Character Creation

I think i'm gonna add simply the 32x2xp. I'm not sure if Keythleen would really be useful, because she have no special thing as your verditius who has already some special stuff, but i like her so...

Keythleen maga(us) Bonisagus
Age 56 (35)

Virtues and flaws
1 Puissant Vim
1 Affinity with Vim
1 skilled parens
3 Major Magical focus: magic (detection, manipulation, destruction, transformation of)
1 Hermetic prestige (his ability to manipulate magic at his will)
0 Puissant Magic Theory (free)
1 Affinity with Magic Theory
1 Apt Student
1 cautious sorcerer
-3 favors (parens)
-1 limited parma magica (imaginem)
-3 driven (rituals without vis)
-1 motion sickness
-1 no sense of direction
-1 travestite (she is a female but acts as a man)

Int 3, per 2, com 1, pres -2, dex -2 str -2 quick 0 sta 3

Artes Liberales (ceremonial casting) 2 (15)
Awareness (alertness) 1 (5)
Brawl (dodge) 2 (15)
Code of hermes (marchs) 1 (5)
Concentration (maintening spells) 3 (30)
Gaellic (discussion) 5 (75)
Guile (elaborated lies) 2 (15)
Latin (hermetic terms) 4 (50)
Magic Theory (inventing spells) 13 (458/525) +2
Nobility lore (scotts) 1 (5)
Order of Hermes Lore (bonisagus) 1 (5)
Parma Magic (Vim) 4 (50)
Penetration (Vim) 5 (75)
Philosophiae (ceremonial casting) 2 (15)
Scottisch lore (geography) 1 (5)

Creo 10 (55)
Intellego 12 (78)
Muto 14 (105)
Perdo 11 (66)
Rego 19 (190)
Animal 0
Aquam 0
Auram 0
Corpus 10 (55)
Herbam 0
Ignem 0
Imaginem 0
Mentem 0
Terram 0
Vim 20 (212)+3

Spells known:
“wind of mundane silence” PeVi 50 – dispelling spells and Parma (x5) less than half (50+stress die (no botche)) ; +48
“Circular ward against demons” ReVi 35 (touch, conc, circle): ward against demons with infernal might less than 40. +64
“Aegis of the heart” ReVi 50/85 ritual ;+68
“Sayan’jin’s Teleport” ReCo 40 (touch): as “the leap of homecoming” ; +32
“Wizard’s communion” MuVi 25 ; +54
“The Call to slumber” ReMe 10 ;+41
“Opening the intangible tunnel” ReVi 50 (arc, diam) ;+64
“Maintening the demanding spell” ReVi 50 (touch, moon) : maintains a spell which level is less or equal to 40 with a “concentration” duration to a “moon” duration. +64
“Personal Ward against demons” ReVi 40 (touch, conc) : protect against demons with might less than 45 ; +64

Iron Staff (S/M: staff, iron, basalt and rowan; opened with 28 pawns)

  • wind of mundane silence (voice, mom) level 73, dispel magic or ability (score x5) less than half (70+stress die (no botche)) , usable by me, illimited uses
  • unraveling the fabric of mentem (touch, conc maintened) level 45, dispel Mentem magic less than (45 + stress die (no botche)), usable by me, 3 times per day
    Still 15 pawns available for enchantment

Familiar: king of crows Size (-3?) Might 15 (?),
Cords: bronze 2 (15), silver 1 (5), gold 3 (35)
Int 0
Magic Theory (Vim) 2 (20)

  • mutual speech (magus to familiar and vis versa)
  • sharing sense

Appearance: Keythleen is a girl with blond short hair, 1m67 tall, thin and with a dark green look. (see the image below)
As she dresses as a man, she wears a pair of pant, with some leather jacket covering the top of her thighs. She doesn't have a big proeminent breast, so it's rather easy to hide it under her shirt. If needed she uses her magic to transform herself into another man, keeping only her head the same, removing by magic chest and feminine curbs which sould uncover her true genre.

Twilight scars: when she's in her thougths, thinking about something or simply interrogative, she emits a subtle scent of strawberry. When she's angry, her eyelash becomes temporary orange/red.

Sigil: in all her spells, some kind of spiral appears: be it an intangible tunnel looking from side as an infinite spiral moving to the arcane target, or when she cast a spiral shaped flame ball... EG, in her muto corpus spell, she has a spiral bornmark on her skin, just onto her heart...

Keythleen, born Gaëlle, was a little girl near Edimbourg. She was fastly annoyed by the other kids in her village when a prodigious mind, the wonderful Einsteinus, magus Bonisagus, came and discovers her. He saw in the little girl a capable student and take her after paying her parents. In the covenant of Frigidus Fulgur in the Loch Legean Tribunal, she was been taught latin and some other stuff by the great professor Alsygone of Montpellier who came from Provence. After four years, she was ready and Einsteinus opened her Arts. It was easy for the great magus, a specialist in Vim, nothing less.

