Character Creation for Vortigern (OOC)

Virtues: The Gift (F), Hermetic Magus (F), Divination & Augury (H), Planetary Magic (H), Flawless Magic (3), Hermetic Prestige (1), Lesser Potent Magic: Magic Conduits, Containers, & Sustainment (1), Minor Magical Focus: Magic Conduits, Containers, & Sustainment (1), Personal Vis Source (1), Premonitions (1), Puissant: Magic Theory (1), Second Sight (1)

Flaws: Twilight Prone (H), Blatant Gift (3), Difficult Spontaneous Magic (1), Hermetic Patron: Cult of Mercury/Neo-Mercurians (1), Infamous (1), Meddler (3), Visions (1)

I'd be aiming to initiate Mercurian Magic and Great Talisman in character creation post gauntlet.

Magical Focus & Potent Magic:

His emphasis is on ceremonial and/or ritual magic. I am aiming to produce someone who can do the proverbial Mercurian "Big Magic" from afar, in intricate rituals, with lots of oomph. But would prefer he never had to see the enemy face to face if everything goes according to plan. Some of the content from the "Intangible Assassin" section of Hermetic Projects seems very apt. I think this focus and potent lend him to effective use of Tunnels and other ReVi "magic aumenting" magic, to reflect this emphasis on ornate high ceremonial magic. Thematically this combination (focus/potent) facilitate his ceremonial approach and emphasis on sympathetic magic. Fluff-wise he also is tying effects to astrological considerations such as constellations and astrological cycles/influences as a function of how his understanding of magic functions.

Flawless Magic:

As a Mercurian Vorsutus is exacting and detailed in his approach to magic, and it shows.

Prescience: Premonitions, Second Sight, Visions, & Blatant Gift

Vorsutus is a born Seer knowing more than he should practically since birth. His childhood was plagued as much by superstition and rejection caused by the unsettling knowledge that his Gift brings him as by the direct impact of his Gift on others. As a child this surrounded him with resentment and fear and led to him living from a young age on the streets of Wexford.


Vorsutus is incapable of being around people and not starting to gain knowledge about them. Flashes of insight or visions of their future or approaching pivotal moments. Moments of approaching opportunity or threat in the lives of those around him. Consequently he'll tell someone to show up somewhere, and not tell them why. Or that they need to stop courting the daughter of the baker. Or anything. Thoroughly digging into the lives of those in his circle of influence and micro-managing them along the optimal paths through time as his prescience reveals them to be. For their own benefit of course. It seems to a certain extent entirely lost on him that others find this less than pleasant and beneficent.

Hermetic Patron:

The Hermetic Astrologer Ex Misc. Tradition that Vorsutus is from is directly descended from a Roman magical tradition/minor cult. They have long history and traditional ties to the Cult of Mercury/Neo-Mercurians. They are prized for their divinatory abilities as well as generally being keepers of the Mercurian traditions and ways. Correspondingly as a member of this tradition, trained in direct association with such people, Vorsutus is "in the club" of this magical faction from well before his Gauntlet was ever complete. He is a known figure both supporting and supported by those more serious about the Cult of Mercury/Neo-Mercurians.

Hermetic Prestige:

Reputation, Hermetic, Positive: lvl 3 (30xp) "Powerful Seer & Master of Sympathetic Magic"

Vorsutus has a growing reputation as both a Seer of his particular tradition as well as for his abilities as an "Intangible Hoplite" who is able to assist those who bring him problems. He has an avid commitment to the Order, the distinctness of magical society as a separate estate from mundane society, and preserving it. Correspondingly he is known as a ready and willing Magus to give aid on very reasonable terms to those from magical society who come seeking it, especially Q's.


Reputation, Mundane, Negative: lvl 4 (50xp) "Vindictive Master of Curses"

As a master of sympathetic magic, and in many ways of using to manipulate, control, or adversely impact people as suits his design, Vorsutus has gained a certain reputation in Mundane Society. Innkeepers fear to offend him for fear of the toothache they may have the next day, and for good cause. Vorsutus revenges any slight, however small, from Mundane Society by exacting means. He bears no love for the "outside world" away from "magical society" blaming it for all of the ills and wrongs of his childhood and much else, and is not shy about his belief that "magical society" must keep the Mundanes at bay however necessary.

