character design and development

I think Leo has said he want to take Giovanni.

Yes, I'm already working on Giovanni and I completed the Verditius magus at gauntlet I'll post both on the wiki for review.

Regarding Giovanni, can I allocate 3 more virtues/flaws (now he has only 7)? I justify this assuming that with the discovery of the heartbeast his magic becomes more defined.

Thanks for the answers.

that would certainly make sense.

silveroak, would you approve the basic concept of the almost-apprentice traded away to a faerie merchant by accident, and then sold to the Magi at the Covenant? If so I'll scrape up a chracter sheet for it.

Hi Bearlord, looking over Eumelia, how many years is she post Gauntlet? Her Warping score should be those years x2 + 1 x year after she gets her LR (sounds a little bit excessive, I know!), silveroak might correct me if I am mistaken.

There's also the matter of the aging rolls themselves (15!) and what LR she could reasonably have access to (+ season lost on this) either from her Arts (not a high CrCo score) or somebody else.

Hi leo,

I wanted to point out that this Saga has the following rule: "Puissence, affinity and classed abilities: where an ability is a class of abilities- living language, professional skill, crafts, for example, puissance and affinity add to all versions of that ability."

So you don't have to assign Puissance to both Goldsmith and Blacksmith, just Puissance: Craft and you are set (pretty strong in combo with Verditius abilities, uff!). So you have 1 more Minor Virtue slot open, awesome. Could it be...Affinity Craft? 8)

Ah, I missed this rule!

And Affinity: Craft will be. :smiley:

raccoonmask- yes, I would accept that character, but there will still be a recruitment adventure involved in obtaining him.

Hi silveroak, I believe leo might have meant warping from a constant effect.

Well if they use it all the time and keeps it on while the sleep etc then yes. Turning it off for over 50% of the time (say while asleep or in the lab) shouldn't be difficult...

She is 50 and was Gauntleted at 22 so 28 years post-Gauntlet.

Creo is not one of her strongest Arts. One reason for that is that I saw some of the elder magi had very high scores in that so I thought she could go for something else.

Since she is silveroak's character to play as NPC I guess he can decide what LR she has had access to before entering play. She has Unaging so apparent age shouldn't matter.

anything pre-play needs to be done in character creation. Also I may wind up assigning her to Leo depending on how things work out.

No problem if Leo wants to play her.

How is LR done during character creation? She forfeits a certain number of xp and then gets the benefit of a LR ritual? You have to specify what CrCo level she can get then. She would probably ask someone to do it for her.

You can make your own before you arrive or buy one from a member of the covenant when you get there. Aging until reaching the covenant must also be rolled. Note that apprentices do not need to be taken immediately- if you want the parens to arrive at the covenant a younger magus and develop before beginning instruction that works well with the story line. Or the parens can have gone through some aging and be less likely to make it to 1220...

regarding Eumelia of Thessaloniki ex Jerbiton, I am getting a minimum age of 52.1
Callisthenes ex Jerbiton will be good once he has a teacher

I'm not sure what you mean with this? XP-wise?
Have you taken the reductions from Linguist and Affinty with Mentem into account?

Also a question regarding Linguist, does it apply on the first 5 levels of the Native language as well that you get during the first five years of life?

Oliverius- I am getting a minimum "post gauntlet" age of 29 2/3
if the same stats were a few years post guantlet it would be a minimum of 24 5/6

linguist does not apply to your native language, and yes, I have taken linguist and your affinity into account.

I have 711 points in abilities and 497 points in arts.

I get 697 points in abilities and 500 points in arts. There are 3 extra points in Mentem that i think you missed so there is the discrepancy there. Not sure about the first one. Anyway.

711+500 = 1211 points total (excluding the first 5 levels of the native language)
Up to Gauntlet at age 22 she gets 365 points (50 extra from Well-traveled)
Post-Gauntled she gets 30 points per year. (1211-365)/30 = 28,2.

So I get 50,2 years old. Cut 6 points and we are at even 50. Correct?

I added the 3 to mentem- so yes, you need to cut 6 points.