Character Creation Guidelines

This process should be followed for each new character that a player would like to develop, including additional Companions or Grogs.

Please provide explicit notes for point/experience allocation for each step, along with any necessary explanations, background, or other relevant details. Point allocation should be as realistic and "well rounded" as possible to reflect the life stage in question.

1: Declare concept, discuss generally with the Troupe, & (ideally) receive approval to build the character. Approval will result in the creation of an individual character creation thread to provide discrete space to work on the character. This discussion and vetting process should happen here: Character Creation: General Discussion

2: Provide Virtue, Flaw, & Attribute Build

  • Include a description, rationale/interpretation, & justification for any Virtue/Flaw that requires (or would even just benefit) from it, preferably of paragraph length.
  • For a Mage, declare House Affiliation & select House Virtue.

3: Allocate experience for Early Childhood & provide at least a paragraph describing the origin and background of the character during this phase of life.

4: Declare number of additional Later Life years.

  • For a Mage, declare number of additional Later Life years prior to Apprenticeship.
  • Include a description of at least a paragraph in length per five years or fraction thereof of time in character background for this time.

5: (For Mages) Allocate Apprenticeship experience & spell levels.

  • Include a description of at least three paragraphs in length in character background regarding this time.
  • Arts may be assigned values above 10 in this period, and arcane abilities like Finesse or Magic Theory may not go above 4 (not counting Puissant). Parma Magica, as the last thing a mage learns, may not be higher than 1 at character creation.

6: Final Details

  • Determine Personality Traits as on ArM5 pg 33.
    -- You may have more than three Personality Traits if desired however try to keep them only to things that are core elements of the personality of the character.
  • Determine Reputations, if any, as per ArM5 pg 33.
  • Determine Confidence, Points & Score, as per ArM5 pg 33. If you have a virtue that affects Confidence remember to apply it.
  • Determine Equipment, as per ArM5 pg 33
    -- (Magi & Companions) Magi have means to garner mundane wealth rather easily, and frequently share said wealth with their Companions. Characters of either tier may have nearly any personal (man-portable) mundane equipment desired. Items of exceptional quality/craftsmanship (resulting in bonuses) should be especially requested and adjudicated.
    -- (Grogs) The equipment of Grogs should be more modest. Exceptional equipment granting bonuses is usually but not always inappropriate.

Recommended minimum starting Abilities for a Magi:

Area Lore (Apprenticeship Tribunal) 1
Artes Liberales 1
Code of Hermes 1
Concentration 1
Finesse 1
Latin 4
Magic Theory 3
Order of Hermes Lore 1
Parma Magica 1
Penetration 1
Philosophiae 1
Profession: Scribe 1

This is not a mandatory list however bear in mind that meta-gaming and presuming a more general knowledge of, for instance, the Code of Hermes or the Order itself without possessing the relevant Ability for the character to be well educated on these topics will not be allowed. Purchase the Abilities that reflect the knowledge you want your character to have.

Ability Rating Relative Values

1: Apprentice
3: Journeyman
5: Professional
7: Master
9: Grand Master

Art Rating Relative Values

5: Apprentice
10: Journeyman
15: Professional
20: Master
25: Grand Master