During her apprenticeship, she drank all Einsteinus could teach her like a hole, in need for knowledge. For her gauntlet, she prepared an aegis so strong, only great magi could cast the same in these time, and especially no magus in Loch Legean had ever see a so powerful aegis from a so young maga. She took the name of Keytleen, a kind of wordplay only she has the secret. Because of her preferences, she started during these 15 years to act as a man and did all she could to look like one. Short hears, tightened breasts, interest in women.

But as the times flew, she stayed more and more in her laboratory. Doing research to achieve the most powerful aegis. When she developed an aegis more powerful than the one at Durenmar (which is only at 16th magnitude), of 17th magnitude, she started to think that the vis is a weakness that every enemy of the order could destroy. So she started to think: "How, in this world, could we cast visless spells". After this first thought, she guessed that the fact is when visless rituals could be possible, aegis could be cast on every single village in Europe, protecting, unknown to them, all the mundane from malevolent wizards unbound by the Code of Hermès and the non interference clause with mundanes.
Dreams were coming, speaking about the order of Odin, so Keythleen heard about a new covenant found to discover specialties from the Order of Odin and their magic without vis. Keythleen packed her stuff, took her familiar, a King of the Crows named Jareck, and went to this new place... And all start there!

Yeah, I wanted his items to be practical things, though one or two 'fighty' doohickeys are always useful.

Thanks! I had the same reaction to Morphiste's story.

Exar, I'll adjust my notes on Keythleen later tonight.

So... companions anyone? JeanMichelle, I remember you wanted to make a pirate? I'm thinking about a poor knight with an unusually restrictive oath of fealty, so he won't be around all that often.

1st draft

Lucky Wodin, the pirate
Wodin has quite a lot of Viking blood in his veins. He is a spendthrift, and an outlaw (who had an eye put out for spying/ogling/cheating at cards/some other crime [unsure, which fits], leaving an ugly empty eye-socket that is usually covered up – but still disfigures him). He altho hath a lithp.
He is a good sailor, at home at sea, a true monkey in the rigging.
He is also incredibly lucky. He claims he can see danger with his blind eye. Sometimes he also sees other things, visions he only half understands. Anyway, he is incredibly lucky, and knows it.
He has joined the covenant because they need his talents, are ready to ignore his past, have great ale, great ships, and can help him understand his visions.

Flaws that fit:

  • 1 greedy
  • 1 story: Visions
    -3 Outlaw (Leader)
    -1 Weakness gambling
    -1 Afflicted tongue
    -1 Disfigured
    -1 Missing eye
  • 1 fluctuating fortune (from A&A p. 134: alternating: one year virtue rich, the next year poor flaw)

Virtues that fit:
3 Ways of the sea
1 Premonitions
1 Perfect balance
1 Affinity with a skill that fits (weapons sth)
1 tough
1 puissant weapons sth
1 Self-confident
1 Luck

I am not sure which realm he is associated with:

  • divine: haha
  • infernal: a tad to sinister
  • fairie: maybe, but how and why?
  • magic: because that is what is left?

Int 0 Pe +1
Com -2 Pr -1
Sta +2 Str +1
Dex +2 Quk +2

Important Skills:
Weapon (Axe?)
Profession: Sailor
Area Lore
Carouse (Gambling)
Athletics (Cimbing)

Lucky Wodin Whoreson, the pirate

  • 1 greedy
  • 1 story: Visions
    -3 Outlaw
    -1 Weakness gambling
    -1 Afflicted tongue
    -1 Disfigured
    -1 Missing eye
  • 1 fluctuating fortune (from A&A p. 134: alternating: one year virtue rich, the next year poor flaw)

3 Ways of the sea (Can this be made to include coasts – so he gets those benefits for beach operations too?)
1 Premonitions [associated with the magic realm]
1 Perfect balance
1 Affinity with a skill that fits (weapons sth)
1 tough
1 puissant weapons sth
1 Self-confident
1 Luck

Int 0 Pe +1
Com -2 Pr -2
Sta +2 Str +2
Dex +2 Quk +2

Early childhood:
Native Language Gaelic (Hebrides) 5
Athletics (Climbing) 2
Brawl (dagger) 2
Survival (fishing) 1
Awareness (seeing things at a long distance) 1
Swim (Salt Water) 1

Wodin was born on Skye. His mother was a red-haired public woman who found her customers among the fishermen, smugglers and pirates. Her hands were as large as bed-pans and her voice as deep and loud as any man’s. She had no idea who his father was, but as she said: “He was a sailor - that’s all I can say for sure.” Wodin’s childhood environment was marked by loose morals, hard drinking and periodic violence, and there was never shortage of rough father figures for him to imitate. One of these encounters left him with a permanent scar in the face and a lisp (his face is slightly asymmetrical).
He became a rather violent child, who nursed his bruises in his frequent bruises in his secret hiding place: A small cave in the cliffs.