Personal Vis Source

Given his particular gifts as a Seer/Oracle, Diviner, and Sympathetic/Ceremonial/Ritual magic practitioner, Vorsutus acquires a steady flow of extra vis both from discoveries made through his divinatory/oracular abilities and from customers who purchase his aid or knowledge.

By all means I'm interested in thoughts and critique or suggestions. I'd certainly welcome ideas for improving things if you see one. And if you have any concerns about things I'm interested in discussing those with you as well.


Int: +2 (3)
Per: +2 (3)

Str: 0 (0)
Sta: 0 (0)

Prs: 0 (0)
Com: +1 (1)

Dex: 0 (0)
Qik: 0 (0)

Early Childhood

Native Language: (West) Norse: 5 (75xp)(Free)

Awareness: 2 (15xp)
Brawl: 1 (5xp)
Folk Ken: 2 (15xp)
Guile: 1 (5xp)
Stealth: 1 (5xp)

Vorsutus was born to the norse name Eadric, Snorison, in the port city of Wexford. His father was a skilled shipwright and Ostman of means. His mother likewise came from a good Ostman family. He seemed primed for a life of similar prosperity until his birth. His Blatant Gift so alienated him from his father that it drove the man to drink. Some time later the man died in an accident on the docks, perhaps related to the drink yet who could say for certain? This changed the fortunes of his life dramatically. His mother had difficulty remarrying with the presence of a child that so discomforted anyone and everyone in their presence. He grew up barely tolerated, frequently beaten, fighting other children in the streets, and growing wise all too soon to the ways of people and the threats they could represent. Even as a young child the aura of his Blatant Gift and the unsettling nature of the knowledge his visions gave him drove a firm wedge between him and even his closest kin.

Additional Years: 6: 90xp

Premonitions: 3 (F+25xp)
Gaelic: 3 (30xp)
English: 3 (30xp)
Hibernia Tribunal Lore: 1 (5xp)

Young Eadric was eventually turned out into the streets by his mother, desperate to find a new husband and to forget the incredibly fey and otherworldy child she believed had driven her first husband to his death. Eadric put up no resistance and did not seem surprised. He had foreseen these events, there was no path ahead he could see that would cause her to change her mind, and he was already confident that eventually this was the path that lead him to a better life. He became a young orphan vagrant on the streets guided by the feral instinct of his Gift. He became a keen observer of people even more than before, watching for the proper moment to swipe a loaf of bread. And learning the bakers that would give him the leavings from the day as long as no one was looking. The port city also contained many people from England and the inner lands of Ireland alike. And they came speaking their own languages providing a constant exposure that rubbed off on Eadric as natural as breathing.

His Prescience became ever stronger and he learned to walk through the optimal moments in time as he foresaw them ever more. Several times over his years on the streets strange and otherworldly people came to Wexford and wandered the the streets and alleyways. Looking for him, he knew beyond doubt. Yet he knew, in the core of his being, that somehow going to them would be wrong. He foresaw easily all of their efforts to find and capture him and evaded them.

All save the last. This man acted differently. He came by ship and disembarking he and his guards, for he had several, set up outside an inn with streetside tables. There the man sat patiently to read. And yet his face, indeed every detail of the scene before him matched Eadric's visions. He knew that this man was his destiny in a way none of the others had been. This was his path forward through time to the better life he had been waiting for.

Eadric approached in the dimming light of the day and the man was unsurprised. Indeed he seemed to very much expect his arrival. "I've been waiting for you. It is alright. You will come with me and we shall come to know one another well." he said, though his tone was friendly.

A friendly tone, warmer and more open and unguarded than any voice Eadric could ever remember hearing speak. At least when speaking to him. He approached the older man and stood before the small table. The old man closed his book as Eadric briefly rubbed a grubby bare foot against the loose rags of his pants.

Then both spoke together, their words perfectly overlaying one another. "I have seen it."

