit first.

Advancement: 21 xp in Terram from reading a L6Q21 summa (rolled a 9 for the quality of the book)

Year 6 (1203 A.D.), Summer

I have created my first new spell!

Advancement: 2 xp in Aquam from Exposure
Lab Total: Int 3 + Muto 12 + Aquam/Terram 5 + Focus 5 + MT 4 + Aura 3 + Inventive Genius 3 = 35

Shape the Implement of Neptune's Realm (MuAq 15, Te)
R:Touch, D:Sun, T:Ind

Allows the caster to shape water into an object he is familiar with, giving it hardness and strength up to that of steel. The water changes color to reflect the material used, although it remains somewhat translucent. The tool is molded by the caster's hand, so some familiarity with the tool being shaped is required. An Int + Finesse roll is required to shape the item properly, with an Ease Factor based on its complexity (from 6 to 12). For example, weapons would have an Ease Factor based on their Cost (6 for Inexpensive, 9 for Standard and 12 for Expensive). Failure means the quality of the item is poor, while a Botch on the Finesse roll means the item is somehow flawed. Complex items with moving parts, such as a crossbow, cannot be crafted with this spell.

Because of Clusius' sigil, whenever an item crafted using this spell is touched its fluidity can be felt despite its hardness, and when struck a slight wave effect can be seen on its surface.

(Base 4: Change a liquid into an unrelated solid, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, free requisite)

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I used Base 4 for this spell (liquid with very unnatural properties), but I'm not sure it is enough. Perhaps I should add a Terram requisite for the hardness? If so, that lowers my Lab Total to 25, so either he needs to experiment or else put in a season of study in Terram before inventing this spell.


I think you'd only need the req if you were transforming water into actual metal. Since you're just making it hard but it's still water, I think you're fine without it.

e.g Bag of Teeth (MoH 12) compared to Neptune's Imprisoning Arms (GotF 96)

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I'm not so sure. If it has the properties of steel, shouldn't it requires a Terram requisite? Strength, hardness and sharpness are all Terram attributes. Giving them for "free" based only on the Base 4 MuAq guideline for "very unnatural liquid" seems a stretch. The water isn't a liquid anymore if it has the strength of steel, it's a solid. Thus a Terram requisite, I think.

I think it depends on how many other qualities you choose to change. For instance, if it's hard enough to do the job it needs to do, but in other ways it's still a liquid - looks like water, your hand gets wet from holding it, if you leave it laying around for a while it might evaporate, if it gets cold it freezes - then no req. But if it becomes the other material in every discernible way, then yeah probably has the form req.

But I think it's a casting req anyway, not a req necessary for designing the spell, since the spell can make a variety of things and that will determine the form.

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I have updated the spell to include a Terram requisite and clarified the Base that is used. The spell turns water into an unrelated solid (meaning not ice), and that base clearly requires a Terram requisite. The fact that the item still looks like it is made from water is cosmetic, in my opinion.

Clusius spent a season studying Terram before creating the spell.

While having a walk a few minutes ago, I had the thought, "Didn't I give Clusius Deficient Terram? That would kind of screw up my plans! Should I retroactively change that Flaw?"

After checking, I am relieved to see that I gave him Limited Magic Resistance in Terram, not Deficient Terram. Crisis averted! :laughing:

Year 6 (1203 A.D.), Fall

Sometimes, when you are a guest, you are exposed to some awkward incidents. At the latest Council Meeting, I was witness to some rather strong disagreements between the magi of Triamore. I will not go into details, but it gave me some valuable insights into how heated things get get between us.

Nevertheless, things are beginning to get comfortable here. I have not petitioned the covenant to become a member, but I am thinking about it.

It was soon time for me to pay my dues to the covenant, so I decided to go on a vis hunt. Eustache had gathered some interesting stories in the nearby village about a strange creature that has been sighted a few miles south of the covenant. When I spoke of it to Remi, he said that it was close to one of Triamore's vis source, so any threat to it had to be investigated. Apparently, several decades ago one of the magi had killed a serpent living in the caves there. Any such creature was sure to pose great danger to Triamore's grogs when to are sent to harvest the source, so it might be best if he went with them. I offered to join them with Louis and Eustache.

Something new had indeed moved into the caves. Not only did we find and kill a troll, but also a pack of monstrous rats. It took us a few days time to hunt them all down. Our grogs suffered some wounds, but thankfully none were severe. We brought back a good haul of vis, both from harvesting the source and from the bodies of the slain creatures.

I spent the rest of the season training.

Advancement: 10 xp from adventure (5 in mastery of Mighty Torrent of Water and 5 in Single Weapon), 6 pawns of raw vis (3 Corpus, 3 Animal)

Year 6 (1203 A.D.), Winter

It has now been seven years since Leonardus disappeared into Twilight. Since he hasn't reappeared, his Twilight has been declared Final. Augustus Nero, as the Guernicus who registered it, has called his heirs at Triamore for the reading of his Hermetic will, opening of his sanctum and disposition of his belongings.

