Character Creation for Gaxxian (OOC)

4 of those virtues comes from the animal in itself. And the other one its there to represent that some boars are bigger (its mentioned in the description of the animal).

Natural qualities remain in magical animals. There was a lot of talk about this already and the decision was that all animals retain their natural qualities.

True, i will look at it :slight_smile:

Magical Air affects more than only humans and animals. And adult male are alone usually, but this would mean that he was alone even as young.
If you think that having a Major Flaw it's too much for a grog level animal, thats ok. I can change it, too.

Yeah, this one its specially weaker because i didnt want to make it too powerful (i dont understand why on one hand you seem worried about virtues, and then you tell me to push the Might... magical qualities are just direct free virtues ^^!).

Yeah, i used the exp to pay for all the abilities.

Idk, if everybody thinks that its ok, i would change it, ofc. But in theory you turn into a normal animal. Its not a specially flesh-eating version or nothing. It would just be a regular boar ^^! Just eating a little before each full-moon and there is no flesh-eating problem xD

Yeah, that was my thinking process too.

True. It has some use, but its limited.

Explicit mention twice:

2. cunning vs. intelligence
If the shapechanger is a lycanthrope, apply the Cunning score of the animal, otherwise retain human Intelligence.

7. Wounds & experience
Any wounds taken in the human form are refl ected in the animal form, and vice versa. Thus, a human with a Medium Wound has a Medium Wound in cat form, despite the fact that if that wound had been inflicted when in cat form, it would have been more serious due to the different wound ranges of a cat and a human.
Lycanthropes are an exception to this β€” when transforming back into human form, all wounds taken while an animal are healed, although wounds suffered as a human remain.

And one indirect mention (only lycanthropes lose their intelligence):

Arcane and Academic Abilities are available to the shapechanger if he retains Intelligence. Supernatural Abilities can always be used.

Lycanthropes are shapeshifters after all (albeit involuntarily ones). So i followed those rules.

PD: i had miscalculated the Qik with Bear shape, i forgot that the base should be +2 to end with 0 at size +2. So i've changed that into the sheet.

Consistency. =9

Indeed. It's easy to forget those things, sorry.
I linked Arthur's most recent post on expectations on design of familiars (and other magical animals I assume) to the Notes and Claims houserules section.

I see no problem either. From Bear to Boar is only a one letter change, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Regarding Onfroi, as far as Celeste is concerned, he would be an acceptable companion. He can be useful in combat, and he's got his Enchanting Music, which means he can help in other manners as well.

My one issue with him is his Motion Sickness. That takes away one of the things Celeste would LOVE to see him do... ride Guiscard into battle, or when traveling.

Great :smiley:

xD Now that i've imagined the scene, adding Celeste riding Lencor too, i cannot agree more xD I will change the flaw :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, since the flaw it would give him another virtue... its that ok?

There's a Magical Animal flaw in RoP:M. I believe it's a Free Flaw.

Yep, but its not a Social Status D:
The one pointed by Rafael is also extremely adequate to an animal like Guiscard, too.

I'd drop Greedy or Wrathful in exchange for it, keeping the personality trait if desired. To some degree, the difference between a personality trait comming from a Personality Flaw and one freely chosen is semantic if the character is going to be mainly under the control of a specific player.

The Social Status I do not consider semantic, because it describes the relation between the character and the world around it, and that's important. Magical Friend Guiscard is very different from Magical Covenfolk Guiscard, who is different from Magical Champion Guiscard.

Also, looking at RoP:M, Magical Friend is specifically intended to be the counterpart of Magic Animal Companion. Onfrei is the one people trust, Guiscard does not merit any respect by himself; society sees him as an sidekick to Onfrei, and wouldn't interact with him at all if not for Onfrei.

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I've changed Motion Sickness with Incomprehensible. Also, now it turns into a Boar instead of a Bear.
And i followed Rafael idea and i chaned Greedy with Magical Friend :slight_smile:

I forgot something or its everything ok?

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I've added the advancement from those seasons before the adventure directly at my sheet.

I understand that both spells that i made in Summer could be learnt in the same season, since the restriction only applied in the advancement process, but not in-game. It's that ok?

The binding of Stella requires an extra pawn (8 Herbam that i had + 1 extra) that i don't have with my starting resources. I understand that i can take it from the yearly payment? Its that ok?

Also, the binding process will give me 45 exp points to buy Cords. I will use them like this:

  • Golden Cord: 30 exp β†’ Level 3
  • Silver Cord: 0 exp β†’ Level 0
  • Bronze Cord: 15 exp β†’ Level 2

I will also write here the effects of the magical item created by Alba (costs 2 pawns to make it):

Chest of infinite charcoal (CrHe 20 effect)
It seems a regular big but simple chest made of fair birch wood, but it's infact inchanted to generate a large amount of charcoal the first time that it's opened each day.
The charcoal lasts for a Moon duration (or until it's burnt).
(Base 2 + 1 Touch + 3 Moon + 2 Group)

If its not good, please, tell me and i will make changes or another activity.

Make it a big chest, Regulus lab gets quite cold, specially in winter.

I see no problem, either with Onfroi/Guiscard or with the advancement. =]
But the effects of the custom item should be noted somewhere in either Alba's sheet or the covenant's. Or both, perhaps.

Also no problem with the vis, I believe. We do need to finish our sources (or at least their types) and get to track the income and distribution, however. A problem for future us to deal with. =9

Oh, its a big one. But also, since it makes Moon duration charcoal, it ends up accumulating anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that the covenant one would be better, since this chest its meant to be used at all the covenant... from the kitchens to hearths.

Great :slight_smile: Our future selves will hate us a little, but its ok xD