Apprenticeship: 240xp

Latin: 4 (50xp)
Italian: 1 (5xp)(+3xp)

Artes Liberales: 3 (30xp)
Philosophae: 1 (5xp)

Profession: Scribe: 1 (5xp)
Code of Hermes: 1 (5xp)
Order of Hermes Lore: 1 (5xp)

Magic Theory: 3 (30xp)
Parma Magica: 1 (5xp)
Concentration: 1 (5xp)
Penetration: 1 (5xp)

Intellego: 5 (15xp)
Rego: 8 (36xp)
Vim: 8 (36xp)

Eadric and his new Master, who introduced himself as Chaldeaus, soon departed Wexford by ship. Nearly all his life Eadric had watched the ships come and go from the port of Wexford. Watched them bring and take people and goods in a constant flow. And somehow the idea that he would ever be on one of them had never been in his consideration. He came to understand that his life with Chaldeaus would be completely different from what came before.

On the way his lessons began almost immediately, in Latin. And in manners befitting an Apprentice instead of a street urchin. Slowly these things started to be hammered into some semblance of early form and with that the realization of how much he would be needing to learn. The guardsmen as well were strange and their speech unfamiliar. They seemed as unsettled by Eadric as anyone else but to keep that feeling under close control. Chaldeaus explained they were all from Italy and had traveled far to follow the vision that had led them to Eadric. All this soaked into his mind with a sense of wonder. He was going to Italy?

The quick mind of the boy was eager ever to take in more. He devoured the instruction. Indeed the lack of trust in their Master than many Apprentices struggle with in the beginning not present at all. Both Eadric and Chaldeaus had foreseen their meeting and the forming of their bond. And further that it would be of strong character and benefit for the both of them. Both placed such faith in that vision and its fulfillment that Master and Apprentice bonded readily to one another.

The ship brought them to England landing in Northern Wales. From there the small party of Magus, Apprentice, and Guardsmen made their way to Cad Gadu. The mysteries of the Domus Magnus and its Regio were seemingly well known to Chaldeaus. And he seemed there to find much respect and amity though they traveled quickly. Still there, for the first time, Eadric saw the wonders of unbridled magic and the raw power of Magi on display. It was a place of wonder secreted away inside an otherworldly Regio. It was also there he encountered for the first time other people besides Chaldeaus that reacted to him with kindness and even indulgence. Cad Gadu remains a place he remembers fondly.

There using the Mercere Portal of the Domus Magnus the small party traveled rapidly to Harco, encountering yet more wonders, before departing overland and in a matter of just a few days arrived in the chief homestead of Rellantali. Venice. A completely different and yet recognizable world from that which Eadric left behind. A land of different customs, different language, and different appearances. A much larger and more cosmopolitan city full of people, wealth, and commerce. And yet still ultimately a port city with strong similarities between it and the port city of his birth.

It required far more to grow accustomed to the wealth of Rellantali and the comfortable abundance and security which accompanied it. The former street urchin had much to adjust to and yet much of it was done in quick order with the immediate deep connection between Eadric and Chaldeaus. The two seemed of one mind on almost everything during the early days. The unity of their respective visions was unsettling even to some of the other Magi of Rellantali. Yet their Sodale had brought home an Apprentice, one so obviously suited to him, and ultimately what was there to complain about?

Years passed in exacting and demanding tutelage and the boy developed into a young man with a manner and bearing much like his Master. Some whispered as the years passed that Chaldeaus had somehow spawned a bastard on the other end of the world and then gone there to bring him back as an Apprentice years later. If anything this talk amused both Master and Apprentice both.

As he grew older, better trained, and gained the language of his environment Eadric slowly started to be included in various activities of the Covenant in Venice. And thus Eadric was exposed for the first time to crime beyond stealing bread to avoid going hungry for the night. At first the young man had reservations about the now revealed way in which Rellantali maintained their wealth, privilege, and power. His visions had warned him that the affairs of the Covenant were not always pleasant or straightforward. Yet as he came to understand the extent to which that was true he realized that the people of Venice were treated as little more than prey. Prey which, due to the precarious position of Rellantali in the Tribunal, must not be allowed to realize their state. And so Rellantali was ruthless. And in fulfilling their demands of him Eadric was forced to be ruthless as well. He took no pleasure even as he grew into understanding the necessity of their position. His Blatant Gift restricted the degree to which he went out among the people to do the work of the Covenant. Yet his growing facility with sympathetic magic was easily put to use and the severity of the impact of his Gift was in some ways useful when say intimidation was called for.