Though I was not an immediate heir of the older magus, I was present for the proceedings. There was a impressive amount of wealth in gold, raw vis, magical enchantments, books and notes, artifacts and mementos from past adventures. These were easily separated between Flavia, Wilhelm and Eduardus. I was to receive a few minor things, old travel notes and non-magical texts, as well as some mementos.

Things got really interesting when Augustus Nero explained that, amongst Leonardus' possessions were also a secondary sanctum that the old magus had establised away from Triamore. This was a place he went to when he wanted some quiet and tranquility, but he had also some important vis sources out there. It did pause some interesting problems, however, for it was located at almost the exactly between the Tribunals of Normandy, the Rhine and the Greater Alps. None of the vis sources had been registered to those Tribunals. Each Tribunal could (and probably would) claim that the place was within their jurisdiction, if only to get access to those vis sources.

Furthermore, Leonardus had built the kernel of a covenant there, with several buildings and mundanes already in place. He had also set a condition for the location and details of the vis sources be released to his heirs. A covenant had to be established there, and a magus of his line had to lead it and live there. Otherwise knowledge of the vis sources would pass directly to House Jerbiton (embodied by the Primus) and the heirs would have to relinquish any claim to them.

This led to several days of arguments between Flavia, Wilhelm and Eduardus. Honestly, I was bored at first, until I remembered the last Tribunal meeting, Augustus' comments and the stories from Decem Libri Historiarum . I tried to pretend continued disinterest, which wasn't too difficult considering that my elders were essentially ignoring me.

Essentially, all of them wanted to claim the vis sources, but none of them wanted to exile themselves to the remote location and have to head a new covenant. I learned that Flavia had just been offered membership at Valnastium, a considerable honor. Wilhelm was hard at work building a trade empire in Cologne for his powerful covenant, Fenheld. Eduardus, for his part, just said he had no intention of abandoning his active life of intrigue for Montverte. They went at it again and again; they agreed those vis sources were just too valuables to let them go; none of them wanted to be become a simple warden for the others.

In frustration, someone mentioned that they should send the boy to do it – I don't know which one, for despite my best intentions I was drifting a bit. There was a silence, which jolted me back awake. All three were looking at me speculatively.

I almost was panicked. I am certain I stammered. I was no leader, I told them, nor equiped to perform that job. They insisted. I would be able to keep a good part of the vis for the covenant, they said. They pressured me and I had no choice but to comply.

So here I am, trying to come to terms with the fact that I am to create a new covenant. Augustus negociated with the others as to what the terms of my stewardship would be. What the charter of the covenant would be. How much vis would remain for the covenant and how much would be paid to them as a rent.

Privately, Augustus discussed the matter with me. We agreed that I should seek help; assemble a few other magi to help me defend the new covenant and the vis sources. There would be challenges, political and magical. But he was smiling wryly.

I have many letters to write, to seek out magi who will be interested in joining me. Now that the shock has passed, I think that will be fun!

Not sure yet what this season will provide advancement-wise. Clusius has one year before the saga starts to gather resources and magi, visit the site and prepare things for the arrival of the others.

EDIT: Augustus said he would come with me to visit Leonardus' refuge. This will give me a better sense of what resources the new covenant already has, and what I will need to obtain. Already, I have started negociations with Triamore to get some books copied for us, in exchange for a promised payment in raw vis.

Advancement: 5 xp in Bargain from Adventure

I've enjoyed reading this.

Is it more interesting for us to be acquainted with Clusius, or to be strangers? As far as him getting in touch to recruit us to the covenant?

I'd be fine either way. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a mix.

Some of your magi may have crossed path with Clusius. Even if I did not mention your magus or maga in my narrative doesn't mean they didn't cross path. Now you know were he was and when, so if you can work that in if you want it that way.

Second option is for your magus or maga to know of the heirs (Flavia, Wilhelm and Eduardus) or Augustus Nero of Guernicus. They mention you to Clusius or vice versa.

Last option is a general call from your magus/maga that he/she is looking for a covenant. Clusius hears about that and answers.

Whichever works for you is fine with me. :sunglasses:

Added a few more lines at the end of the last season.

Summary for the first 23 seasons:

  • 205 xp gained
  • 40 levels of spells learned or invented
    • Rise of the Feathery Body (ReCo 10)
    • Spasms of the Uncontrollable Hand (ReCo 5)
    • Curse of the Unruly Tongue (ReCo 5)
    • Shape the Implement of Neptune's Realm (MuAq 20, Te)
  • 14 pawns of vis (3 An, 4 Aq, 3 Co, 2 Vi, 2 Mu)
  • 2 Warping Points
  • Books:
    • Animal L6Q20 summa
    • Mentem L5Q15 summa
    • Vim L5Q15 summa
  • Lab texts:
    • Mighty Torrent of Water (CrAq 20)
    • Sculpt the Living Water (MuAq 20)
    • Bind Wounds (CrCo 10)
    • Wizard's Leap (ReCo 15)
    • Rock of Viscid Clay (MuTe 15)
    • Wizard's Vigil (MuVi 20)

I have 4 more seasons for him before the saga starts, but these will all be related to his preparations for the covenant. So no more study or lab time for him until play starts. And probably some more Warping for fast travel.