Later life
Year 6: Wodin: Wodin stays at home, and learns about drinking, and gambling [Carousing (games of chance) 2]
Year 7+8: Wodin’s mother is stabbed to death by a suitor. Wodin puts a knife in him, runs away and is taken on as a ship’s boy by a smuggler. [Profession: Sailing (Irish Sea) 2, Area Lore Irish Sea (Coast) 2]
Year 9: The smuggler is caught by the authorities. All the adults are hanged, the boy has an eye put out.
He starts seeing things with his blind eye. Folk Ken (authorities) 1, Premonitions 2]
Year 10-18: Wodin is taken on by another vessel – pirates. There he spends the next ten years of his life living the cruel life of a pirate, and gets promoted to the position of Watch leader. He also acquires a reputation for being the luckiest bastard on the seas that surround Albion. He warns the other pirates that their last trip is going to end in disaster, but they scoff at his murky predictions. So he leaves the ship, only to learn of their bloody end at the hand of a rival pirate group some days later. His visions then lead him to Ailsa Craig, where he finds refuge, good pay, and magi who might eventually explain[Single Weapon (Axe) 5+2, Carousing to 3, Profession Sailor to 4, Area Lore Irish Sea to 3, Premonitions to 4, Leadership (ship) 1]

Athletics (Climbing) 2 [+6 for perfect balance if applicable, +3 for Ways of the sea if applicable]
Area Lore Irish Sea (Coasts) 3 [+3 for ways of the Sea]
Awareness (seeing things at a long distance) 1 [+3 for ways of the sea, if applicable]
Brawl (dagger) 2 [see below]
Carouse (Gambling) 3
Leadership (ship) 1 [+3 for ways of the sea, if applicable]
Native Language Gaelic (Hebrides) 5
Premonitions (threats to himself) 4 [+3 for sea-linked dangers like storms]
Profession: Sailor (Irish Sea) 4 [+3 for Ways of the sea]
Single Weapon (Axe) 5+2 [see below]
Survival (fishing) 1 [+3 for Ways of the sea, if applicable]
Swimming (Salt Water) 1 [+3 for salt water]

Personality: Brave +3, uncouth +2
Reputations: Pirate (port towns) 2, lucky (pirates) 1

Equipment: A well-made sailor’s leather outfit, complete with 2 daggers (one hidden in his boot), and an axe [Load 1] that is primarily a tool, but can also be used in combat.
For raids, or fights he sees coming, he equips a heater shield [Load two] and a full leather scale armor [load 5]
Load: 1/8 encumbrance: 0/-3

Combat Values (-1 attack for missing eye included; +3 in sea regions in […], -3 for armor has not yet been included because he normally doesn’t wear it)
Soak: +5 naked/ normal outfit, +10 when expecting battle
Punches: Initiative+2 [+5] Attack +3 [+6] Defense +4 [+7] Damage +2
Dagger: Initiative+2 [+5] Attack +6 [+9] Defense +5 [+8] Damage +5
Axe: Initiative +3 [+6] Attack +13 [+16] Defense +10 [+13] Damage +8
Axe and Heater shield: Initiative +3 [+6] Attack +13 [+16] Defense +13 [+16] Damage +8

Sounds good. Sorry I didn't say so earlier.

I'm happy to follow the lead of the British Admiralty and define 'sea' to mean 'everything below the high-tide mark'.

JeanMichelle, I've crunched the numbers on Wodin and it looks like he still has 30 xp to spend. Have you taken his Single Weapon Affinity into account?

Sir Owen the Bearded:

Age: 33

Brave +3, Honest +2, Worried about money +1

Knight (1)
Affinity with Great Weapon (1)
Affinity with Leadership (1)
Improved Characteristics (1)
Puissant Leadership (1)
Rapid Convalescence (1)
Reserves of Strength (1)

Oath of Fealty (3)
Pessimistic (1)
Poor (3)

Area Lore (Scottish Lowlands) (nobles) 3
Athletics (running) 2
Awareness (in battle) 3
Brawl (fist) 2 (2)
Chirurgy (sword wounds) 1
English (scots) 5
Etiquette (noble) 2
Gaelic (galwegian) 2 (3)
Great Weapon (long spear) 5
Hunt (deer) 1
Intrigue (at court) 1
Leadership (soldiers) 3+2
Ride (in battle) 3
Single Weapon (heater shield) 5
Survival (southern uplands) 1

Sir Owen's family came into dubious prominence during the feudal reforms of David I, a little over a century ago. A saxon warrior knighted by a Norman baron, Owen's great-grandfather, and his subsequent descendents, have had the chivalric title but never any land to back it up. Since his boyhood, Owen has been a squire, a free lance, a border raider and a mercenary. Currently he serves Walter Stewart, (Lord-High Steward of Scotland and lord of Strathgryfe, much of Kyle and more besides) as part of the garrison of Ayr castle.

His oath of fealty to Lord Walter obliges him to appear at the castle, freshly shaven, on the Feast Day of Philip the Apostle (the 1st of May) and remain at his lord's service until his beard is as long as his lord's hand is wide. As lord Walter is not often in residence at the castle, this gives the castellan an excuse to force further service from Sir Owen, as without a measurement, his term of service can not be said to have been properly discharged. Owen is understandably bitter about this, as his obligations prevent him from participating in the tournament circuit, in which he might otherwise stand to make a good living.

