character design and development

For 1116, Spring adventures are done, will advance all characters. *Others done, will advance those that I may.

Andros and Simian Rex, adventure xp, Andros will write his final Corpus tractatus (until he reaches 21 in Corpus). Adventures for Andros in 1116 are done, will advance
Andros's Aging roll: +6 age + _: 1D10 = [7] = 7 -2 Magi standards - 2 Healthy location - 2 Food/wine - 3 familiar - 6 LR = -2, no change
*Note, have not taken any vis in 1115 and 1116 pending what the other players decide is appropriate for new yearly disbursement.

Camilla becomes a Maga: Gloriana Sentis. After Tribunal, she is going to establish her Lab (starts with 3(0) with spacious, superior construction, superior equipment and empty, correct?). Will advance

Danae takes her xp from the Siderno teacher, Intrigue in Spring. Danae's adventures are done, will advance.

Lady A will read something to get her xp in Spring. Done, adventures for 1116 are done, will advance.
50 Aging roll Severinus's Aging roll Age 5 -2 Wealthy - 2 Healthy location - 1 Food + _: 1D10 = [3] = 3 = 3, apparent aging

still pending: rewards from a couple of adventures, vis from 1115 and 1116 for Danae and Andros, vis for new Maga Gloriana Sentis in 1116.
darkwing, Pazzino has rewards from 1115 Aniko suitor adventure (1 reward, diff 9), and from 1116 Aniko wedding (1 reward, diff 6)
*edited multiple times as things are resolved

nymph blood is in ROP:Faeries, it gives +1 communication. Keeping final stats the same but making that change gives 1 more point for attributes...

Alright then, let's catch up on Evandrus's aging! from 1110 to 1116, that's seven rolls
Two explosions one in 1111, and one in 1113. Anything less is nothing
9*2=18 in 1111 +11 from age, -17 from longevity, -6(?) from living conditions gives 6, for an apparent aging
3*2=6, that's obliterated just from longevity

So one apparent aging

Ok, here go Sybilla and Sandor, Camilla's and Lady Agniezka's spawn respectively for approval:

Str +2 Dex+4 Sta+2 Quik -3 Int +1 Per +1 Pre +1 Com +1
Virtues: Strong Faerie Blood(Dwarf), Affinity with Craft, Apt Student, Improved Characteristics, Great characteristic (Dex),
Cautious with ability (craft), Figurine Magic (Inherited), Large (Inherited), Second Sight (from Strong faerie blood)
Flaws: Faerie Upbringing, Know-it-all (Major) becomes Lecherous (Major), (Inherited) Plagued by Supernatural Entity (Major), Lesser Charm (Figurine magic) (Inherited), Susceptible to Warping, Independent Craftsman (Inherited)
Mischievous childhood: Native language: Arabic 5, Brawl 2, Guile 2 Stealth 2, Second sight 1

The idea is that at some point in her early teenage years, some powerful Faerie will kidnap her for his/her enigmatic reasons, in the Faerie's domain she will be changed, she will learn to become a nearly supernatural crafter (Figurine magic + Large, she will gain the Plagued By Supernatural Entity after she is rescued, her faerie insight will turn her into an Independent craftswoman). Since she is very skilled at crafting, she can be trained in such things early on.

Str +3 Dex+1 Sta+1 Quik 0 Int +1 Per 0 Pre +2 Com +1
Faerie Blood (Ettin), Animal Ken, Grows quickly becomes Knight, Wealthy, Apt Student, Independent Study, Affinity with Leadership, Improved characteristics
Flaws: Bully becomes Proud (Minor), Dark Secret (bastard, conceived by magic), Master of None, Unspecialized, Greedy (Major), Visions
Athletic childhood: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Italian 5, Swim 2

Sandor will be a bully in his childhood, will later shed this to become Proud, he'll Grow Quickly to turn into a Knight. He's an excellent student, but gets bored by the same things quickly (Master of None/Unspecialized). Being Wealthy, he just does whatever strikes his fancy. His Ettin blood makes him Greedy, though his active lifestyle just keeps him muscular and corpulent. Note that I gave him two story Flaws, Dark Secret, and Visions...if you feel he shouldn't have that second one, I will try and find another one.

