Character Creation for darkwing

Present your concept and character design here before it is finalized.

I'm currently thinking of a Gently Gifted character who can help with the social side of things.
My two leading ideas: A Jerbiton with a Minor Magical Focus in felines (as Jerbiton famously like cat familiars)
A Merinita from their Domus Magna who wants to create quirky fire spells.

Either would work.

Regarding faeries, I see the general faerie phenomena described in RoP:F as "stories made animate" as the current understanding of the Order of Hermes and of House Merinita. The underlying reality can be a bit different.

In either case, your character would need something in his/her background that would explain why he would leave the covenant where he was apprenticed to join Fengheld (or visit there). The easy one is simply to arrive as a peregrinator, perhaps hoping to become a member in time. If you come up with something else, I'll be happy to consider it. :slight_smile:

Caritas ex Jerbiton
A wine-loving jerbiton

Background: Born in a small village in the Harz mountains, he was a very sociable child. After a couple of small magical incidents, it became clear someone in his village had The Gift and a Jerbiton discovered the gently Gifted child and took him as an apprentice. His farming background has helped, as his animal handling skills help with falconry and his knowledge of wine fits his magical proclivities. He decided to join Fengheld as the main house is close to where he grew up, and the Chapter Houses offer a chance to develop his skills more in a way that won't compromise his determination to lead a beautiful life.

Appearance: A man of average build with a smartly trimmed beard and a large hat. He always has a drinking vessel and something to drink at hand.

Age: 25 (born ???? A.D.)
Size: 0
Gender: Male
Confidence: 1 (3)
Characteristics: Int +2, Per 0, Str 0, Sta +1, Pre +2, Com +2, Dex 0, Qik 0

Virtues: The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Book Learner (House Virtue), Gentle Gift, Cautious Sorceror, Improved Characteristics, Minor Magical Focus (liquids from grapes), Puissant Aquam, Skilled Parens

Flaws: True Love, Twilight Prone, Greedy (minor), Proud (minor)
Personality Traits: Brave+1, Greedy +3, Proud +3

Animal Handling 2 (falconry)
Area Lore:Harz Mountains 2 (villages)
Artes Liberales 1 (rhetoric)
Awareness 2 (magic)
Brawl 2 (dodging)
Carouse 2 (drinking)
Charm 2 (first impressions)
Code of Hermes 1 (interfering with mundanes)
Concentration 1 (maintaining spells)
Etiquette 2 (nobles)
Finesse 1 (rego craft)
Intrigue 2 (complex schemes)
Language: Low German 5 (carousing)
Language: Latin 5 (poetry)
Magic Theory 3 (Aquam)
Organization Lore: Order of Hermes 1 (covenants)
Parma Magica 1 (Mentem)
Penetration 1 (Aquam)
Ride 1 (fast)
Swim 1 (staying afloat)
Magical Arts: Cr 5, In 5, Mu 5, Pe 5, Re 5 An 0, Aq 10+3, Au 0, Co 5, He 0, Ig 0, Im 1, Me 2, Te 1, Vi 0
Wizard's Sigil: A scent or taste of sweet wine.

Spells: Mighty Torrent of Water (CrAq 20) +16
Bind Wound (CrCo 10) +11
Disguise of the new visage (MuCo 15) +11
Intuition of the forest (InHe 10) +6
Aura of Ennobled Presence (MuIm 10) +7
Wizard’s sidestep (ReIm 10) +7
Sight of the transparent motive (InMe 10) +9
Trust of childlike faith (PeMe 10) +9
Call to slumber (ReMe 10) +9
The crystal dart (MuTe 10, Req Re) +7
Unseen Porter (ReTe 10) +7
Trackless Step (ReTe 10) +7
Wielding the invisible sling (ReTe 10) +7
Demon’s Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 5) +6
Personal possessions: His robes, a flamboyant hat, a wineskin, a goblet, a pouch containing a few coins, a pouch containing cheese, a small knife.
Advancement: Currently just out of gauntlet
*EDITED to reduce mentem to 2 (xp on arts now a round 150) and to add 10 levels of spells.

Check your xp, I think you have some unspent (Arts total is 153). Note that some of the Abilities specialities (Area Lore, Awareness, Concentration) may not be appropriate if all of the experience was gained during childhood or before apprenticeship.

I also see only 140 levels of spells. With Skilled Parens you should have 150.