Sir Owen is rather less well-equipped than most knights of his era, having only a partial suit of mail and being unable to afford a good sword. He makes do with his lance and a mace-and-chain. He would dearly love to be awarded a manor of his own, or even to marry into one. He has had past dealings with the magi of Alerock, and responds to their requests for aid whenever he is free... and they can pay his way.

Then I'll edit the heet to make him 2 years younger.

That reminds me - I can work your magae's ages out by simple addition, but what are their apparent ages? For that matter, have you given any thought to wizard's sigils, twilight scars etc?

Also: Arkham, are you there? Come in Arkham!

I'll throw some aging dice this weekend.
Normally, 1 warping point per year (+ 1 from the ritual, once it has been taken) is assumed. I think this is rather too high because there are years of labwork, reading and mundane stuff. I suggest you assign warping points.

I have some computers issues at house so i can't be sure when i'll be back onboard :cry:

Morphiste is about 62 years old, which means 27 aging rolls.
She has a -15 ritual from her parens.
Modifier: -2 living conditions, -15 ritual + decade/10 + die
2 or less: no apparent aging
3-9 no side effects apart from wrinkles
10+ special
35 1d10 → [7] = (7) no aging
36 1d10 → [1] = (1) reroll = 2 2 = 4 no aging
37 1d10 → [4] = (4) no aging
381d10 → [10] = (10) no aging
39 1d10 → [6] = (6) no aging
40 1d10 → [8] = (8) no aging
41 d10 → [8] = (8) no aging
42 1d10 → [3] = (3) no aging
43 1d10 → [10] = (10) no aging
44 1d10 → [9] = (9) no aging
45 1d10 → [1] = (1) reroll = 2
7=14 no aging
46 1d10 → [5] = (5) no aging
47 1d10 → [5] = (5) no aging
48 1d10 → [10] = (10) no aging
49 1d10 → [4] = (4) no aging
50 1d10 → [3] = (3) no aging
51 1d10 → [6] = (6) no aging
52 1d10 → [7] = (7) no aging
53 1d10 → [2] = (2) no aging
54 1d10 → [9] = (9) no aging
55 1d10 → [4] = (4) no aging
56 1d10 → [10] = (10) no aging
57 1d10 → [10] = (10) no aging
58 1d10 → [9] = (9) no aging
59 1d10 → [3] = (3) no aging
60 1d10 → [9] = (9) no aging
61 1d10 → [3] = (3) no aging

result: She looks as if she was 35 years old.
minimum warping (1/year)= 27 means 2(12)
maximum warping (2/year)= 54 means 4(4)

Note on warping: If warping led to twilight, she might have undergone twilight, but that's for the storyguide to decide. If she suffered twilight, there may be positive or negative side effects

Looks good, thanks. I'm happy to go with minimum warping, plus a handful of points - say 2 (14) - and no twilight effects. Morphiste has been pretty careful, judging by her history.

Exar, how about you?

Without trying to hurry things along unduly, here's a companion I worked up for anyone who's having trouble coming up with an idea.

Padget the Relic Thief

Characteristics: Int 0, Per +1, Pre +2, Com -1, Str 0, Sta +1, Dex +2, Qik +2

Male, age 26

Virtues: Entrancement, Improved Characteristics, Puissant Stealth, Relic, Well-Traveled

Flaws: Branded Criminal, Dispassionate, Offensive to Animals, Plagued by Supernatural Entity (Habbraguld the Spiteful), Tainted With Evil

Personality Traits: Brave +1, Careful +1, Respectful -1

Abilities: Awareness 2 (alertness), Brawl 4 (unaware opponents), England Lore 2 (monestaries), English 5 (vulgar), Entrancement 5 (at night), Folk Ken 4 (clergy), French 4 (Anglo-Norman), Gaelic 2 (merchant slang), Legerdemain 3 (picking locks), Lowlands Lore 1 (monestaries), Stealth 5 (sneak), Thrown Weapon 3 (Knife, Throwing), Warwickshire Lore 1 (legends)

Equipment: Pack, Pair of throwable daggers, Unobtrusive clothes, Minor relic of some sort

Dodge: Init: +2, Attack --, Defense +6, Damage --
Fist: Init: +2, Attack +6, Defense +6, Damage +0
Kick: Init: +1, Attack +6, Defense +5, Damage +3
Dagger: Init: +2, Attack +8, Defense +6, Damage +3
Knife, Throwing: Init: +2, Attack +7, Defense +6, Damage +2
Stone: Init: +1, Attack +6, Defense +5, Damage +2

Since his childhood, Padget has travelled the length and breadth of Britain stealing relics from monestaries and cathedrals - often on behalf of other monestaries and cathedrals. A recent run-in with the clerical authorities in Dumfries left him battered, branded and in such desperare need of coin that he undertook to rob Alerock. After overcoming a few misgivings about the man, the magi have recognised his talent for larceny and entrancement, making him a valued companion.

Padget's numerous thefts from holy ground have attracted the attentions of the Infernal powers, and he is surrounded by an aura of corruption that tends to make people distrustful. The fact that Alerock's magi don't seem to be as affected by this as mundanes is one of the main reasons Padget lives in the covenant. Finally, the demon calling itself Habbraguld the Spiteful has taken a particular interest in the state of his soul. It appears to be trying to make him murder someone inside consecrated ground, whether simply to damn him personally or in the service of some greater scheme, Padget doesn't know.

