Character Creation for Red-Shadow-Claws

Guess I should have read RoP:F more closely. I mixed it and moP:M

At least you have a lot of Virtues to work with :open_mouth:

Btw... (and this is more philosophical xD) Is Reckless compatible with Brave? A brave personality means that you can overcome the fear. Meanwhile, a reckless one means that you don't know fear in first place.

This is based on the Faerie Hound p.88 of RoP:F, and they have both personality traits. But In any case, I changed Brave to Driven

Don't change it if you don't want. It was just a question to discuss about it, nothing else :open_mouth:

I gave him the Driven Major Personality flaw, so it made sense...

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Then perfect :slight_smile:

I've seen his updated sheet, and i think that there is everything. You just need to update the Flaws total number from 7 to 10.

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I'm worried about Lencor's power level. What is it, a companion? Is it supposed to become Celeste's familiar?

In that case, the rule for grog-level (if played by the same player) or companion-level (if played by a different player) familiars applies, the same as it would with a magical familiar. Don't have my RoP:F in my hands, but I suspect it would not have 10 points of virtues and flaws if it's a grog or a companion.

He is doing it well. There is not Grog level for faeries (they are too powerful and leads to stories, i suppose), but he did the Companion level perfectly.
I copy the explanation from the book:

Maximum Number of Virtues and Pretenses
Faeries designed instead as player characters use values from the following formula.

Replaces Virtues/Flaws
Companion Up to 10 points of Virtues balanced by Flaws.
Magus 1 free, then up to 20 points of Virtues paid for with Flaws at 2 Virtues per Flaw.

A familiar is not designed as a player character, unless it is played as a companion by a different player than the maga.

Welp, that another can of worms ofc :stuck_out_tongue:

Another option could be turning the dog into this xD

There is some parallel between V&F and magical Q&I, so in a sense, a grog level familiar with 5 qualities and 3 V&F is the same as a character with 8 virtues and 3 flaws.

To make things easy for us all: may I suggest to design Lencor as a magical creature and just write "Faerie Might" instead of "Magic Might"?

Most of the things between RoP:M and RoP:F have a counterpart (for example, the powers are defined and written in the same way). And Lencor's cognizance is barely of significance if he is to remain as a grog anyway (but it might make sense for a companion).

To clarify my suggestion, to design Lencor as a grog level creature with Might 5:

  • pick 3 points if virtues (required), 5 "qualities" (free), 2 extra qualities (paid), keeping all of the already selected virtues.
  • pick 3 points of flaws (required) and 2 extra "inferiorities" (paid). Ditch 5 points of flaws (I'd suggest driven, susceptible to deprivation and poor presence, but that's just me).
  • Might need some juggling of other virtues and flaws to keep everything minor (grogs can't have anything major)
  • Rewrite "Magical" with "Faerie" everywhere.

Does this seem reasonable?

The same can be done if designing him as a companion, to keep roughly the same power level between him and the eventual companion level magic familiar.

To be honest, this is one of my problems with RoP: (Realm). Lack of consistency between books regarding the design of realm creatures.

That sounds reasonable. :+1:

I reserve the right to veto some specific element if it appears too far out of concept or overly optimized for use as a familiar. :wink:

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Magic creatures are like upgraded regular things. So they have a layer of new virtues/flaws above a regular sheet. Think in them like mutants.

Faeries aren't even like the creatures they look like at all. So you must even pay for your body with virtues xD But they aren't magical mutants, so they dont have any second layer of different virtues/flaws.

Thats why they are so different and i think that its pretty cool tbh.

Other than that, and i feel pretty lucky that i wasnt planning into have a faerie familiar, because i didn't understand half of those house rules xD
And whats with all that fuss with the dog? If it weren't for that Howling power, a regular soldier can kill it. Literally, 1v1 without that terror power, the regular Grog soldier example from the ArM5 book has more chances to win (and a way LOT more). Im missing something?

I must admit I saw the virtues and flaws totalling 10 and I went "Huh! That's magus level?" Probably an overreaction on my part. That image looked intimidating too. And it's been a long time since I looked at the faerie creation rules.

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Is it possible to do experimentation on spell research while doing this narrative advancement?
Am thinking about her doing that for Summer 1202, since she's shy 2 points from researching a spell in one season.

Have to think about this one. Some of the consequences for a bad roll aren't really relevant if it's not your lab. So I may have to tweak some of the results so that it would matter. One doesn't really care about a destroyed lab when you don't have to rebuild it.

I'm leaning for not allowing it, but can be convinced.

If the lab is destroyed, I can see Celeste having to spend two-three Seasons helping repairing and setting it back up.

If it's approved, how do we do the rolls?

I like the idea.
It would depend of the damages, but a 1 season for cleaning, and 2 more to rebuild the lab until is fully functional seems good to me. That or just a payment, she could choose. But making her responsible for her work its good.

On the other hand... being just shy of 2 points... you could look at other working routine. A nocturnal routing will add a +2 to your total.

Regulus did experiment during narrative advancement (one of the players that didn’t stick around also experimented), so I see no problem.

Lab destruction implies lost season + possibility for damage (to the lab, the item, the familiar, yourself...). A threat to the covenant can be weaved into narrative advancement (generating a story that must be solved). But I'd suggest that payment as compensation is not accepted ("or the young ones will not learn!!!") in case of lab destruction.

For the record, when Regulus experimented the spell ended up badly flawed. The other player generated a threath to the whole covenant: lost the season and ended up needing to move to another covenant, if I recall correctly. If you do experiment in the end, proceed with caution. :smiley:

Regarding dice: I am rolling everything with physical ones and just reporting the values. Arthur is also rolling physical, if I'm not wrong.
I don't think anyone here is going to fabricate results, and if someone will... Well, if the hypothetical person really needs to fabricate results in a pretend game about medieval magic Europe, I'm not going to stop it. =P

If you prefer, there are online dice rollers that output the result to the forum (Plot_Device used one in the Giant Trouble story).


Iirc you can roll dices with discobot...

@discobot tirar 1d10