As the years continued Eadric, as a more senior Apprentice, was expected to somewhat regularly participate in and help facilitate the criminal enterprises of Rellantali in Venice. He came to be fluent in Italian and able to handle these matters directly with the retainers and associates of the criminal network maintained by the Covenant when called upon. This also caused him to occasionally meet with people in affluent positions, sometimes even Nobles, who had matters with Rellantali what required more than a retainer or Custos and yet did not necessarily warrant a Magus. And in this he excelled as much as any young Gifted could becoming adept at reading those who would deceive and managing such affairs and schemes as he was entrusted with. Blackmail, smuggling, extortion, bribery in the right hands ... he grew increasingly comfortable with the way the illicit true power structures and influence networks of the city functioned. And how so very many of them were under the boot of Rellantali. The handicap of his Blatant Gift in dealing with the powerful was offset by his ability to interact with his allies from afar among a collection of other similar tactics. Some of the criminal retainers of the Covenant had become accustomed to him over time and these became his closer allies and agents.

Increasingly Eadric came to embrace the power wielded by Rellantali and the ascendance they maintain for themselves in Venice. He exerted that influence on his own behalf, unbeknownst to the full Magi of the Covenant, to become a known and accepted if mysterious and ominous presence in the upper tier gambling halls and gentlemen's clubs favored by the wealthiest and most noble of patrons in the city. His reputation in Venice became so scandalous and sensational that Chaldeaus called him to task over it in no uncertain terms. How could Rellantali escape notice from the mundanes, much less the other Covenants of Rome, if he made a spectacle of himself in public iniquity with noble sons and the bewitching and bedding of noble daughters? Chaldeaus demanded that he must learn the hard lesson that Magi must live in the shadows. His Master was always cautious and even fearful. Always hesitant and giving way before true resistance to approach a situation from another angle entirely. Rellantali survived, he insisted, because it enforced the secrecy and discretion of hiding their power and affluence away from the mundane world. Doing otherwise was to court disaster. Especially in Rome.

Chaldeaus displayed power that Eadric had not known that he possessed, so infrequently and discreetly was it exercised, in wiping all traces of his Apprentice's misdeeds from the city. His scandalous reputation, his young noble acquaintances and conquests, all gone. The entire fabric of the city rewoven around his absence outside the criminal networks of Rellantali that he would still need to work with. With one awesome ritual his Master could reweave the minds of the populace.

And yet the man feared them?

All throughout his Apprenticeship yet especially during the later years Chaldeaus built up and emphasized the importance of the Pagan Deities to the practice of magic. Especially the deep mysteries of divination that were the specialty of their magical lineage. One could not fail to recognize the Gods in the great cycles of creation. Their Astrological significance was undeniable. This cosmic truth, Chaldeaus taught, permeated all of reality. The Gods are the foundation and font of magic and to deny them is akin to denying The Gift itself. This Eadric absorbed deeply.

When in the fullness of time the young Magus, now visibly coming into his own as a young man of capability, was nearing the end of his Apprenticeship the usual tension between a Master and Apprentice before the Gauntlet was not to be seen. Instead both became somewhat distant from one another. They both knew what was to come, even more so with the intensity of their respective Gifts and prescience. Silently they both prepared while giving one another knowing and resigned looks.

Until one day Eadric and Chaldeaus walked in haste to meet one another, as if both at an appointed hour, in the courtyard of the great townhouse of Rellantali in Venice. There they paused and not looking at one another instead both observed their environment. The angle of the sunlight. The dew on the leaves in the garden. A bird passing by overhead. And then, both seeming satisfied that some mystically appointed hour had arrived, they turned to one another.

