Character Creation for Trogdor

Note that it is the caster that needs to maintain concentration of the spell, not the target. So Konrad needs to maintain the spell for each of them until they reach the bottom of the cliff.

Also, they don't have time to gather anything other that what is immediately accessible. That means you are leaving behind lab notes and equipment for mundanes to find.

Right. I play a Mutantum magus in another saga and I'm used to being able to hand things off. Not a problem, Konrad can concentrate while resting from each casting. (It can't take more than 2 minutes to get to the bottom of the cliff.) That should still give a good ten minutes of leeway. He'll start with the servants.

I was figuring that Herman would go last. He'd have at least an extra 5 minutes to run in and at least grab the important things, like books (if there are any there). You can't tell me it takes more than a minute to run into a lab and grab a book. I was also thinking that the silver stores in a lab might be easy to grab, though I'll understand if they are less accessible for security reasons. I agree that most of the equipment and the lab notes must be sacrificed. But some big ticket items should be salvageable.

Depends on how fast you want them to drop. :wink: But that sounds about right.

It also took some time to explain what was going on. Just banging on the lab's door to get Herman out took some time. :smiling_imp:

Well, there wasn't much easily-carried valuables kept in the labs. Lab texts and notes, mostly. A bit of gold used in lab work.

As he is about to go down over the cliff, Herman asks, "What about what we leave behind? Do we really want mundanes to plunder our labs?"

"Do we really have much of a choice?" Konrad replies. "I could try and set the buildings on fire, but Ignem isn't my strong suit. And there's almost no time left."

Setting a wooden building on fire would either be CrIg 5 or CrIg 10, depending on how flammable they are (flammable or slightly flammable). I'd think if I cast it inside, it would be flammable. That would also give it time to grow.

Best case:

Set the Lab on Fire
CrIg 5
Sets a wooden building on fire.
(Base 4, +1 Touch)

They might have time to put it out. But it may be worth trying.

Still, if it's a CrIg 5 spell, and if there's time (I don't want to press my luck - then again, casting spells is real quick), Konrad will try and set the two labs on fire.

#1: Set the Lab in Fire casting: 1D10+10 = [7]+10 = 17; = 17/2 = 8.5; success
#2: Set the Lab in Fire casting: 1D10+10 = [7]+10 = 17; = 17/2 = 8.5; success (oops, forgot the -1 for Fatigue. Still works)

But only if there's time. Konrad isn't going to get caught to try and set the labs on fire.

Just in case, take a few seconds to cast Wizard's Sidestep.

Note that Konrad is already down 2 Fatigue Levels from his spontaneous casting to get Herman's servant and grog down. He hasn't had time to recover those and still has to cast another spell to help Herman down.

On the other hand, it is winter and the hearths are full of burning lumber already.

I assume that concentrating takes no physical effort, just, well, concentration. So the two minutes he takes lowering the first grog down should allow him to recover a Fatigue level. But if that's not the case, then it takes four minutes to recover, and that's budgeted, if barely. Then he casts the second spell, goes down to Winded again, lowers the grog and recovers during that two/four minutes. Finally, lowers Herman and recovers for that two/four minutes.

Once he casts the fire spells, he won't take time to recover, just beat feet (wings) out of there and accept going down two Fatigue levels.

If that's the case, I'll definitely try to set the labs on fire.

Here's what I think of as a rough timetable:

00:00-01:00 - Konrad arrives and bangs on door and gets let in
01:00-04:00 - Konrad explains what's happening and gets the grogs to the edge of the cliff
04:00-08:00 - Konrad lowers first grog and recovers from Fatigue loss; Herman grabs things of value
08:00-12:00 - Konrad lowers second grog and recovers from Fatigue loss; Herman grabs things of value
12:00-16:00 - Konrad lowers Herman and recovers from Fatigue loss
16:00-18:00 - Konrad sets the labs on fire and takes off with two levels of Fatigue
18:00-20:00 - The fires spread

A minute is an enormous amount of time when you 're rushing. And Konrad wasn't about to waste any time. I have him a full fifth of the time getting his information across, and four minutes for each lowering/recovery effort. (Less if he recovers more quickly.) Even if concentration is considered 'remaining active' he should still recover in 4 minutes. (I would argue that concentrating is the same as quiet rest, but I can understand if you feel differently.) And that's assuming that the guards don't stop to rest or at least slow down their pace. Twenty minutes of climbing stairs in armor is quite an effort.

Everyone is down and the main building is set aflame. There is the matter of the smaller building with the first lab in it, but there is no time remaining -- the guard are in sight when Konrad gets out of the and prepares to get away. One of the guards spots him, his yell prompting the others to speed up their approach.

Casting his spell, Konrad changes into a raven and flies away. Taking a roundabout flight path, he makes his way back to where Herman and his two mundanes are huddled hidden at the base of the cliff. After a few hours, the small group rejoins the others at Dibbelt the fisherman's house.

The group is pretty much exhausted by the stress of the last few hours as they need to decide what to do. Dibblet says he can take a few of you at a time in his fishing boat to drop you off somewhere along the coastline of the continent, but he is afraid for his family should you be discovered in his house. He doesn't mention any payment for his help.