Her Longevity ritual: -15 from the skilled potion maker -3 for her magic theory and int = -18
At 56, i think Keythleen has done 22 aging rolls:

With for the "1"

Age is 56 (35) so. But as she's always made up, that's not really visible :slight_smile:.

If i missed something i must do, please restate it; because of my pc-issues WE, i haven't read all the posts...

Edit: i have updated page 3 sheet with twilight scar, sigil, appearance.

Before anyone posts Morphiste to the wikidot site, I'll rewrite some of her post Gauntlet years (not changing any stats, but turning the enumerationof years into sth readable.

1183 winter: Blood. Everywhere. The young woman had whimpered a last time before she had stopped moving - forever. The priest made the sign of the cross and closed her eyes. He frowned when the midwife took the baby, a bald girl with big blue eyes, and dabbed her little hands in her mother’s blood. He knew she was a good midwife, but he also knew what people said about Catriona: that she was a witch, performing ancient Celtic rites in the dark of the night. People said that she was of the bear clan, and they lowered their voices when they did that.
“She is mine now”, she said, looking the old man firmly in the eye. “Baptize her on the name of Artia, because I will adopt her into the bear clan. She is my daughter now.”
“Don’t argue. Just do it.”
He knew better than to argue. He just swallowed and began.

Year 1187 summer
“Your mother is a monster! Your mother is a monster!”
“No, she isn’t!”
“Yes she is!”
“My mum says so! My mum says that when the moon is full the bear clan people turn into animals and hunt on the heath. And you are a monster, too. I can feel it. You are not like us.”
“These are stories for stupid little boys. Only babies believe everything that their mothers tell them. Do I look like a bear, do I? Och, nonsense. But look there’s old Cedric. Let’s ask him.”
The children run to the old man who comes in their direction whistling at his dogs that flank the sheep. Artia and the boy run up to the old shepherd. Artia snuggles up in his lap, and the old man strokes her head. She starts crying softly against his chest.
“What have you said to upset our little princess?”, he asks the boy.
“My mum says that…”
“Oh, in the name of bloody Christ on his bloody cross. We all know what that sharp-tongued bitter harlot has to say. You’ve made a girl cry. Away with you.”

Year 1188 spring:
Artia caresses the huge she-bear in front of her. She is not afraid. She is old enough now to learn about The Change. She will serve the clan, as a healer and as a protector. She will be a peacemaker, a leader and a judge. She will speak to the Norman noblemen for her clan one day. The bear is talking to her, singing to her. She closes her eyes and embraces the rhythm. It is a song about the hunt, about the fish in the stream and the deer in the meadow. She feels The Change, feels the smells of the grass and hears the beating of nature’s heart. When she opens her eyes again, it is done.
Catriona licks the girl’s face and ruffles her fur before they run off into the forest, to celebrate the event with a fresh kill.

Year 1200:
The knock on the door is ill-timed. The Norman woman was just starting to believe what Artia was telling her about her husband and that busty maid from the kitchen. If she had succeeded, he would have more than enough trouble in his own tower, enough to stop pestering the clan with his constant plans.
A servant comes in, and says: “Artia, wise one, a messenger from the clan is at the gate. He wants to talk to you. He says it’s urgent.”
She apologizes, bows to the lady and follows the servant out.
Artair is waiting at the gate, nervously turning his cap in his hand. She sees at once that the clan smith has been crying. The strong man, who stands nearly two heads taller than her, hesitates, and mumbles: “Catriona. She’s dead.” When she looks at him, unemotionally and questioning, he remembers his male dignity, draws a sharp breath and tells: “One of the warlocks from that continental cult that has been nosing around came to Catriona’s house this morning. Catriona didn’t invite him in. Before long they were shouting and arguing on the porch. Then he shouted something about shapeshifters and when he heard Catriona’s angry reply, he hit the ground with his staff, and it swallowed Catriona. Then the warlock raised her dead body from the ground, paraded it through the village and asked for other members of the bear clan. Of course we didn’t say anything. Artia, you must hide! We will call the priest to give Catriona a decent burial. He pauses for a moment, then he speaks: From the bear I come to call the bear. You are the bear. Serve us and protect us!”
Artia is standing still, her face hard as stone. After Artair has turned to leave, a single tear runs down her face.

A month later:
Cedric the shepherd is happy to see Artia. Too old to be outside, he spends his time at the fire. Artia asks him: “I have observed Catriona’s murderer carefully. I have learned that he is a mighty warlock, a member of a clan of powerful shapeshifters that call themselves Bjornaer. There are many of them and they are strong. Their clan is part of an organization called the Order of Hermes – probably the most powerful organization of wizards that has ever existed. Catriona has warned me to stay away from them. What should I do?”
Cedric laughs his toothless smile: “You have already decided, don’t you know that? To seek revenge for Catriona, you have to make this warlock and his clan pay. To do this, you must seek their knowledge. Join them and destroy this warlock and his house from the inside. Vengeance is a dish best eaten cold.”