"It is time." said Eadric, his voice determined. Chaldeaus responded. "Yes, my boy. Your test begins today." he says, a slight grimace passing over his features. "In the city I have created three very different agents that will seek your death. They are simple mundanes yet do not doubt they could do you harm. I have selected and prepared them with care in order to provide an adequate test of your abilities. Each bears a small token which I have given them. It will not be a token that you know, but one they have received from me. You must find them and retrieve the tokens. Survive and bring all three tokens to me, without leaving the city, and you shall have passed." he says. For a moment his Master hesitated, then reached out and placed an old hand on his shoulder. "Have care and do not fail me my boy."

Three days later Eadric returned to the townhouse bedraggled, dirty, and bearing two visible wounds. Yet the wounds were already bound and the young man, eyes full of pride and determination, challengingly presented three tokens when Chaldeaus came to inspect him. The wicked grin and glee of the devious old man brought a smile reaching from ear to ear of new Magus. Pater and Filus laughed together.

Apprenticeship Spells

Divine The Origin Of The Body - InCo 10

InCo 10
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind.

Provides the information necessary to conduct a natal horoscope on the target.
(Base 5, +1 Touch)
Spell Mastery: 1 (F)(Penetration)

Divine The Origin Of The Beast - InAn 10

InAn 10
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind

Provides the information necessary to conduct a natal horoscope on the target.
(Base 5, +1 Touch)
Spell Mastery: 1 (F)(Penetration)

Opening The Intangible Tunnel - ReVi 10

ReVi 10
R: Arc, D: Conc, T: Ind

As ArM5 pg 162.
(Gen: +4 Arc, +1 Concentration)
Spell Mastery: 1 (F)(Adaptive Mastery)

Forge The Connection - ReVi 5

ReVi 5
R: Sight, D: Conc, T: Ind.

As Opening The Intangible Tunnel, ArM5 pg 162, reduced to Sight range. May transmit effects of up to level +1 magnitude.
(Gen: +3 Sight, +1 Concentration)
Spell Mastery: 1 (F)(Adaptive Mastery)

Break the Shield - PeVi 10

PeVi 10
R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Ind

As Hermetic Projects pg 85. Dispels Parma Magica of (25 + die)/5.
(Gen: +1 Touch)
Spell Mastery: 1 (F)(Adaptive Mastery)

Solar Alignment Of Forces - ReVi 15

ReVi 15
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind

As Maintain The Demanding Spell, ArM5 pg 162, adjusted to Sun duration. Sustains an effect up to level -5.
(Gen: +1 Touch, +2 Sun)
Spell Mastery: 1 (F)(?)

Lunar Alignment Of Forces - ReVi 20

ReVi 20
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind

As Maintain The Demanding Spell, ArM5 pg 162, adjusted to Moon duration. Sustains an effect up to level -10.
(Gen: +1 Touch, +3 Moon)
Spell Mastery: 1 (F)(?)

The Waiting Spell - ReVi 10

ReVi 10
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind

As Watching Ward, ArM5 pg 162, reduced to Sun duration. May contain effects of up to level +2 magnitudes
(Gen: +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

The Phantom Gift (Mod.) - CrVi 10

CrVi 10
R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind

As The Phantom Gift, ArM5 pg 157, reduced to Touch and Concentration. Amplified to produce the effects of the Blatant Gift.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +1 Amplified Effects)
Spell Mastery: 1 (F)(Penetration)

Maintenance of Sustained Slumber - ReMe 10

ReMe 10
R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind

Maintains the target in a state of sleep for the duration.
(Base: 4, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration)
Spell Mastery: 1 (F)(Penetration)

Enforced Hibernation - ReAn 10

ReAn 10
R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind

As Call To Slumber ArM5 pg 151, using Animal guidelines pg 120. Reduced to Touch range, increased to Concentration duration. Target is maintained in a state of sleep for the duration.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration)
Spell Mastery: 1 (F)(Penetration)

Regarding Infamous, for it to be an actual flaw the bad reputation needs to be applicable during the saga. There is no such thing as a general "mundane society" where the reputation could spread from Rellantali to Laimunt Valley.

