Character Creation for mjprogue (OOC)

To discuss the creation of all of mjprogue's characters (magus, companion, grogs, familiar, apprentices). This includes the concept, drafts, background, advancement, lab work, etc.

Final versions of the characters will have their own topic.

I would go with Judged Unfairly instead of Social Handicap, based on your description. Social Handicap is for some habit or characteristic that makes you repulsive and/or annoying to people around you.

I believe the "you" in "You may choose your apparent age freely" in the virtue's descrption refers to the player, not the character, and that the apparent age does not change once set.

IMO, that would simply be one of the facets of the Judged Unfairly flaw and not justify a second flaw.

I don't see a problem there.

There was a flaw like that in 4th edition, but it never existed in 5th. Just pick an arbitrary number of Warping Points, from 1 to 5.

I'm assuming Philomena is also a Bonisagus?

Yep...she's a named character in the alps SB...

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You could pick minor virtue of Gorgiastic (? or something) from HoHMC - it allows some amount of Enigmatic Wisdom.

Total do over...been fighting with virtues/flaws and just couldn't make the first concept stick. When Callen chose Unaging I gave it up entirely (thank you...saved me the hassle).

All Neven remembers of his childhood is the death. First the screaming, smoke and blood when he and his mother were captured and put into chains, then later the blisters, fever and convulsions as she was claimed by the Fire. The entire stock of slaves was abandoned by their captors when the symptoms first began.

Though he doesn't recall the details, he and the few survivors were apparently assisted by a member of the order, cleansed, quarantined and taken in as grogs. Neven's gift must have been detected quickly as he was seperated and traded to a Bonisagus by the name of Egon.

Egon's membership at the Sinews of Knowledge meant that the boy's training and life would be dedicated to the most noble pursuit to which a Magi might endeavor, perfection of the Longevity Ritual. Despite the boredom this singular vision elicited, Neven was an eager student and Egon a dutiful master. Neven's only opportunites to see the outside world were his regular trips to and from the Sinews on his numerous fosterages.

During these fifteen years of endless research. Two formative and noteworthy events stand out.

In his 12th year, Egon's research sent him to the Cave of Twisting Shadows in the hopes of finding inspiration from the childlike maga Muscaria. Though both Magi were accepted warmly by the Criamon and offered a wealth of valuable (by Criamon standards) insight, Egon didn't take to their strange ways and abandoned the line of inquiry. Conversely, Neven absorbed their teachings as well as his structured education would allow and continued to practice his the amusement of some Bonisagus and the irritation of others.

In his 15th year, Egon was fortunate enough to find himself sent to Durenmar to foster with Andrus. The frustration of a year spent surrounded by all the knowledge of the Order while unable to spend the time absorbing any of it was rewarded when Andrus gave him reign to study as he chose in his final season. It was here he learned what would become one of his favorite spells. On his return to the Sinews, he took to casting Kiss of the Enigma on the practice cadavers every chance he got. Imagine his pleasant surprise when one such cadaver was found to have multiple redundant organs. He received a mild reprimand of course. Experimentation might be valued but the potential to disrupt the education of others was unacceptable. He was given a cadaver of his own and forbidden to cast the spell upon another. A year later when he discovered the corpse's colorless blood to contain Corpus vis, he was overjoyed. To this day he isn't sure if anyone else is aware of this secret...that he has held onto the cadaver so long and incorporated so much of his independant learning into its maintenance must surely have caused suspicion.

Upon passing his Gauntlet, Neven claimed the name of Eleos, though he often introduces himself by his birthname. Getting used to a new name is difficult in practice and he isn't certain he won't abandon the new moniker for good...if that's even legally possible.

Ensured a place at the Sinews, Eleos is eager for an opportunity...any find a new home. One where the pressure to spend his career focused on one goal isn't as strongly felt.

Recently he's become wondering about his origins. The idea of seeking out his mother's final resting place and seeing if he can communicate with her is appealing. The final images of her succumbing to that terrible disease are forever etched in his mind and disease in general will remain a hated foe.

He is also mildly curious about the origins of Mercurian Magic. It wasn't until he began delving into the practical arts with fosterages that he even realized this wasn't a standard part of the Hermetic method. When he asked about it, the question was waved away as meaningless. "Its an application only some can comprehend" was all Egon could be bothered to say on the matter. It wouldn't take much to peak Eleos' interest in the subject, though he isn't likely to seek out such information.