1201 years winter, Ungulus:
“Teach me! I am a hedge wizard. I want to join the Order of Hermes.”
Flavius ex Miscellanea looks at the translator, then at the young woman in front of him. Hesitantly, he stretches out his hands and casts a spell on Artia. He is impressed that the pretty woman doesn’t flinch at the open display of magic. His eyes widen when he feels the gift in the dark-haired beauty in front of him. Flavius looks at Artia for what seems like an eternity. Then he nods and says: “I think I’ll start by teaching you to read Latin. You will serve me for 15 years. You will be my slave. You will have no rights. I have no time for teaching you but I will grant you access to books. Kiss the hem of my robe if you agree.”
Artia listens to the translator, then falls to her knees. Flavius can’t see Artia’s smile as she bends her head to kiss the robe.

1215 years Fall:
Some magi murmur derisively when Flavius presents his apprentice, who is much older then the other apprentices. Artia has already passed the private examination and the questions at the public presentation are a mere matter of form.
She answers calmly but is already thinking about the future. She has learned a lot as an apprentice, little from Flavius who was often too busy to teach her, but a lot from the books and scrolls in the library. She has learned about the invisible differences in the order, has noticed the sneering behind her master’s back and has learned some more about her enemies. She knows that the warlock who killed Catriona has been hunted down by the order for breaking the law. She will need more time to prepare her revenge against House Bjornaer. Once before a house was marched – the Diedne. But it wasn’t easy. She will need respect, allies, and a sound knowledge of Hermetic Law to bring them down.
When they ask her to choose a hermetic name, she chooses a Greek one: Morphiste, the lady of change. Changed she has, and change she will bring.

the next morning, at Tribunal
Morphiste looks into the silver mirror, once more appreciating the comfort of Blackthorn’s guest quarters. Shouldn’t a maga look different than an apprentice? Older, wiser perhaps? Deep in thought, she weighs her breasts in her hands – they seem less firm than she remembers. Have they already started shifting down the ribcage? “I’m getting old”, she realizes, “so much to do, and so little time.” There is a long list of things to do: fulfil her obligation to her clan, by watching over them, and training a successor – the line must not end. Rising to a position in the Order that allows her to make them pay, pay for Catriona…
She gasps, surprised, when she feels a hand touching her shoulder, and quickly lets her hands fall to her sides. A look in the mirror tells her that it is Flavius. She blushes, and is angry with herself for blushing.
“The time will come when it will disgust you to look in the mirror. Ovid.“ He smiles. “You are free now. But I want to offer you a deal. I will make you a longevity ritual – and you will promise me to stay at Ungulus for at least 15 years. You need Ungulus and Ungulus needs you.”
Morphiste turns to look him in the eye. The deal is generous enough.
“There are a few details to talk about, but your proposal is quite fascinating, amicus,” she replies.

1218, fall:
The tracks of the lynx lead right into the cave, and dark opening smelled of lynx. Morphiste’s snout twitches and her fur bristles. Of course it is a trap.
She thinks of Catriona and leaps into the dark unknown, only to be greeted by a searing explosion that burns her fur. Roaring with pain she lands near the lynx and sinks her teeth into his back, shaking him till she feels his spine break.
When the other hunters arrive some minutes later, they find Morphiste, badly burned but alive next to the bloody remains of Lynx ex Bjornaer.
“The March has ended, Lynx ex Bjornaer is no more. Justice has been done”, she announces. One down, she thinks with grim satisfaction.

1234, fall:
“Yes, Arcadia, my little one?”
“I like you best when you are a cat. Cats are so cuddly.”
“It is not the shape that makes a person. Look at people’s hearts, not their forms.”
“Can you teach me to become a bear cub?”
“I will, when we get back to the clan’s lands, you will be old enough.”
Morphiste smiles quietly as the little girl puts her little arms around her neck. She had known for a long time, that one day, she’d have to train her successor, but she’d never thought how much joy it would bring her to see her foster-daughter Arcadia grow.

1235, fall: Sitting outside on the porch, enjoying the last warmth of a long autumn evening, Morphiste and Arcadia are discussing tribunal politics and their impact on Ungulus. Suddenly, Arcadia throws back her head and starts roaring with laughter. Seeing her, Morphiste can’t help but start giggling like a little girl. They look at each other, grin, then burst out laughing again. Espera ex Merinita comes out of her sanctum warily. The dour fairie hunter’s silver bell laughter joins the others. Grinning like schoolgirls that are up to no good, the magi look at each other in surprise, just before they are shaken by another fit of hilarity. Morphiste, holding her sides, catches her breath and says: “What’s going on?”
A few minutes later, the urge passes and the magi start investigating what hit them. They find out that all of Ungulus was affected, and that the spell seems to have emerged from Flavius’ sanctum.
When Flavius doesn’t respond to their knocking, they decide to force the door. The air inside is saturated with mentem magic – but Flavius is nowhere to be seen. Morphiste glances at his lab notes: It seems he was in the middle of inventing a mentem spell. Espera casts a spell, then turns to the others: “A twilight has happened here. Looks like Flavius experiments somehow went wrong., careless fool that he is.”
Morphiste looks at the reading stand, the lab notes gently swaying in the breeze. She hopes all the best for her parens – wherever he is now. She thinks back to her apprenticeship, her gauntlet, how they went to Tribunal together. She smiles when she remembers how they had beaten that Tytalus that had been disrupting Ungulus’ business, how Flavius had saved her life in the final battle. She thinks of their game of chess, half-finished in the council chamber. She shivers in the cold night wind as she realizes that it wasn’t Ungulus who held her in England, but Flavius. She makes a decision: If Flavius doesn’t come back, she will consider Annaeus’ invitation and return home, to Scotland.