Of course, there is nothing that prevents you from transforming the flaw into something different during the pre-saga years od advancement.

Just thinking. Someone infamous for war crimes during the crusades who flees to France won't see the reputation following. It is changed into a Dark Secret.

Now, Dark Secret isn't appropriate in this case because Vorsutus won't be trying to hide his past or change his actions, and doesn't even recognize them as shameful. But maybe, Hatred (of mundanes) is proper? If he leaves this hatred go on unchecked it will surely lead to the bad reputation merited by Infamous.

Another option could be Judged Unfairly. This could also, in due time, merit the reputation (even undeservedly). And it's not necessarily incompatible with his Hermetic Prestige, IMO.

But I must confess I still have trouble seeing how being infamous between mundanes will pose any trouble to Vorsutus (or any trouble that him being a mage with Blatant Gift isn't already going to cause).

I wouldn't mind converting it to a minor Hatred of Mundanes. It would reinforce this aspect of the character without being overridingly powerful if you will.

Hatred: Mundane Society (1)

Don't think either is more or less powerful. They express different things about the character and have different implications from a narrative standpoint.

I was speaking of a Minor vs a Major Hatred. I think a minor it is reasonable to think could be suppressed if there is a good reason / plan / second motivation involved for example. But a Major should be much more difficult to do that with.

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Oh, my bad. I misunderstood. I also think minor makes more sense.

Well, I have no comments for Vorsutus development so far, except that I am curious about where this is going. =]

Humm... maybe a minor clarification of intent. To what exactly your focus applies, besides Intangible Tunnel? Would it be anything under the General guideline of Rego Vim except for warding?

Only Tunnels (Conduits), Containers, and Sustainment.

So under Rego Vim in the core rules guidelines it doesn't apply to Warding, Suppression, or Moving Vis. It also wouldn't apply to controlling or summoning spirits with ReVi spirit magic.

I'm enjoying him so far, though I think my narrative in his apprenticeship already has him being a little more powerful/skilled than my xp could actually justify.

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Edit: Adjusting xp values.

Year 1, Spring

Eadric at first remained in Rellantali after his Gauntlet was complete, like most newly minted Magi. The relationship between he and Chaldeaus was still good and strong, and Eadric spent the Spring studying the divinatory lore of his tradition in the works collected by Chaldeaus while discussing options for his future. He would have to engage with the broader world outside of Rellantali, which they strive so often to keep separate, in order to make connections and eventually find a permanent home.

Chaldeaus made no rush on the matter however. Both he and Eadric were confident the proper path forward would reveal itself and in the interim the best course was the prepare for the future.

(Study Divination Summa + 15xp Divination)

Year 1, Summer

Eadric attended a gathering for the presentation of apprentices in the Roman Tribunal with Chaldeaus. There he was presented with the wooden scepter that would become his voting sigil. And declared his new name to be Vorsutus. There in the gathering Vorsutus found himself hardly alone in asking questions about possible Covenant openings or arrangements. And in Rome such things can be hard to find. The scarce resources of the Tribunal leave many Covenants unwilling to split their yield into one more share. Unable to discover any suitable arrangments or path forward Vorsutus returned to Rellantalli and continued his studies as before.

(Study Divination Summa + 15xp Divination)

Year 1, Autumn

Vorsutus continued his studies while starting to write letters to likely Covenants throughout Rome again seeking suitable arrangements or a new permanent home. This was again not to be found. He did however befriend some younger Magi his own age as well as make contact with some older members of the Cult of Mercury that offered to compensate him for investigating the violation of one of the Cults sacred groves. As Autumn came to an end he departed with a couple of grogs as bodyguards from Rellantali to take up the contract. Small idea he had at the time that it was the first step of his path to a life filled with such contracts.

(Study Divination Summa + 15xp Divination)

Year 1, Winter

Vorsutus arrives at the Sacred Grove and is cordially received by the Cult, several members of which are already familiar to him. There it appears that the mystical fruits of the Grove were being plundered by forces unknown. Initial investigations having failed one of Vorsutus lineage was called upon to investigate while keeping the matter discretely within the Cult.

