character design and development

I prefer none, but have certainly allowed an initiation within mystery houses before, so 1 should be fine. 1 season to initiate, assuming the parens either is or knows the mystagogue.

Ok, one last question before I go on whit Oliverius v2.

The mystery of Elder Runes allow a magus to use MT x Philosophiae pawns of Vis per season, right?

A longevity ritual by a magus with this mystery is ok for you?

I mean, I can easily get a LR with a very high magnitudo without breaking the rules as written, but maybe you prefer to put a limit.

It allows them to use more vis when enchanting a device which does not include longevity rituals.

I missed the "when enchanting a device" phrase on the book! :open_mouth:

So ok, MT x 2 as limit of Vis used in a LR.

So Anna has a familiar quest coming up soon. Here is a proposal for her familiar: A wolf! Not a wolf of virtue, but a magical wolf. Comments? Thoughts? Horrible mistakes I made?

Looking over the character, I feel a badger might be a better fit...

Hi silveroak,

I have posted on the wiki the new version of Oliverius, can you take a look and tell if it's ok?

There is (by RAW) a 5 point limit to minor flaws.

You are right, I made the Driven flaw major and deleted 2 minor flaws.

Something else?

starting characters must be legal starting characters, even with initiations, meaning no more that 10 points in flaws and virtues.

Hmm, so if I drop Good Teacher (+1) and Difficult Spontaneus Magic (-1) I should be fine?

yes, however keep in mind that this is your teacher for your main character you are making. Good teacher might not be the best virtue to drop.

Good point, I'll drop Inventive Genius then.

go ahead and add Eumelia in 1121, I'm going to assign her to Leo, she comes in with her apprentice already as per the backstory, but unopened. She will also need to either set up a lab or take over the abandoned lab...

regarding Neleos- the only issue is the Theban Tribunal, which has a very different way of allocating apprentices- could we relocate his back story to a Greek Colony (or former Greek colony) outside of the Theban tribunal? Malta would be interesting as it is technically outside any current tribunal, though it would be likely to be claimed by the Roman tribunal, or of course there were multiple colonies and places ruled by Greece in Apulia (south eastern Italy) until they were conquered by the Normans in the 1090's...

silveroak, Gloriana managed a Fertility Insight in Winter. What form will it take?

I'm more than happy to kick him to Apulia. I admit my knowledge of tribunal-specific policies and rules is limited. I need to decide if I want to be the Abandoned Apprentice story flaw, or be 14 with educational virtues... which seems old for an apprentice. I'll work on him over the week.

what was the source of her insight?

One of the figurines, there were 5, and this is the third one she is successful with.

Hasn't Evandrus also gotten three insights from figurines? I think he has. And since there are only five figurines that would mean she's repeating one of his. Oh hey, Evandrus should probably write out his insight texts.