Summer 1238:
An intruder!
Morphiste drops her book and dives for cover behind the lab table. Halfway through the air she starts taking bear shape. Glass is breaking as the table skids over the warm stone floor. Her heart races. How can anyone have come to my sanctum carved into the rock, protected by a narrow labyrinth partly below the sea? A powerful opponent for sure!
She raises her snout and sucks in the air. There, above the smell of the rock and the sea, there is another smell. Lunch? Poultry? Some bird!
Morphiste raises her large head and looks at the intruder. It’s a cormorant perching out of reach on an rocky outcrop just below the ceiling. It seems to laugh at her. Suddenly she realizes that she has found a friend.

1244, fall:
The lab is empty without Arcadia. She is still proud of her filia’s passing her gauntlet at such a young age. Arcadia, gone to the bear clan, to relieve her of her duties towards the clan. New horizons to discover, old grudges to wam. Feeling a new energy, she takes bird shape. Together with Cormorant she rises high into the sky, seeking new adventures.

  • Perceive the Change InCo15 (see GotF, p. 96; Final level: 19)
  • Change Ring MuTe5 (B4, R: P, D: +1 Conc, T: Ind.; +10 unlimited uses, +3 linked trigger, +5 maintains concentration: Final level: 23)
  • Subtle packing: Changes dead possessions (An, Aq, Co, He, Te, Vi) into a tiny little silver ring interlinked with the earring. MuHe15 (An,Aq,Co,Te,Vi), (base 4, R: +1 Touch, D: +1 Conc, T: Group, freeReq: An, Aq, Co, He, Te, Vi, +1 interlinked ring/complexity; +10 unlimited uses, +3 linked trigger, +5 maintains concentration, Final level: 33)

She also opens it for terram+1 and intellego+She also opens it for transform self +4: Morphiste returns to Ungulus and puts another 15 pawns of vis into her talisman (total: 21). She also opens it for passion+2 Morphiste spends all year installing the effect “Subtle Packing” into her talisman. She opens it for moving herself +2, protecting herself +4, damaging infernal creatures +5 and warding away supernatural+5; [4x 2xp exposure: Magic Theory 3(18)]

Cavebuilder PeTe 10 (B: 4, +1 Touch, +1 Part)
Makes one cubic pace of stone or dirt diappear. Morphiste will cast this spell thousands of times to build her lab inside Ailsa Craig.
Agate of the Chamber of Spring Breezes [B1, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 unnatural, +1 2/day, +1 environmental trigger, final level: 9]
This stone permanently makes the air in Morphiste’s sanctum breathable even though there is no connection to the outside

Morphiste filia Flavius ex Misc in 1245 (beginning of winter):
Morphiste ex Miscellanea (at Gauntlet)
Short history:

Virtues/Flaws (house virtues and flaws in brackets)
(3 restriction: cannot cast spells on non-magical animals, including Bjornaer in Heartbeast form, at all, except on himself)
3 Driven (sabotage house Bjornaer)
1 busybody
3 dark secret: plans to destroy House Bjornaer
1 Hedge Wizard (Note: reduced to lvl 1 by many deeds)
1 Unimaginative Learner
1 Ability block: Martial abilities

( 3 shapechanger)
(1 affinity with muto)
1 puissant shapeshifting
1 bound tongue (see HoH: MC, Bjornaer)
1 subtle magic
3 life-linked spontaneous magic
1 Pack Leader
1 improved characteristics
1 book learner
1 Venus blessing
Acquired virtue: hermetic prestige