Beginning by gathering a variety of arcane connections from the trees and environment from which the fruit was stolen, Vorsutus retired to a nearby lectory in the Grove compound in order to perform his calculations. Hours later he emerged, sheaves of parchment scrawled over with his astrological minutia, to make his report. The nefarious thieves were mystical birds. Great birds able to fly through the boundaries of the regio and out again. How this was possible was unclear yet it clearly elevated the matter in the eyes of the Cult elders. And more than satisfied them with his work.

And yet the origin of the birds remained a mystery.

He was able to gather information about what had happened from the Grove and Trees themselves, yet had been unable to defeat the mystical resistance of the Birds themselves. The failure sat ill with him though the Cult elders waved it aside. He was young, they said, and such things take time.

Vorsutus departed back to Rellantali after completing this brief contract with a sense of accomplishment, and a payment that was well earned and well needed for an otherwise wealthless young Magus.

(Adventure: +8xp (+5xp Cult of Mercury Lore, +3xp Intrigue) + ?Reward?)

Wait. Summa/Adventure + Exposure?

For values, check the Post Gauntlet Guidelines. The link is in my last post in the Character Creation Discussion thread.

I would normally expect so, if there is something relevant to be exposed to?

The values provided are all for Arts.

Are there similar values already stated for Ability scale books?

About exposure, you can only get it in a season where you don't benefit from other forms of advancement. Corebook p.163.

A character may only gain experience from one type of advancement in one season. In particular, a character may gain experience from exposure in all and only those seasons in which she does not gain experience points from any other form of advancement.

I meant the values for total experience for the year.You can just eyeball the summa quality, as long as it seems reasonable (there are a few ability summae in the books, you can also use their stats and just change the subject). It's also ok to have a low year on the xp side (because you spent 2 seasons in the lab for example) and then the next year be stronger because you got access to a good summa.

For the divination summa, I think it's up to you. Depends on how deep and strong is the Ex Misc tradition.

Interesting. Somehow that quote has escaped me for a long time. Probably glossing over the beginning of that section to get to the sub-parts over and over. I will take that out, certainly.

Re: Summa: I think I'll use the magic theory summa in the library as a baseline for an ability book presuming he can get a decent source L5Q15.

I see a lot of custom-designed spells as part of this magus' initial make-up. I usually ask players to keep their magus' initial roster of spells as standard spells from the ArM5 core book.

Now, I understand that this concept is outside the usual and that he's an Ex Misc. However, the character is hyper-specialized and not surviveable in a regular story. He has little in the way of offensive spells, and no defensive spell at all.

I don't much like Break the Shield. Note that even if the troupe decides to allow this spell in the saga (it is from Hermetic Projects, which is quite some distance from core), knowing this spell would put your magus (and all his lineage, really) under some suspicion from the Quaesitores -- particularly since he's a divination specialist -- as one who is inclined to scry upon other magi.

Just food for thought. :wink:

I don't think that guidance (core spells) was provided before, if so I missed it.

I would point out that the vast majority of these are by design level 10 spells, so they are not hard designs for a young mage to pull off on their own or be instructed in either one over the course of apprenticeship.

I'm certainly planning on trying to fill out his spells a bit in post gauntlet, but I haven't completely gotten to figuring out what I'll be able to fit in there yet.

The concept I'm going for is that specialist in sympathetic/ceremonial magic rather than a "stand-up" caster if you will. Not that I don't want him to have some capabilities there but I was trying to cover the core concept first. Someone who can actually take an Arcane Connection and do interesting things with if you will.

Most commonly people can't really "do" anything with an AC other than use it for greater Penetration, with most builds. Though a lot is really possible. And that always kind of annoys/frustrates me. The basic aim of this build is to be someone who is capable in that area of magic as their core competency, and then other things are secondary (but not ignored).

So he can do divination (which can use ACs) and he can do Tunnels, which obviously also can use ACs, and has most of his spells designed to interact with those sorts of things and augment it.

I'd like to see him upgrade with more spells to be better rounded as I said, Post Gauntlet. But also ... it is easier to learn more conventional spells later if you will. Getting Pilum lab and mastery texts isn't that hard!

