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We have another issues here- Mercurio has done no work at all during the past few years- yet there has been no discussion of supporting him as a dependant for a future purpose as there was with Lucio. Anyone who is not a magus or an apprentice needs to work- 2 seasons a year is standard, one if wealth and 3 if poor. Even children work in medieval Europe, there chores are simply of a lesser nature, as are the chores to help out around the house for modern children. This has already been discussed and should have been resolved previously.

It looks like this is going to be my problem now. I'm hoping to integrate myself to the covenant over the course of this week. It sounded like Mercurio was getting handed off to the scribes for chores, based on what I read darkwing was doing with him earlier. The listed messages imply that he was taught all sorts of things the first year, should I take a bit of that out to add his 'work' seasons? I'm going to assume he's working helping out the scribes between his repeated training sessions, and running off on his own. Would it make sense for him to take 1 season of exposure per year for helping the scribes after being trained, then 1 season of exposure in Area lore from him goofing off and shirking his work occaisionally? If so, I'll update his advancement when I get a chance.

Re: above. Training with the scribes (profession Scribe 6) gets him 9 xp right?

there would be 2 seasons of exposure at 2 xp per season. He can also train with them in another season for 12 xp per season (scribe:9 +3), but that would need to be a season they are working.

On Eumelia of Thessaloniki ex Jerbiton I am seeing 6 points in flaws but 10 points in virtues... presumedly social contacts is the free virtue bring that to 9 points in virtues, but that discrepancy still need to be taken care of...

I have added +3 or +1 on the virtues and flaws to make it easier to calculate the balance.

Puissant Music is the free House virtue. Then there are 9 points value for the remaining virtues.
There are two major flaws Necessary Condition and Envied Beauty (from HoH:Soceitas, Jerbiton chapter). Then the rest are minor, which should sum up to 9.

I am... currently pondering an apprentice to be picked up by whoever wants it (except Aurthor, that guy has no style). You can tell me how ridiculous or manageable this history is:

Imagine a Tytalus magi who has a bad habit of getting in over his head. I know, its a stretch... Shortly after completing his longevity ritual, he makes a bargain with a creepy Greek faerie merchant, taking a steady vis source in return for his next child. It's free money, so he thinks... And then twenty years later, he finds a gifted boy, teaches him the basics of a hermetic education, and then just before the boys' Arts are opened, the faerie shows up, steals the boy away, and goes to sell him to a different magus.

Raccoon: Interesting and fun story. So you mean your apprentice is the boy that get stolen and re-sold by the faerie merchant?

I have introduced Callisthenes as my 5-year old apprentice on the wiki. He hasn't really started his apprenticeship yet as he and Eumelia arrive at Praesidium Orae in late 1119 so 1120 will be his first year as apprentice.

I don't think I got an answer regarding Taurus. His advancement list on the wiki ends at 1116 so does that mean he has three years of activities to get updated?

Sorry, I have been updating Taurus at home, I thought I had kept him up to date on the wiki as well. I will look into that...

That is the idea, yes - assuming Silveroak is okay with the concept. My goal is actually to have an apprentice with no real required House he's going into... and the concept came from my home game, where one of the players is afraid to take an apprentice because of a deal they made with the local faerie merchant.

silveroak I have some questions


  1. How does the apprentice management work? The master decides which seasons are free (no teaching by the master and no lab assistance) and then put the decisions in the spreadsheet planner (I'm just guessing here)?
  2. When Giovanni will be initiated to the mystery of the heartbeast? This question probably is for Taurus player Bearlord.

Verditius magus
3) A magical focus that encompass the hermetic automatons and awakened devices of the Mechanica of Heron would be minor or major?

General questions
4) A magus has a talisman imbued with constant personal effects (like a personal version of the "Perceive the change" effect HoH:MysteryCults p.24), does the magus suffer warping?

I believe Bjornaer apprentices are initiated in the Heartbeast mystery at the Gathering of Twelve years at Crintera no matter in what phase they are of their apprenticeship. I see in the spreadsheet that the Gathering just was held in 1119. Was Giovanni too young to get initiated then? If so next chance will be in 1131 I guess.

As for your first question it looks like Taurus has been teaching Giovanni in the Spring season every year and I'm fine with continuing that.

1)Yep, you often have to badger the parens so that you can complete your schedule. There's no shame in asking for specific things!
2)Giovanni attended the Gathering in Summer of 1119, so he has his heartbeast available, I'd imagine at level 1.

3)My take is this is very specific, so it would be minor.
4)Not sure about this particular example, Intellego affects the senses of the caster, in this case the Talisman; still, you could argue that the person being detected constantly is under a continuous bombardment of magical energies. Don't know, I'd be inclined to allow it not to warp. However, would it be personal, or Touch? Falke's effect is T. How would Range P: Perceive the Change work for any transformation other than the Talisman's itself (were it capable to do so)?

Hi, I just popped in to check how you're doing.

Giovanni - the aim was to leave the heartbeast undefined until the Gathering of Twelve years in 1219. Choosing a heartbeast and writing the characteristics up was one of the tasks in between resolving 1219 and getting ready for 1220 I just didn't have time to finish, so Giovanni has been initiated but his heartbeast has not been seen outside of Crintera yet. Giovanni also has the childhood personality trait of Know-it-all - as per the rules in apprentices, this can be changed at age 14 or 21 for another flaw, so feel free to redefine his personality with a major flaw appropriate to his heartbeast and how you want his adult personality to be.

regarding 1 and 2, unless a player steps forward wanting to take over Giovanni, he will not remain in the game. Otherwise the above information is correct.
3) it would be a minor focus, but first you would need to discover the secrets involved.
4) any spell or enchantment devised by the magus does not inflict warping on the magus and up to one other person defined at the time it was developed.

I think Leo has said he want to take Giovanni.

Yes, I'm already working on Giovanni and I completed the Verditius magus at gauntlet I'll post both on the wiki for review.

Regarding Giovanni, can I allocate 3 more virtues/flaws (now he has only 7)? I justify this assuming that with the discovery of the heartbeast his magic becomes more defined.

Thanks for the answers.

that would certainly make sense.

silveroak, would you approve the basic concept of the almost-apprentice traded away to a faerie merchant by accident, and then sold to the Magi at the Covenant? If so I'll scrape up a chracter sheet for it.

Hi Bearlord, looking over Eumelia, how many years is she post Gauntlet? Her Warping score should be those years x2 + 1 x year after she gets her LR (sounds a little bit excessive, I know!), silveroak might correct me if I am mistaken.

There's also the matter of the aging rolls themselves (15!) and what LR she could reasonably have access to (+ season lost on this) either from her Arts (not a high CrCo score) or somebody else.

Hi leo,

I wanted to point out that this Saga has the following rule: "Puissence, affinity and classed abilities: where an ability is a class of abilities- living language, professional skill, crafts, for example, puissance and affinity add to all versions of that ability."

So you don't have to assign Puissance to both Goldsmith and Blacksmith, just Puissance: Craft and you are set (pretty strong in combo with Verditius abilities, uff!). So you have 1 more Minor Virtue slot open, awesome. Could it be...Affinity Craft? 8)