Character creation : Hildegarde Flambonis

Hildegarde Flambonis at arrival at Triamore

Voting sigil : An Hourglass made of a polished petrified wood frame and a glass tank (?) containing seeds.
Casting sigil : eyes project green glimmering dust like ephemeral particles sideways (see pic : )

Traits : Temperate +3; Determined +2; cooperative +2

int 2 (synthetic)
perc 1 (trained)
str 0
sta 1 (energetic)
pre 0
com 0+1 (Faery blood)
dex -1 (too reliant on rego magic)
quick 2 (Fast processing)

Puissant Finesse (Hermetic free)
Flawless magic (Major Hermetic)
Minor magical focus : controlling living plants (Hermetic Minor)
Fairy blood :nymph +1 com (supernatural minor)
Affinity with Rego (Hermetic Minor)
Affinity with herbam (Hermetic Minor)
Deft Form : Herbam (Hermetic Minor)
Skilled Parens (Hermetic minor)
Fast caster (Hermetic minor)

Hatred : every faery sexual predator like her mother (perso major)
Continence ( perso minor) seems to make sense from above
Supernatural nuisance : Faery enmity (story major)
Weak magic resistance :In divine aura (hermetic major)

childhood : (45 +free living language)
French 5 (nature terminology) free
awareness 3(spells)
Charm 1(first impression)
Folk keen 1(mage)
Guile 1 (fast talk)

Later life (75xp)
Carouse 1 (drinking song)
Lore : Order of Hermes 1 (personalities)
Swim 1 (not drowning) 1
Survival 1 (Forest)
Etiquette 2 (Mage)
Charm 1-->2 (First Impression)
Athletics 1 (running) +5 xp
Brawl 1(Evasion)
Folk Keen 1--> 2(mage)
Fairy Lore (Faeries forests) 1 +5xp
Stealth 1 (Night)

Gauntlet : 300

Magic theory 4 (inventing spells) +6 xp
Latin 4 (hermetic)(50xp)
Artes liberales 1 (astrology) (5xp)
Finesse 2+2 (aiming spell) (15xp)
Parma magica 2 (mentem)
Code of Hermes 1(relation to fairy) (5xp)
Scribe 1 (Precision) (5xp)
Mastery of Invisible sling of Vilano 2 (5xp)
Mastery of all other spells 1 (0xp)
Penetration 1 (Herbam) (5xp)
concentration 1 (spells)
Triamore Library Lore 1 (high quality)

Arts 150 :
Re 12 +4 xp towards 13 (37xp)
Cr 6
Mu 4 (10xp)
Pe 5 (15xp)
Co 5
He 13 +1 xp
Te 7 +1xp
Ig 5(15xp)

Spells : 150 lvl
Freeing the Striding Tree ReHe 30 (multicast) CT : 39 +2 pen
Twist the living tree ReHe 25(Imperturbable casting) CT : 39 +2pen
The great Rot PeHe25 (multiple casting) CT : 19 +2pen
Invisible sling of Vilano ReTe 10 (fast cast ;multicast) CT 21 + 1pen
Wizard's Leap ReCo 15 (precise casting) CT : 19 + 1 pen
Trap the entwining vines CrHe 15 (fast cast) CT : 21 + 2pen
Thaumaturgical Transformation of plant to Iron MuHe(Te) 20 (multicast) CT : 17 + 2 pen
Wizard's sidestep ReIm 10 (Quiet casting) CT : 14 +1pen
Awaken the Slumbering Corpse ReCo 25 (Imperturbable casting) CT : 19 +1 pen

equipment :
-Dagger with walnut handle.
-Heavy traveling cloak.
-Bag containing a good variety of seeds (including acorn, ash "helicopter seeds", vines seed, Bramble seeds and various other plants with thorns including rose, and some poisonous plant seeds like Yew, oleander, Hemlock and Belladonna)
-my voting sigil (Hourglass)
-Ink, quill, a wax tablet with a few styli, beewax to "erase".
-a few "sharpened" flint stones used for sling of vilano

4 pawns of virtus vim from 1st season after gauntlet

added :

