character design and development

Insight is for a spell which will aid in childbirth - +6 to rolls (base 5, duration sun, target individual, range touch: total level:20

Can part of the experience from Anna's Latin classes be assigned to Artes Liberales? Not sure of exactly how that works...

Think so, the grogs are doing with even more combinations, Camilla and Danae did it, Sandor and Sybilla also did a Y xp Latin/5 xp Artes Libs split in 1117.

So looking at Ancient Magic, and the Mechanica: You can make a Talisman your Familiar! And give your talisman might! And then teach it stuff! That seems super convenient.

silveroak, Gloriana is declaring a Quest for a familiar. She is looking for a powerful faerie that may be able to help in the lab, and as well use its Might to substitute for her Fatigue, very useful as she can spend fatigue for Corpus vis.

The quest for Merinita contacts: she is looking for a House Merinita teacher and Mystagogue, who might be willing to Initiate some Mysteries, teach Faerie Magic, House Merinita lore, might trade some relevant books, etc, for suitable service/favors. This might also be useful to Evandrus, Gloriana is willing to share much! Currently looking at:
Animae Magic (this one Evandrus may be willing to help with), the Becoming, affinity with Mentem and Imaginem. Don't know how else to frame it, but perhaps you have some suggestions.

Gloriana also wants to become a member of the Neo Mercurians, I have yet to assign seasons to that endeavor. Mainly looking for initiation into Flawless magic, as rituals are pretty risky, or at least the virtue Mastered spells, which all seem right up their alley. At least further teaching in Neo Mercurian Lore and access to Mastery tomes.

Any season you take a class in Latin you can split your experience between the class topic, Latin, and teaching, but the class topic must be at least 50% of the points.
If you are taking a class of Latin (where Latin is the subject being taught) then the points may be split between Latin, Artes Liberales, and teaching, but again Latin must be the majority of the points. In both cases the majority value is calculated before any affinities, but after apt pupil.

With Evandrus already being a neo-mercurian you would have no trouble getting introduced to the cult, and being inducted will require a simple roll against Int+organization lore (neo-Mercurian) of 6 or more. once that is done you can spend a year in instruction to gain the Mercurian magic ritual, and the cult will decide when you receive various initiations.

Speaking of which, the cult has apparently been somewhat behind in offering initiations to Evandrus considering his accomplishments, and will have him submit for initiation into performance magic(organization lore:Neo-Mercurians)... the initiation requires being at the neo-mercurian temple in Iberia at sunrise of the spring equinox, where he must sacrifice an item of value which he has found after a thorough search for the perfect gift to Mercury (1 season quest)...

finding the ideal Merinita mystagogue will require some effort to find someone who can initiate the affinities desired...

For 1118,

Gloriana has no adventures, will advance.

Sybilla has no adventures, will advance.

Danaë has plenty of adventures, will resolve first. Done! Will advance.

Lady A has an adventure in Summer, and Sandor as well, will advance thru Spring; Sandor advanced. Lady A gets her Warping Score to 1 from the LR...Monstrous Blood, silveroak?

Aging roll: _: 1D10 = [5] = 5 + 4 Age - 2 Wealthy- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine - 14 LR = -11, no apparent aging
Severinus''s aging roll: 52: _: 1D10 = [2] = 2 + Age 6 -2 Wealthy - 2 Healthy location - 1 Food - Wine = 2, no apparent aging

Andros will be advanced thru Spring, there is a Summer/Fall adventure. In Spring he invents spells: a +15 damage/Voice version of Sling of Vilano (ReTe 25), and a Sight version of Unseen Arm (ReTe 10). Lab Totals are ReTe 34 + 1 Int + 7 MT + 5 Aura + 7 Simian Rex aid + 14 Lady A aid + 11 Lab (8 spells/2 GQ/1 Re) = 79, roll for Lab Warping: _: 1D10 = [1] = 1 oops, Warping of the spells, roll in side effect table _: 1D10 = [1] = 1, Sigil is very exaggerated, it becomes a significant part of the spell. Hmmph, Andros has no Sigil on the sheet. We'll remedy that. Andros's sigil is martial drums in the distance, objects created give the impression of weaponry.
Andros's own aging roll: _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 + 6 Age - 2 magi Standards- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine-3 familiar bond- 6 LR = -5 nothing happens
Simian Rex advanced!

[strike]Hope that we can resolve the vis shares before 1118 ends![/strike]

I've added the resonant materials to the library, and vis to Anna. I've also added the vis salary of 1 Creo, 1 Rego, 1 Corpus, 2 Perdo, 2 Muto, 2 Aq, but didn't deduct it from the main stores. So should I deduct that or has someone else handled it?

