character design and development

Yep, she has! If Evandrus writes down his Insights, once he hits the Fertility virtue itself (let's face it, Gloriana is one day late and a dollar short in this race), she can go for the Fertility Lore skill break thru, and share those goodies.

I should remind you that Evandrus also promised his sodales to write down his LR discovery lab text from Pazzino's LR, and he hasn't yet put it in the library! :smiley:

Before I begin the crazy rolling fest, silveroak, can you confirm that Aurthor apparently needs 14 aging rolls? (Going on 15 now I think)
Also, at what point should I add the xp to Aurthor's sheet? I have trouble following if all the adventures have gone through. (Not that I went into any.) Can I assume no problems with the lower level flying spell, since no experimentation?

silveroak, regarding my apprentice possibilities, I changed Neleos to being from Apulia per your suggestion. As he is right now, he's been kidnapped before his Tytalus master was at all vested in him. It's the simplest option, with few entanglements. There are a few options I could do to make the character more realized:

  1. Trade faerie friend for Abandoned Apprentice, add a bit of time to represent his training in Latin and MT. I don't particularly like the AA flaw, because it requires him to have his arts opened, and I was hoping to have that done by whoever picks him up.
  2. Advance him to 14 to pick up Educated virtue, to allow him to be trained in Latin. Not particularly fond of this due to late starting apprenticeship age.
  3. Theoretically I could throw in Covenant Upbringing to represent spending half his life in a covenant. Would this be acceptable? *preferred
    I also added a couple of other options, like grabbing Enemy instead of Faerie Friend, or taking Student of Faerie to represent him becoming tied to Faerie stories via his 'purchase', or Self Confident to represent his time with the Tytalus Mage. If you tell me which of these ideas you prefer, I can push him into production.

As I recall there were no problems with the flying spell. I don't see where any aging rolls have been recorded, but based on where there is a variation in style of documentation that would seem correct.
All of the adventures have gone through, documentation of xp is in the adventures in brief thread, though it may require some degree of searching to find them that far back.

I am fine with covenant upbringing but would prefer to avoid abandoned apprentice as well. Covenant upbringing will allow for starting points to be put into Latin.

Re-checked math, including 1120, I need 16 rolls. So, ritual +21, lab Health +2, covenant livin' +1, total of 24 bonus. Age is 4 for the first 8(total -20), and 5 for the second 8(total -19)
* Age rolls for 37-44:
37: 1D10-20 = [1]-20 = -19
38: 1D10-20 = [8]-20 = -12
39: 1D10-20 = [4]-20 = -16
40: 1D10-20 = [8]-20 = -12
41: 1D10-20 = [1]-20 = -19
42: 1D10-20 = [8]-20 = -12
43: 1D10-20 = [6]-20 = -14
44: 1D10-20 = [1]-20 = -19

* stress dice for 37, 41, and 44:
37+ 1D10 = [5] = 5 (x2-20=-10)
41+ 1D10 = [2] = 2 (x2-20 = -16)
44+ 1D10 = [7] = 7 (x2-20 = -6)

* age rolls for 45-52 (through 1120):
45: 1D10-19 = [10]-19 = -9
46: 1D10-19 = [7]-19 = -12
47: 1D10-19 = [10]-19 = -9
48: 1D10-19 = [1]-19 = -18
49: 1D10-19 = [2]-19 = -17
50: 1D10-19 = [7]-19 = -12
51: 1D10-19 = [9]-19 = -10
52: 1D10-19 = [9]-19 = -10

* stress die for age 48:
1D10 = [2] = 2

So there you have it, no apparent aging!

Note that Lab Health only gives a +1 bonus to Aging rolls for every +2 Health (not that you needed that extra bonus)
From Covenants p.111:
"The Health score adds to any Wound Recovery rolls for inhabitants of the lab. Also, half of the Health score (rounded down) adds to the Living Conditions (used for Aging rolls) for inhabitants, provided that they spend at least half of the year there"

The Covenant has a +2 Health modifier Boons (really healthy!), and currently +1 because of good food, +1 because of good wine, and +2 Magi Standards.