  • Story xp: Herbam 3xp-->5 from affinity and Fairy lore 5 xp rego 2-->3
  • Season 1: Install lab. Magic Theory +2
  • Season 2: Install lab. Magic Theory +2
  • Season 3: Read "Guide to Apples” by Horse ex Bjornaer (Herbam tractatus, Q17, Latin), for 26xp in Herbam and 1xp in Triamore Library Lore 1d10=5
  • Season 4: Read “Suppressing the Wizard’s Handiwork” by Malin ex Bonisagus. Triamore Library Lore +1, Rego +15 -> +23 1d10 → [9] = (9)
  • Season 5: Read “Parma for Dummies” for 10 xp in Parma Magica and 1xp in Triamore Library Lore 1d10=3
  • Season 6: looking for a high quality tractatus on Terram in Latin or French (difficulty : 11+3=14) from hermetic subject i'm asking Isabel 1d10+10=13 +1 speciality -1 difficulty from 2 languages : succed Triamore Library Lore +1, Terram +14
  • Season 7: Asking isabel for Animus's new found summa L5Q15 on Corpus or a similar in french (diff 14) 1d10+10=14 Triamore Library Lore +1, Corpus +15
  • Season 8: Learning ReCo spell lvl 25 Awaken the Slumbering Corpse (lab total int 2+aura 2+magic theory 4+ rego 12+ corpus 5 =25) +2xp exposure magic theory +5xp into mastery of the spell from Flawless magic.

She was born from a Nymph of the forest and a young, a bit too lecherous young traveling merchant called Richard. She left soon after only to reappear with a new born baby she abandoned in my father's cart. He immediately recognized the faery features from my mother : She had green dots on the cheeks and the shoulders and the few hairs She already possessed had dark green glints. He tried his best to take responsibility for his behavior and paid a woman who lost her baby to breast-feed her. He raised her alone, It was difficult to meat someone willing to marry a single man with a child, specially with this kind of child... Richard talked very few about Marie,'s mother (That's How she was called at the time) because he felt ashamed for being tricked by a simple glass of faery wine and to the unnatural sexual attraction he felt for my mother.

He raised her until She was 7, that's when She began to have accidents linked to her untamed gift, and she had the chance to cross the road of Indulius follower of Flambeau (Fengheld) as he was restocking at my father's Shop during a stalk with His friend Günther Lupus from House Bjornaer. She was playing with great excitation, holding a simple acorn between Her hands. It was spinning as well as slowly sprouting without really touching Her palm, a dribble of green dust falling slowly from her eyes.

Indulius follower of Flambeau stole the child from my father during the night, leaving a purse with a few golden coins and a note saying she won't be hurt and he will make sure Her "Difference" won't be a problem anymore for Her nor for Him. He Intended to sell Her to a Merenita at first but She was showing Hostility to Faeries rather than interest. At the same time She was quite Proud of Her attunement with Herbam. Indulius was a known Hoplite, He was already suffering the Friendly taunts of Her Fellow Flambeau because of His Bjornaer partner so He decided that keeping the apprentice for Him wouldn't really change their behavior much. She was an easy student, although she didn't show any gifts in Ignem, which was expected with such an attunement to Herbam, She had a good Grasp at formulaic magic, she wasn't very fast to understand, but once her master taught her a spell she appeared to understand beyond what was told and mastered It rapidly after a few try.

She was also quite precise with Her magic and very potent with aimed spell, despite being Terram, Invisible sling of Vilano quickly became on of Her favorite spells and She trained to use 2 rocks at a time with no sweat. Knowing the weakness of the herbam form against fire, Her master taught her Thaumaturgical Transformation of plant to Iron to partially offset this and a few utility spell every Youg Flambeau should know : Something for defense : Wizard's Sidestep, something to reposition on the battlefield (he didn't really liked the Idea of teaching an escape spell) with wizard's Leap and something to immobilize his opponent with trap of entwining vines. The rest of the spells were chosen by Her.