Eleos (Nevin) filius Egon of House Bonisagus

Gauntleted Age: 20

Int +3 Per 0 Str -1 Sta +1 Pre 0 Com +1 Dex 0 Qik 0

Virtues: Affinity(Creo), Affinity(Magic Theory), Enigmatic Wisdom, Inventive Genius, Mercurian magic, Personal Vis Source(Corpus), Puissant(Creo), Puissant(Magic Theory), Skilled Parens

Flaws: Chaotic Magic, Compassionate, Fostered Apprentice, Gullible, No Sense of Direction, Twilight Prone

Personality Traits: Creative +2, Compassionate +3, Gullible +3, Organized -1

Area Lore: Greater Alps (Legends) 1
Artes Liberalis (Rituals) 1
Athletics (Running) 1
Chirurgy (Diagnosis) 1
Code of Hermes (Apprentices) 1
Concentration (Lab Work) 2
Enigmatic Wisdom (Twilight) 2
Folk Ken (Magi) 1
Leadership (Labwork) 1
Magic Lore (Greek Mythology) 1
Magic Theory (Creo) 5 +2
Medicine (Physician) 1
Order of Hermes Lore (Personalities) 1
Parma Magica (Corpus) 1
Philosophiae (Rituals) 1
Profession: Scribe (Copying) 1
Speak Bavarian (Covenfolk) 2
Speak Slavik (Storytelling) 5
Speak Latin (Lab Texts) 4
Stealth (Hide) 1
Survival (Mountains) 1
Teaching (Apprentices) 1

Arts: Creo 9+3 Intellego 5 Muto 1 Rego 5 Animal 1 Corpus 8 Imaginem 5 Vim 5

Subtle Taste of Poison and Purity InAq5
Bind Wound CrCo10
Charm Against Putrefecation CrCo10
Benediction of Telesphorus CrCo30 (All wounds improve 1 step, Touch/Mom/Cir,Ritual)
The Helpful Cadaver ReCo25 (Awaken the Slumbering Corpse Touch/Sun)
Waking Sleep ReCo25 (Base 5 immobilize target, Voice/Sun/Individual)
Disguise of the Transformed Image MuIm15
Wizard's Sidestep ReIm10
Unseen Arm ReTe5
Kiss of the Enigma CrVi15 (Target gains 2 warping points, Touch/Mom/Individual)
Wizard's Vigil MuVi30

As part of his Gauntlet, he would have created the Benediction of Telesphorus. Experimentation would have been part of this so I think it would be fun to have a minor side effect to personalize it. In the spirit of experimentation of course someone else would need to choose it.

Could you indicate the book in which each spell can be found? Makes it easier for us to track them down. :slight_smile:

Sorry...all others are core 5th...Grand Grimoire is my doc of choice though.

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I would note that Circle of Recovery may sound nice, but in pratice would probably be less reliable and useful than the core spell Purification of the Festering Wounds.

Sure, you only have to cast it once for multiple wounded that are in the circle and the bonus to Recovery is slightly higher. But the target(s) need to remain in the circle the entire recovery time. So they can't go to work (guard duty for example), and any small failure of discipline ("I just wanted to get a breath of fresh air") means the recovery bonus is lost.

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Tweaked his spells a bit...but he's ready to publish.

I will create your stats topic later today.

Rewrite with the guidelines in consideration...

FYI I will inevitably go long on these, preferring them organized by location than calendar years.

Eleos completed his gauntlet in Spring of 1199 but was given dispensation to stay on at the coven until his status could be publicized at Tribunal in the winter.

No labs were available as the one dedicated to visiting Magi was occupied by a Quasitor, but he was given full Library access with the promise that he dedicate a season in return to his hosts before he left.

Summer & Fall 1199

He spent his first season studying Creo (Summae Q15 +7.5 Affinity xp) and the next learning the following spell: (Int 3 MT 8 Cr 14 Co 8 Aura 3=36) xp MT 2+1 affinity

  • Purification of the Festering Wounds CrCo20

While he was studying during the fall, Egon came to him with a request. The nearby village of Andorf had received a trio of visitors who were in the advanced stages of Diptheria and an outbreak was feared. Eleos was asked to visit the town with two of the Coven's grog Medicae to get the situation under control.

Two exhausting weeks of effort paid off and the epidemic was thwarted. Casualties were few and Eleos was even able to save one of the young mercenaries responsible for the contagion. When Burgold recovered, he swore a life debt to the strange physician who saved him from the demons.