Prochorus and Herman get with Konrad to discuss where they can go and whether they should leave for the same place. Herman expresses an interest in going to England, whereas Prochorus thinks he'd have a better chance of making a living in the the north of the Novgorod tribunal. Herman mentions to Konrad that Fengheld is usually welcoming fo peregrinatores, and might even consider accepting him as a member.

Once he's recovered from his efforts, Konrad insists that Dibblet accept some payment for what he's doing, and argues with Prochorus and Herman, if necessary, for such an outcome. His feeling is that Dibblet should be paid for his effort and the remaining silver should be split up among those who need it, including the grogs. The few pawns of gathered vis should be split up between the magi. He also argues that they should get out as soon as possible on the boat, taking every precaution to avoid being discovered.

If necessary, Konrad can use the following spontaneous spell to help avoid suspicion:

MuCo 10
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
The target’s entire body is transformed to any approximately human configuration you choose.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

(Assuming that the grogs are willing and that Dibblet and his family wouldn't be too freaked out by it.) He has the MuCo CT to manage it. It might help if they're looking for us in particular.

For his part, Konrad says that he intends to make his way to Lubeck to visit his parents and then see if Fengheld is accepting new members. He's done with the idea of joining a brand new covenant and is ready to do his time in an old one. He offers to take any of the grogs with him to his family's home in Lubeck where he promises that he'll urge his father to take them on as servants. He hopes that his own shield grog and servant will be willing to come with him to Fengheld and the promise of a safer life.

Oh, and as a matter of curiosity, what books did we manage to salvage?

Oh, and I better have a friend for life in Herman after pulling his fat out of the fire. :wink:

So the magi split up and each goes his own way. Herman promises to send letters through the redcaps when he finally settles down.

Once you reach Lubeck, your servant Baldwin asks to remain with your family. He's had enough excitement, he says, and a in city like Lubeck he can earn a living. Gerhald stays with you as you make your way to the Harz mountains where Fengheld is. (That puts you on the same level as the others regarding having a single personal grog.)

The covenant had relatively few books. As such, you are left with the equivalent of 5 pounds of silver, two pawns of Vim vis and a pair of tractatus:

  • Quercus in Promptu (Oak revealed), by Quercus of Tytalus -- Herbam Tractatus (Q6) -- the original text's quality was 1 point higher
  • Registering vis sources, by Marco the Redcap -- Code of Hermes tractatus (Q7) -- the original text's quality was 1 point higher

The season where you made you escape gives you 5 xp to spend on either the subject you were reading on at the time or story-related xp, at your choice.

You arrive at Fengheld in late spring. (I assume you sent a letter ahead.)

Konrad will definitely keep in touch with Prochorus and Herman in the future. Also, Konrad would have tried to get a note to Bernhard warning him not to go back to Helgoland (at least not for a while).

That's fine. I'll miss Baldwin, but fair is fair. And he did go through a lot.

I'm assuming this is to keep his starting texts in keeping with the others in the saga. Because Konrad was in the process of studying a nice Vim summa when the warning came and would certainly have grabbed that. And he had both a Medicine Summa and an Ignem Summa that would have been in his sanctum. (So there were summae around.) But I understand the need to keep things even, so I'll take what's fair. :slight_smile:

I'll take 5 xp in Vim (what he was reading at the time).

Definitely. It would have been a letter requesting probationary membership. Having nowhere to call home, Konrad is looking to settle down, not simply be a visitor.

Dibbelt will take care of that.

The others didn't start with any books at all, so in that respect you are ahead of them. :smiley:


Do you wait for an answer before travelling to Fengheld? If so, what do you do in the meantime?

Good man, Dibbelt.

Doing otherwise would seem presumptuous. And I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with them.

Best thing to do would be to read the Herbam tractatus and visit with his family while he waits. There's not much that can be done without a proper library or a lab.

Konrad will present himself for inspection at Fengheld as soon as he can reasonably get there. (Taking what direction from redcaps that he needs.)

You can go ahead and create a topic for your magus' stats, like the others did. You can find the template in the House Rules topic.


Sorry, my vacation put that on the back burner. I'll get working on it.

Moving this here as it concerns character creation rather than the story.

Where did I specify the yield of the personal vis source? Was it in the other saga? Can't remember specifying it here, so we can still adjust it a little bit. I can easily see bumping it up to 3 pawns per year, perhaps even 4.

If it was something that had surfaced before his apprenticeship, as a manifestation of his Gift, then this would tie up nicely with his first master's behaviour towards Konrad -- he was losing a vis source more than an apprentice, after all.

He would probably have spent his apprenticeship with his hair being regularly shorn by his masters, as well, to prevent him from accidentally (or not so accidentally) using that vis himself. That would also add to his anger at not being allowed to use vis to heal his relatives, considering that he himself had produced enough to heal them in previous years.

It was in the other saga. Just let me know what it's value is here and I'll plan accordingly.

I like that.

Let's go with 3 pawns per year for now, then. I can always boost it to 4 pawns later on if we see that it isn't enough.

The current year is 1208. You arrive at Fengheld during spring.