Finally, I have added the confidence from the adventures. Also if I understand Variable Power right Blossom can practice some ability that improves the power. And it would be unique? Let's call it "enhancement". So then Anna would be able to spend a couple seasons practicing, get "Enhancement 1" and get another Ritual Power similar to her existing one?

Also Leaf has a Presence Power, so I assume he's allowed to consume the vis that generates?

If Lady A got at least 3 warping points from the stamina ritual then yes, Monsterous blood. If she did not get that much then I leave it to your discretion what minor supernatural flaw she takes.

changes to the main stores should be handled by Lucio (myself) since they are a reflection of my spreadsheet.

Yep, all her warping comes from those rituals + 1 from the LR.

as a note- both Marcus and Mentor now have a SQ of 20 for their classes...

For 1119:

Danae has no adventures, will advance

Sybilla has no adventures, will advance.

Lady A and Sandor have adventures. Spring/ Summer advancement for Lady A, through Fall for Sandor. Lady A advanced for Fall. And Winter, Aging roll _: 1D10 = [6] = 6 + 4 Age - 2 Wealthy- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine - 14 LR = -10, no apparent aging.
Her husband's aging roll at 53: _: 1D10 = [10] = 10 + Age 6 -2 Wealthy - 2 Healthy location - 1 Food - Wine = 0 no apparent aging

Andros/Simian Rex has too many adventures! No Terram tractatus this Winter, sad. Spring advancement. Spring spells from library: Posing the Silent Question (InMe 20) Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie (InMe 20) TeFo: InMe 18 + 1 int + 7 MT + 10 Lab + 8 Simian Rex + 5 Aura - 6 (3 days over 10) 43, Faerie ingredients shenanigans: _: 1D10 = [1] = 1 Again!! _: 1D10 = [2] = 2 Effect has a minor flaw, ahh! Will think on this and suggest flaws.
Andros/Simian Rex advanced for Fall,
For Winter both went in a boatload of adventures, will advance, Andros'a aging roll:
_: 1D10 = [3] = 3 + 6 Age - 2 magi Standards- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine-3 familiar bond- 6 LR = - 6 nothing happens

Gloriana has 3 adventures. Spring advancement. Summer advancement: Fertility Insight roll: _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 + 13 MT + 3 Int, that's an insight, silveroak. What is the thing she can invent? Ok, "Promenade of Caesar" ReCo 15, Her Lab Total is ReCo 35 + 3 Int + 13 MT + 5 Aura + 1 Lab - 4 time lost = 53, she will also invent Curse of the Unruly Tongue (ReCo 5) and Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand (ReCo 5). Experimentation result: simple die: _: 1D10 = [1] = 1 , Lab Total = 54, needed for 1 season 50, Done., stress die on Experimentation table, _: 1D10 = [2] = 2, huh, perfect spells, no strange modifications, +3 Insight points to Fertility Research.
For her Winter item, she spends 4 Co vis of her small stash, and voila, she has her Bed of the Eternal Sleeper
Gloriana advanced through Fall and Winter, [strike]pending her Insight, whatever she can create in Fall, and the proposed item created in winter.[/strike]

*edited multiple times

Blossom has had her adventures resolved and been advanced!

Also Evandrus's roll for insight. MT(14)+Int(3)+Stress(6)=23=Success?

Evandrus is inspired to create an item which gives +6 to rolls for childbirth (base effect 5) with a duration of moon, touch range and unlimited uses per day.

Updated Leaf and Evandrus! Evandrus is never going to be a renowned healer at this rate.

What will Giovani's heart beast be? Taurus will provide instruction sympathetic to his newly discovered nature...

So, vis salary? Its an odd year, and both Anna and Evandrus will take Intellego, Muto and Terram.

Anna's updated, except the vis salary, so is Evandrus.

Looks like on odd years it's 1 Intellego/1 Muto/1 Terram/1 Herbam or 1 Aquam for the elder magi.
Junior ones get on odd years 1 Perdo/1 Muto/1 Terram or 1 Herbam or 1 Aquam

Andros will take 1 Intellego/1 Muto/1 Terram/1 Herbam

Danaë will take 1 Intellego/1 Muto/1 Terram/1 Aquam

Gloriana is content with 1 Perdo/1 Muto/1 Terram

silveroak, did you determine the Fertility Insight obtained by Gloriana in summer? All the other characters are updated to 1119.

Gloriana will be able to invent the spell "promenade of ceaser" (ReCO:15) which instant transports a fetus from the womb up to 5 paces. (ancient magic p. 56