One night, late into the efforts, Eleos made the mistake of taking to the streets without aid of a grog. He became hopelessly turned around and found himself attracted to an overgrown park filled with dilapidated columns and statuary. A magnificent bird wandered through the weeds and broken masonry, its blue and green feathers glittering in the moonlight. The bird (what he would later discover was a Peacock) turned to look directly at him, then shook its tail and a single glorius feather fell to the ground. The bird dissappeared among the detritus as he approached to retrieve the discarded pinion. He noted the glimmer didn't seem to be a trick of the light so he tested the feather and found it to contain Rego Vis. He looked in vain for the bird before returning his attention to his unusual surroundings. He located a capstone in the ground, its surface remarkably clean and unmarred. He couldn't read its inscription but recognized the lettering to be of greek origin. Knowing he would never find this place again if he wandered off in the dark, Eleos slept fitfully right there on the ground.

He was wakened the next morning by a young woman who didn't seem at all disturbed by his presence. He questioned her about the park and when she saw the feather, she opened up. She had seen the bird numerous times each year since she'd married and moved to the town. It always left her a feather, which sold well and helped her maintain the small orphanage she ran. The woman gave Eleos directions to refind the park and he hurridly returned to his temporary hospital.

Winter 1200

When the contagion passed, Eleos excitedly returned to the Sinews with his tale. Granted permission and assistance, he returned to Andorf in the Winter and spent the season studying the Capstone, the feather and the woman's tales...missing Tribunal in his excitement. Getting the inscription translated at the coven, a picture formed. The capstone was one of the famous wards planted throughout the ancient world by Appolonius of Tyana. Its connection to the Peacock was unmistakeable. Periodically, the bird appears to those of giving nature who have acted in a selfless manner and rewards them its gift. Eleos' treating of the sick clearly qualified. The coven arranged to have the woman collect the feathers on its behalf in future, rewarding her more handsomely than could any travelling merchant. Eleos wasn't granted full membership, as the vis generated wasn't sufficient for Tribunal requirements, but he was granted leave to come and go as he pleased, making use of such facilities as might be available at any given time. The mystery of an undiscovered vis source so close to an established coven doesn't seem quite so mysterious when one considers how selfless the average Mage tends to be. (Story XP Medicine 5)

Spring 1200

Back at The Sinews, Spring was spent learning the following spells:
(Int 3 MT 8 Cr 14 Co 8 Aura 3=36) xp MT 2+1 affinity

  • Ward the Cruel Touch of Pestilence CrCo20
  • Cadaver Refridgeration CrCo5 (Charm against Putrefecation Circle/Ring)

Summer & Fall 1200

Two seasons were spent in study of Mentem. (Root 5/15 Authority 9/15 total 30xp)

Winter 1201

The following spells were learned:
(Int 3 MT 7 Cr 5 Co(Me) 7 Aura 3=25) xp MT 2+1 affinity

  • Revealed flaws of Mortal Flesh InCo10
  • Whispers Through the Black Gate InCo(Me)15

Spring 1201

Some years prior Eleos had secured a promise to travel with a Redcap named Chloe. She usually stopped off at The Sinews every other Summer on her way home to Thebes after travelling to the Rhine. This year he intended to accompany her.

Spring was spent studying Magic Lore in preparation for what he hoped would be a fruitful trip. Magic Lore xp 10

Changes over 8 seasons

  • Book xp: Creo 22.5 / Mentem 30 / Magic Lore 10
  • Lab exposure xp: Magic Theory 9
  • Story xp: Medicine 5 / Warp 1
  • Vis (1st year's haul) 6 Vim (Personal Vis Source) 12 Co

It would be nice to have this summary section go season by season, with the calculations that give the result. Having to go back and forth in the text, try to count the number of seasons with exposure, check your character sheet to see if you have an affinity... that's a lot of work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I'm not sure if I am ready that 12 Co at the end correctly. Is that 12 pawns of Corpus vis? If so, where did they come from?

Vis haul is on the high side for spending most of your time is the lab or studying, and Technique vis on top of it? Don't change it, but be more conservative going forward. Right now I'd say it's twice what I'd expect.

BTW, it's Mentem, not Mentam. :wink:

If you don't have further opportunities to balance it, then you should cut it right away. Your choice.

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Been a busy week....been trying to keep up on reading but haven't had time to jump into my next segment...will have some time tonight.

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