Sorry for the delay, that should now be edited to be better. I've changed the speciality for area lore from carousing to villages as that was all from childhood xp.

All good. You can create a topic with your magus, using the template provided in the House Rules topic.

Where was he apprenticed? Note that the chapter house is some distance away from the main site, outside of the Harz Mountains.

EDIT: And who is his True Love? There's nothing in his background about her and this should be fairly important since it's a Major Story flaw.

Are there any magi at the main covenant of Fengheld who could have been his Parens? If not, he can have been apprenticed anywhere else in the Rhine tribunal.

His True Love is Katerina, whose family owns a tavern called "The Iron Skillet" which is close to the covenant he was apprenticed at. He would beg to go with the grogs or redcaps when he was an adolescent, for the owner's daughter was a raven-haired beauty. Her family eventually agreed to the two marrying a few months earlier, when Caritas returned from his Itinerarium. They are planning to start a family, and Caritas is wondering how to stash away enough vis to do longevity rituals for both himself and his wife...

The only Jerbiton currently living at Fengheld, Renatus of Jerbiton, could not have trained your magus.

Best bet would probably be that your magus was apprenticed at Triamore. [strike]You'll need a reason why you decided to move to Fengheld.[/strike] I see that your magus was born near Fengheld, so that would be reason enough to want to go back there.

As I mentioned to the other players, you should probably design a grog that acts as your personal shield grogs. He'll probably end up being played by the others, unless your magus decides to use him as a proxy when he doesn't want to leave his lab.

Moving the discussion here...

This is not a story that will affect the saga overall. As I've mentioned in a different thread, the goal is for both of us to get to know who the character is, what he can do, and what world he lives in. Basically checked each other's expectations.

So I'm looking to see how things proceed between the time your magus leaves Triamore and arrives in Fengheld. How would he have travelled there? How would his pater/mater would have reacted to him leaving for Fengheld? This will help me design an appropriate story of what happens. :smiley:

According to GotF the Jerbiton of Triamore is male, so caritas has a pater who is a renowned polymath. His pater will send him out to go and live a life full of varied interests, less grubby than most magi.

Caritas enjoys travel by boat, so will want to travel up the Meuse, get a ship round the coast to Hamburg, then sail down the Elbe as far as Magdeburg before heading for his beloved Harz mountains on foot.

Excellent. I will start a topic momentarily. :smiley:

Did he get in contact with Fengheld before the start of his journey?

EDIT: What about a shield grog? Is Caritas travelling with one? I suggested that you create one previously, but didn't get any reaction from you.

Caritas will have met a few Jerbiton on his itinerarium, and having discussed covenants to join will send a letter to Fengheld. He will also have sent a letter to the covenant in Lubeck (Eye of the north is the English translation, I can't remember how to spell it in Latin without Guardians of the Forest to hand) asking if he and his wife may visit for a few days while travelling to Fengheld.

Seeing as I said he has married Katerina now, he'd best take his wife with him on the journey rather than travel separately. If Triamore can spare a shield grog, he will take one, but he is willing to take his chances on a trip through familiar lands.


Note that I've allowed each of the other magi the opportunity to create a shield grog that isn't adversely affected by their individual Gift. As your magus has Gentle Gift there is less need for this. However, since he knows the current state of the Germanies and the risks one incurs travelling them for long distances, he knows that doing so without a guard can be dangerous. So he wouldn't want to expose his wife to risks like brigands, thieves, wandering mercenaries and wild beasts. So having a grog along would certainly be attractive.

Furthermore, if his mundane persona is that of a lesser noble or reasonably well-off merchant travelling with his wife (the quality of their clothing would support this), then having a guard with them certainly fits. In short, travelling without a grog along is not a good idea.

Whether that grog is a only on a temporary assignment or a more permanent fixture is up to you.

So, are you travelling with one or more grogs? And is he (or they) a permanent character assigned to your magus?

Caritas and his wife will be travelling with one shield grog (as their guard) and one lady's maid. I was thinking of using the Bodyguard Maidservant type from Grogs for the maid, and a generic warrior with a little knowledge of French (as Triamore is on the Lorraine/France border) for the shield grog.

Will they be staying with your magus or departing afterward? What's their names? Just so that I can use them in the narrative. I'm fine with using templates for their stats.

I expect the shield grog will return to Triamore, but I'd like the maid to stay with my wife if Triamore is agreeable.
The grog is Hans, the maid is Charlotte.