Well I will grant that Break The Shield is something expressly for use against Hermetics with Parma, and this isn't something that makes people feel comfortable per se. It is again a level 10 design, but the point still stands as to whether it would draw attention (if people knew) and what kind.

Part of the intent of the concept is that he is very pro-Order and Latin/Mercurian etc. And that this is known to the extent that it gets him positive attention and people come to him for help, including Q's. Essentially instead of an "Intangible Assassin" an "Intangible Hoplite" as it were. This is a big part of why I included Hermetic Prestige in the build. So that this aspect of the character would already be established.

This possibility is also addressed in Hermetic Projects such as the Officer of the Tribunal description in the panel on pg 90.

Officer of the Tribunal
The character is charged by the
Tribunal with eliminating magi who
have been Marched, and the character
may be invited to join the ranks of the
Quaesitors as a recognition of his role.
There is considerable potential power
in this role, as by choosing how enthusiastically
he prosecutes a March,
the magus can allow a Marched magus
time to flee. The assassin magus could
even conspire with a Marched magus to
fake the death of the Hermetic outlaw.
Of course, the assassin magus will need
to be very careful and very confident,
as abusing the trust of the Tribunal in
this way is itself a Marchable offense.
However, the magus’ political alliances,
Mystery Cult allegiances, or whatever
the Marched magi pay could make the
risk worthwhile.

I was thinking this would make for an interesting angle for cooperative play with an in-covenant Q like Regulus. Not to take his role or anything, but to be a serious if unusual type of Hoplite character that would tag team with him.

And by all means I'd rather hear what people think now rather than have unresolved things pop up later!

If at the end of the day the concept isn't well received by the group I can deal with that and come up with something else.

Not a strict guidance, but a strong preference for me. There are several guidelines in various books that are not well understood, or which do things that can easily be abused, that I prefer players to start for standard spells as much as possible.

The other element regarding spell selection is that most masters will teach their apprentice things that they know, not let their apprentice learn them on their own -- using lab text or not. So usually the initial roster of spells is basically what the master thought the apprentice needed to know to be a functionnal magus. The master has some real-life experience of what is useful and what isn't, so he is more likely things that are immediately useful out of the Gauntlet. Or even before, to ensure that the apprentice can do useful things for the master. Remember, an apprentice's time isn't his own, it belongs to the master. In the seasons he isn't getting taught, the master will assign him tasks -- in your magus' case I would expect he spent quite a bit of time fixing arcane connections for his master.

As a SG, I also don't like to see a magus that leaves me scratching my head, wondering what kind of story I can create that won't run the risk of killing the magus. A magus whose spells are focused on a fairly theorical idea and has no defensive spell at all leaves me scratching my head. Do you expect to send grogs out to collect arcane connections, while your magus stays at the covenant and designs horoscopes? Your magus hates mundanes, but all he'll do to them is put them to sleep? That seems mild. :wink:

Also, what can he do to be useful for a covenant he'd like to join or visit, as he finishes his Gauntlet?

I could easily see this if your magus' tradition had a good relationship with House Guernicus. This wouldn't really be about your magus as an individual, because when he passes his Gauntlet he is still a non-entity. Is that the case? Is your Ex Misc tradition in good terms with House Quaesitor?

Consider that your master was a member of Rellantali, which wasn't exactly recognized (at least in the 3rd edition Tribunal book) as a covenant with a stellar reputation.

Essentially, one has to build a reputation for thrustworthiness before he can be be considered an Officer of the Tribunal. Learning such a spell as Break the Shield before one has that reputation would probably make House Guernicus suspicious about one's motives. In your case that would be your magus' master, not your magus himself. And I think that if your magus' master has built that reputation, he would also be careful about what spells he teaches his apprentice, since he would know that his apprentice would need to prove himself to House Guernicus and the Tribunal before he is allowed to learn such a spell. Which he cannot do until he becomes a full magus, of course.

Again, these are just thoughts, to help you think about your character's build out-of-Gauntlet. It isn't a prohibition from having the spell (or any other). It may simply entail some inferences that are quite different than you expect.