In the Last years of Her training she sometimes accompany Her master in travel to friendly covenant, They seemed to encounter tricky fairy way to often for my master's taste, She seemed to attract them against my will. She met Eduardo Rana on this occasion. I was eager to compare each other's training, because my master was from the founder's tradition and Eduardo was from Apromor tradition from which I had no experience. He seemed to be also interested to see Vilano's school in action so It was an interesting experience for both of us.

Her gauntlet wasn't really extraordinary, Indulius felt that with Her specialty in Herbam and her faery nature She will suffer prejudice without any doubt from some of the member of her House, so He felt the best way to introduce Her was to make Her gauntlet public so that as many senior Flambeau as possible could see She can be efficient in battle and earn some well deserved respect. So He sent her to participate in an organized Hunt during a local House tournament, She did quite well showing resolve, ability to team work and good use of Her spell arsenal.

She took the name HIldegarde meaning "strong in battle" after her gauntlet as a reminder to those underestimating Her that she was an authentic Flambeau maga ready for battle anytime.
She realized only after Her Gauntlet when she was taught Parma magica that Divine Aura seemed to disrupt It, She doesn't really know why, but she kept It secret to everyone except her Master, He believes this is

Looks good, though your backstory jumps pronouns repeatedly, this a guy or a girl?

Well I might be unclear, It's a woman but the masculine pronoun is either for her father or her master that both are men.

Some comments. Feel free to ignore. :smiley:

Perhaps a bit modern as a concept? "Fast reflexes" or "Quick reactions" might be a better wording. Although this is just a descriptive label, as ArM5 doesn't attribute specialties.

Just to be clear, acorns and seeds would not quality as living plants, I think. They're seeds.

Hatred is a bit surprising, particularly as a Major. From her background, she seems to have had very little contact herself with Faerie sexual predators -- only stories of her father being seduced by a nymph.
How does Temperate make sense based on her background (which is no longer "above" BTW)? Temperate covers things like food, drink, music, comfort, etc. If she avoids sexuality, that would rather be Continence.

So she learned about the Order of Hermes, and to Concentrate on spells... before becoming an apprentice?

Considering that her pater was a Flambeau of the founder's tradition of fire, I'm disappointed to see absolutely no score in Ignem. Note that you could easily lower (even to 0) Creo to raise Ignem, and still be able to cast all of your selected spells.

Are you French? Just curious, as I'm from Québec.

The idea was that she's fast at interpreting information she receive to elaborate an answer, quick reaction would work but this implies more something physical in my mind.

Well I don't know about medieval paradigm, as a biology teacher the seeds seem quite alive to me, but as my focus is based on ReHe I'm not sure this gonna make a huge difference, fast growth will be CrHe anyway and is not covered by focus. But sure let's exclude seeds, living plant is quite broad anyway.

Basically she hates her mother for abandoning her and tricking her father leaving him miserable, when she learns this behavior is typical of a kind a faery she hates them by extension.

I was thinking continence this is a mistake on my part so the above was referring to Hatred (sexual predator faery)

Well order of Hermes lore is given as an example in the character creation of the core book so It seems fine, as for concentration I though It would make sense to learn concentration before being apprentice and to switch specialty after, maybe that's a bit stretching things, but I usually choose skill partition first and make all specialty at the end so I forgot this was learnt during childhood. Anyway I could easily switch with charm 2 during childhood and concentration later in life.

This makes sense, I'll lower creo a bit and increase ignem, maybe to 5 i'll see.

Yeah I'm French is this so obvious from my english mistakes :wink:

Well, "équipement" was a dead giveaway. Tu aurais pu être de n'importe quel pays francophone, alors la France n'était qu'une supposition. Il est certain que ton anglais manque un peu de poli, mais il faut pratiquer pour s'améliorer! :smiley:

I made a few modifications :
-Reduce creo (8 to 6) and increase ignem (0 to 5)
-Changed temperate to continence (because this was the intended flaw to begin with)
-Moved concentration from later life to gauntlet and moved carouse from gauntlet to later life.
-Changed spelling : équipement for equipment


modification : get 8xp from adventure : 5 xp in survival and 3 xp into Herbam turning into 5xp from affinity.


updated character