Year 7 (1204 A.D.), Spring

With spring finally here, we embarked on a fairly long trip. There's no real direct route from Triamore to where we're going, so Augustus Nero had us travelling upstream along the Meuse for a while. When we reached the city of Verdun, astride on the border between the Normandy and Rhine Tribunals.

There, we were able to retain the services of a redcap more familiar with the Rhine lands. Tristam (the redcap) led us east for a few days, moving from small towns to smaller villages between low mountains. This brought us to the Free Imperial City of Metz where we crossed the Moselle river. Several more days over land brought us to the Rhine river and the city of Strassburg.

From there we lost the services of Tristam, for he was headed into the Black Forest towards Durenmar. Instead, we turned south and travelled along the Rhine towards Basel. We could have taken one of the numerous barges moving along the river, but moving upstream was a lot faster on horseback. We went around Basel, for the redcaps there are apparently sensitive about having magi drawing attention to themselves there, particularly when they do not have a gentle Gift.

Instead, we moved further south, into the mountains that Augustus called the Jura. Here, the Alps loom large in the distance when the weather is clear. We followed a tributary to the Rhine into the mountains, where it flowed through a large valley. On the south side of the valley are several small streams trickling down from smaller folds in the mountains. It is in one of those, past a village called Castillion, that Leonardus established his refuge.

The place was a bit bewildering at first. A huge twisted oak dominate the entrance of the small valley, its trunk wide enough that it would take more than five men to surround it. Then, on the east side of the valley, a jumble of crawling up the side of the mountain, with several smaller huts below. Chaotic and confusing came to mind immediately when looking at the sprawling building. Several wings, towers and additions in different style. Some parts are imcomplete, others seem to be in the process of being modified or even torn down. Three or four people could be seen working on the buildings, like lonely ants trying to move a dead fish.

As we approached, a cry went out from a small tower above the main structure. A few men came out to meet us, armed with a variety of weapons hastily grabbed. They escorted us to the yard before the structure. Augustus and I were invited inside to meet the steward. The man spoke Latin, though with an accent. As Augustus explained our reason for being here, bent his head in sorrow, before asking me if I was the Heir. I think I stammered a bit, explaining that I was the filius of one of the heirs. Shaking his head, he asked again if I was the Heir. I said that well, yes, I supposed I was.

Going to a cabinet, he took out a locked box, which he opened with a key around his neck. He took out a flat rock, which he reverently placed on the table, before asking me for a drop of my blood. When the drop feel upon the rock, it glowed for a moment before absorbing the drop.

This confirmed me as the Heir to him. Over the next several weeks, he gave Augustus and I a tour of the place, providing me with an account of the resources available and the work they'd been doing since Leonardus' last visit eight years ago. The vis sources, the sources of income, the relationships with the locals. We also got to meet most of the inhabitants of Leonardus' refuge. An odd bunch, to be sure, gathered over several decades from people unable or unwilling to find a place in mundane society.

Far from enough for an operational covenant, I thought, but it was a decent start. Augustus helped me establish a list of the things – and people – I should look for. After setting things in motion at this end, we set to return to Triamore. Instead of taking the long way back, Augustus used a magical device to teleport us all back.

Advancement: 10 xp from Adventure (5 in the local Area Lore, 5 in Organization Lore: Order of Hermes), 1 Warping Point, arcane connection to the refuge

Year 7 (1204 A.D.), Summer

Quite busy this summer. I have to secure a multitude of things for the new covenant, so that it can be transported there before winter. There is the matter of the charter, which is being prepared by Augustus after consultation with my mater, Wilhelm and Eduardus. I have negociated with the magi of Triamore for copies of several books to form the kernel of the library. I put Adeline in charge of these, despite her young age.

On that front, like many others, the raw vis I brought back from the refuge made an excellent negociation tool.

The new covenant will also need additional mundanes to handle the countless tasks of maintaining and improving the covenant. The steward should be able to find some of those locally, but specialists will be harder to find. I spoke with the redcap who visit Triamore regularly, and he said he would pass the word around. With Basel so close to the refuge, I think the redcaps will be quite important as allies, so I offered him a few pawns for his services to be shared with those who could help.

I have more letters to write to potential candidates for becoming members of the new covenant. And replies to those few answer I got.

I am making lists and more lists – things to do, things to buy, people to contact, ideas. No time for study.

Advancement: 2 xp in Latin from exposure

I'd missed this. You don't need the Terram requisite in general for hardness if it's already solid. Consider Aegis of the Unbreakable Shield. But here you're making a liquid solid. But here I think you're right because you're changing the liquid into some other solid, and that guideline requires a Terram requisite.