Character Creation for mjprogue (OOC)

To discuss the creation of all of mjprogue's characters (magus, companion, grogs, familiar, apprentices). This includes the concept, drafts, background, advancement, lab work, etc.

Final versions of the characters will have their own topic.

A Mercurian Necromancer with a heavy emphasis on Creo for the utility ritual stuff. Should be able to fill in as a longevity expert when the time comes. Not a social butterfly by any stretch...he might produce things of value, but won't have a clue how to turn them into wealth. For House I would lean towards Bonisagus. A certified labrat who nevertheless is drawn out into the world more often than is healthy...either to hunt down "subjects" or out of sheer curiosity.

Tremere is also an option if

  • we use alternate house virtues
  • the troupe wants to pursue the complications that will bring

Honest input on the following in progress but I like where its at so far.

Egon filius Rafe of Bonisagus, obsessed with longevity breakthroughs, is inspired by Muscaria, Prima of Criamon (who was given a longevity potion at 14 and still appears that age decades later). Convinced that tapping into a Magi's youth might somehow improve the potion, he and his apprentice travel to the Cave of Twisting Shadows to investigate the matter. The Criamon welcome them with open arms under the assumption they've come to learn of the Enigma.

A year with the Criamon only frustrates Egon who approaches it analytically instead of philosophically. Nonetheless he takes copius notes and settles on a path of experimentation.

That experimentation involves forcing his apprentice into twilight accompanied by a complex series of rituals at a meticulously researched astrological time and place.

He hopes that the twilight experience itself can be controlled to separate the part of the boy that's destined to age, leaving a being of perpetual youth in his place. Failing that, the procedure will surely leave him with something that can be mined for further insight. Naturally he keeps the details of this mad plan from his sodalis and the apprentice.

The experiment works...sort of. Two distinct beings emerge from twilight. The boy, seemingly unchanged and in good health and spirits...and a massive man shaped being, hideous to gaze upon and barely capable of thought or speech. This being is apparently the sum total of all the boy's future hardships and decreptitude...but also the joys and challenges of manhood.

Egon snaps from his madness and feels horror at what he has done to the boy...who forgives him immediately. Egon's sodalis aren't so understanding. When word spreads of what he's done, the social ramifications are too much and he flees his Coven in the dead of night. The boy's apprenticeship is completed by Philomena.

No...he is't immune to aging...I plan to replicate the above as follows.
Social Handicap and Small Frame will show his childlike appearance...adults simply don't take a child seriously.
Unaging will be in effect...though without the ability to choose his apparent age.
His Angst (a working name) is represented by Magical Mount...a grog level beast that is insanely protective of the boy...though not a particularly skilled fighter.
Infamous master would represent Egon's current status in the order, but I'd want to rework the negative reputation to be more reflective of a general lack of respect for the "boy mage" than an expectation that he is cut from the same cloth.
I would plan to take Enigmatic Wisdom as a minor virtue...hopefully this isn't a problem
The story obviously suggests I start with some warping points...but I can't find a flaw to give any...

Necromancy is being scrapped...we have another Mage delving into he will be focused more on Corpus overall.

I would go with Judged Unfairly instead of Social Handicap, based on your description. Social Handicap is for some habit or characteristic that makes you repulsive and/or annoying to people around you.

I believe the "you" in "You may choose your apparent age freely" in the virtue's descrption refers to the player, not the character, and that the apparent age does not change once set.

IMO, that would simply be one of the facets of the Judged Unfairly flaw and not justify a second flaw.

I don't see a problem there.

There was a flaw like that in 4th edition, but it never existed in 5th. Just pick an arbitrary number of Warping Points, from 1 to 5.

I'm assuming Philomena is also a Bonisagus?

Yep...she's a named character in the alps SB...

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You could pick minor virtue of Gorgiastic (? or something) from HoHMC - it allows some amount of Enigmatic Wisdom.