Int 2 Pe 0
Pr 1 Com 2
Sta 2 Str 0
Quk 0 Dex 0

Hedge Wizard 1
Maga in Good Standing 3

Skills (alphabetical): Animal Handling (sea birds) 2, Area Lore Scottish Islands (animals) 3, Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Casting) 2(3), Awareness (alertness) 2, Carouse (staying sober) 2, Charm (old men) 3, Chirurgy (binding wounds) 1, Code of Hermes (Wizard’s Marches) 3, Concentration (shapechanging) 3, Etiquette (gifts) 3, Guile (shapeshifting) 3, Intrigue (nobility) 4, Latin (Hermetic) 4, Leadership (political) 2(5), Magic Theory (Me) 5(21), Medicine (physcician) 1, Native Language Gaelic (telling stories) 5, Order of Hermes Lore (House Bjornaer) 4, Parma (Mentem) 5, Philosophy (Ceremonial Casting) 1, Profession Scribe (diligent) 1, Teaching 2(14), Shapechange (bear) 4+2 (Bear, dolphin, falcon, cat, horse, cormorant)
Cr 9(2), In 10, Mu 18, Pe 6, Re 6, An 6, Aq 6, Au 6, Co 9, He 6, Ig 6, Im 6, Me 13, Te 6, Vi 10
536xp arts
Enchantment of detachment (PeMe15)
Loss of but a moment’s memory (PeMe15)
Invention of but a moment’s memory (CrMe15; B4; +1 eye, +2 day; works best if target talks about Memory during duration, so he or she has a non-magical memory of talking about it)
Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe20)
Doublet of Impenetrable linen (MuHe20, cf. Doublet of Impenetrable Silk MuAn20)
Disguise of the new visage (MuCo15)
The call to Slumber (ReMe10)
Wizard’s Sidestep (MuIm10)
Cavebuilder PeTe 10 (B: 4, +1 Touch, +1 Part); Mastery 1: multiple casting
Makes one cubic pace of stone or dirt diappear.

Age: 60 (27 past gauntlet), looks like 35

Magic items (with lab texts):
O Agate of the Chamber of Spring Breezes [B1, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 unnatural, +1 2/day, +1 environmental trigger, final level: 9]
This stone permanently makes the air in Morphiste’s sanctum breathable even though there is no connection to the outside
O Talisman (opened with 21 pawns of vis)

  • Perceive the Change InCo15 (see GotF, p. 96; Final level: 19)
  • Change Ring MuTe5 (B4, R: P, D: +1 Conc, T: Ind.; +10 unlimited uses, +3 linked trigger, +5 maintains concentration: Final level: 23)
    Changes the ring so it is usable in all her shapes
  • Subtle packing: Changes dead possessions (An, Aq, Co, He, Te, Vi) into a tiny little silver ring interlinked with the earring. MuHe15 (An,Aq,Co,Te,Vi), (base 4, R: +1 Touch, D: +1 Conc, T: Group, freeReq: An, Aq, Co, He, Te, Vi, +1 interlinked ring/complexity; +10 unlimited uses, +3 linked trigger, +5 maintains concentration, Final level: 33)
    Opened for terram+1, intellego+2, transform self +4, passion+2, moving herself +2, protecting herself +4, damaging infernal creatures +5, and warding away supernatural+5

Morphiste’s lab
A steep cliff hangs over the sea. About 7 paces below the waterline, there is a narrow entrance to an artificial cave, just inside the aegis.
There is a labyrinth of narrow tunnels inside that can only be mastered by someone with both the ability to fly and to dive.
Morphiste’s sanctum is a large hexagonal room, and has a large stone ring on the floor for circle spells. Since there is no contact to the outside air (the only entrance is under water), the air has to be kept fresh by a minor magic item (an agate). There is a second room for sleeping nearby.

Minor structure virtues:
Auspicious shape: +1 Aesthetics, +1 Vim
Spacious: +2 safety, +1 Aesthetics
Well Insulated: +1 safety, +1 Aesthetics
Free structure virtues:
Superior construction: +1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics
Free structure flaws:
Disguised: -1 Aesthetics
Subterranean: +1 Upkeep, -1 Health, -1 Aesthetics, +1 Terram)
Minor supernatural flaw/virtue:
Labyrinth (modified): -2 Aesthetics, +2 Vim, (-1 Safety, -1 health for other users only)
Highly organized: +1 General Quality
Spotless: +1 health, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Creo
Magical lightning: +1 Texts, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Im
Magical heating: +1 Health, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Ig
Ring of white-hot fire: -1 safety, +2 ignem

Aesthetics: +3
Safety: +2
General: +1
Health: +1
Vim: +3
Ignem: +3
Creo +1
Terram +1
Texts +1

shapes and Cormorant are still missing, but feel free to post the character - bears are well documented anyway (fighting shape), and the others are less likely to be "combat shapes" anyway. As for the Familiar, I think it can wait till my next spress of creativity (and be added to the wikidot page later).

Just one quick observation (that I really should have made weeks ago): Morphiste has no Brawl skill, so her fighting form won't be that much more effective than being human, except for intimidating folks who don't understand magic. Is this intentional, or do you want to move some points around?

Also, I love the viginettes!

Ups, I believed that in animal form, I'd get animal skills (like swimming, flying, tracking and brawling) automatically.
I may have misread HoH:MC there, but I always a assumed that any magus in bird shape could fly, a magus in fish shape swim and a magus in bear shape bite.

Hah! Found it: HoH:MC, p. 23 says: "use the general abilities of the animal form"

But if you insist I'll have to reassign quite a number of xp to all these skills. Since I do not want to redo extremely detailed character creation:

  • do I have to reassign existing points?
  • or can I use a fixed number of xp per season (I remember that, despite book learner, I was rather below what normal character generation would have generated), and just fill that difference up?
  • or do I get a pool of x animal xp to distribute?

I had the same impression as JeanMichelle in his first 2 paragraphs.