Str -1 Dex +1 Sta 0 Qik +1 Int +1 Per +2 Pre +1 Com +5
Virtues: Strong Faerie blood (Faerie God), Great Communication x2, Good Teacher, Improved Characteristics, Faerie Legacy. (He shares Aurthor's great communication but his father's hermetic influence has shown up as displaying the traits of Mercury - he will have sympathies towards commerce and trickery)
Flaws: Lecherous (Major), Small Frame - both from Aurthor, Avaricious(minor), supernatural nuisance(guardians of boundaries) - both of these are from the influence of the faerie Mercury
Mischievous Childhood: Native Language Italian:5, Brawl 2, Guile 2, Stealth 2, Second Sight 1
Faerie sympathies: Commerce +1, Trickery +1
This young boy has his father's strengths and weaknesses, blended with some other faerie influence - however in this Ungifted child the faerie influence has shown itself as a talent for trickery and commerce rather than magic and communication. He is fine travelling along roads and rivers (much better than his father, who has no sense of direction), but whenever he crossed boundaries any liminal fae seem to show up and challenge him or put little obstacles in his way - it's as if they expect something special from him.

One issue- faerie upbringing- this means they have not been raised in the covenant for the past 5 years but have been raised by faeries instead- this would require a bit more explanation.
regarding the knight virtue, is this something separate from the raising at the covenant? I seems like a wasted virtue slot when the character is being progressed from age 5...

please do put these children on the wiki for ease of tracking.

note: there are open Latin classes each season- though there is a level limit of 6. Blossom can take these classes. Is she being added as a dependent of the covenant or does she help out (essentially acting as one of her mother's servants)


Hi, silveroak: regarding the Knight virtue, this will be an Inherited one. Sandor will Grow Quickly (Minor Virtue), then discard it when he becomes a Knight, another minor Virtue. Although he will be raised in and around the Covenant, and become a Companion, he still needs that to become a Knight, right? Maybe I am not understanding you correctly. He is the son of Lady Agniezka, so he is noble-born and all that, this seems to be the right path. He has no Covenant Upbringing Flaw, if that's what you are referring to, that's Mercurio.

As for Sybilla's Faerie Upbringing, this was just something to acknowledge her mother's otherworldly nature, a Faerie Upbringed person raising a Strong Faerie Blooded child. It's not particularly essential to the character, so I can definitely change it if you prefer.

If Camilla had sent her to be raised by faeries while she finished her apprenticeship it would certainly apply, but not if she was raised in the covenant by Camilla.

I see the point on Sandor- his exposure obviously comes at his mother's estate but he can still spend his three free seasons a year at the covenant if he wishes. The virtue does cover his equipment and social position so yes it does make sense.

So how do the Companion kids seasonal activity work? 2 seasons of work, 2 seasons of study/training? Obviously Sandor being Wealthy falls into the 3/1. Can Camilla/Gloriana do something to get a better education for her daughter in some of those years?

Aurthor, mighty magus and contributor of fine books that he is, will insist his boy goes to lots of classes and gets as much learning as possible. In a couple of years, he'll see if he can apprentice his boy to a scribe. When Mercurio reaches 10 with no sign of the gift manifesting, Aurthor will have to consider maybe the boy should become a lawyer or one of these new-fangled accountants.

anyone who is not a magus must work- one season/yr if wealthy, 3 seasons/yr if poor, otherwise 2 seasons per year. Most kids start out as servants even if they are not officially called that (doing chores)

For 1117:

•Sybilla has no adventures, will advance.
•Sandor has 1 adventure in Spring, will advance (will take xp from study).
•Lady A had 1 adventure in Spring. She will take her xp from study. As Evandrus's MT tractatus is not yet available, she will read Taurus's MT tractatus. I will advance her, she will assist in the creation of her LR in Winter.
Lady A's first aging roll: _: 1D10 = [2] = 2 + 4 Age - 2 Wealthy- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine - 14 LR = -14, no apparent aging
Her husband's aging for 51: _: 1D10 = [7] = 7 + Age 6 -2 Wealthy - 2 Healthy location - 1 Food - Wine = 7 apparent aging

•Andros has 1 adventure in Spring, will advance, LR for lady A in Winter. Will advance and roll what has to be rolled.
LR for Lady A, expected Lab Total: CrCo 28 + 8 MT + 1 Int + 5 Aura + 3 Lab + 7 Simian Rex + 14 Lady A assistance = 66. +14 LR, spend 7 pawns of CrCo; Roll for Lab Warping: _: 1D10 = [6] = 6, no shenanigans, Andros spends 2 Cr, 1 Co of his stash, Danae spends 4 from her stash to pay for the Ritual that they had agreed to when she was recruited.
Andros's own aging roll: _: 1D10 = [6] = 6 + 6 Age - 2 magi Standards- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine-3 familiar bond- 6 LR = -3, nothing happens

•Gloriana Sentis has two Insight rolls from the Fertility figurines, 1 in Spring, 1 in Fall, silveroak, she has +15 to the rolls. She still has an adventure to resolve in Winter with her parens. First one was a failure, curses! At least not a botch! She will apply herself in the Fall to again study for Insight from the same Fertility figure, success this time. OK, She needs 50 for charged item level 25. She has Lab Total left over, she will also attempt to create a corpse-preserving spell, CrCo 5: Base 2, R:Voice, D: Conc, T: Circle. Needs 60 Lab total, This is CrCo 50 + Int 3 + MT 13 Creo + 5 Aura + 1 Lab - 8 distractions + Experimentation roll _: 1D10 = [5] = 5 = Lab Total ends up at 69, more than enough. Side effect roll: _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 minor side effect.
Up to silveroak, I'd suggest something like potion drinker's hair grows extra long, reaching the ground, for the length of the pregnancy. Gloriana creates 3 such potions (rolled 9 over 50 total needed, other 10 went to corpse spell). For corpse spell side-effect, I'd suggest the corpses twitch and spasm a little. Will advance.
Hmm, mistook how Charged items work, you set a level and by how much you exceed it is the number of charges. Level was 25, so only needed a 25 for 1 charge. Bah, would have used the extra for something better than corpse spell, but what's done is done, just have 5 more charges.

•Danae had adventures in Spring, the rest of the year it's delivery service, will advance. Danae pays 2 creo , 2 Co for lady A's LR. Have to use her magic item levels and vis and start gathering agents!

3rd year in a row no vis has been disbursed!

*edited for details

rolled a 0 and a 2- so no botch, then a 3, which provides insight in the second season of research.
Will post inspiration spell later

inspiration spell: potion of creation (charged item, CrCo 25- if a woman drinks this potion and has intercourse with a fertile man within a day she is guaranteed to conceive- if the man is not human (faerie etc...) a stress stamina roll of 9+ indicates she will still conceive. Such a child will inherit traits from their father.

Did Evandrus get any insight? Should I roll for it?

Also, Anna is gonna have to use the Nocturnal lab schedule to make her Wand of Light. Wait, do we have people for free superior equipment and superior tools?

Neat! Will create this in Winter 1117. Because she had no Insight for Summer spell creation, she will invent spells from lab Texts in that season.

Here is Earth Wahabb, in Danae's page, her recently bound Djinn, and a template for those at that power level.

Go ahead and roll for Evandrus' insight, if you do get one I will determine what the insight is.

9+14(MT)+3(Int)=26. I think that's an insight!