So I misread some of the things, but apparently Aurthor is the blushing youth of health. He's basically hale. Are those numbers written down anywhere on the wiki? I did a quick look but didn't find anything, and based my numbers on what Aurthor had before, modified by an increase in health for his lab.

The Healthy Feature (minor boon) x2 is in the Boons and Hooks section

The others I think silveroak has been informing us when they are achieved, probably in the Council thread, though that would require some digging!

I've added the accounting under setting notes

Hi silveroak, haven't filled out some things waiting on this: "one of the figurines, there were 5, and this is the third one she is successful with". One that Evandrus has already used, don't know which one.

There were 5 figurines, Evandrus has gained insight from 3, which would mean there are 2 remaining...

okay- insight: "Case for preservation of the male essence"
spell is CrCo base 2 (preservation of body), range touch, duration day, target part:Level 10
enchantment: 2 uses per day, event trigger (sunrise/sunset)-
this object will preserve the male "essence" placed inside it from the time of emission to a date of future use for impregnating a woman. total level 14 (3 breakthrough points)

additionaly children born from the ritual botch could be studied for insight into fertility magic... that will obviously use their season as well...

What!? Money!! The Praesidium Orae Fertility Clinic is open for business! 8)

regarding Oliverius- his talisman states that it becomes unbreakable for a base 3 MuTe effect +2 for affecting metal and gems- which makes dirt slightly unnatural. To make a metal virtually unbreakable seems more highy unnatural of a base 10 effect to me- or base 4 +2 magnitudes for affecting metal and gems

I also disagree with the item in covenants, using the guidelines from HOH:societies and craft magic it should be base 4, not 2+1, adding a magnitude. However for the effect which you are wanting should be governed by the highest magnitude craft magic, for unprepared timber, which is 5 (there are no guidelines for human bodies, but assuming they would be similar to animal guidelines for leather and bone), plus a magnitude for each additional requisite category as it signifigantly increases the range of the effect, so "cut everything" would be level 40

Lab wheel: no. first of all at magnitude 30 this would be generating 1000 HP or 745 kilowatts. A 745 Kilowat generator in the modern day requires signifigant structural support that is simply not available in mundane terms in medieval/mythic Europe. Even if this constraint were not an issue it would not give +6 to items. In fact it would probably generate some bonus to Au or I'm from the noise and wind such an item would generate.

silveroak here my proposed corrections

Pen n/a, constant effect
R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind
The talisman becomes virtually unbreakable.
(Base 4, +2 Sun, +2 affect metal and gems; +4 constant)

Pen n/a, unlimited uses
R: Touch, D: Inst, T: Part
As stone cutting knife in Covenants p.52 but affect metals also.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Part; +10 unlimited uses)

I propose to substitute the lab wheel with this one

This silver statuette gives the laboratory the Superior heating virtue without the space and upkeep cost.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +3 Room; +4 constant)

Those all work

infallible iron spear: base 5 ReTe does +5 damage, for throwing a stone, which has a base damage of +2 on the weapon tables, a Javelin has +5 base damage, so this spell needs to have a 15 base instead of 5.

The spell must penetrate, is a variation of the Crystal Dart (Core p. 154) with a Creo requisite because create the spear from nothing and not from the ground.

In the Crystal Dart a base 3 Mu(Re)Te does +10 damage.

The final level and damage of Infallible Iron Spear is the same of Pilum of Fire, that doesn't have the requisite penalty.

A final level of 25 and the requisite penalty doesn't seems too far away from what other "attack spells" can do?

Just discussing, your Saga your rules.

The Crystal Dart was grandfathered from previous editions instead of following the spell guidelines. ReTe guidelines specify hurling a stone projectile with enough force to do +15 damage is magnitude 15. Of course you are creating an iron javelin instead of using a rock- a thrown rock lists a damage code of +2, a javelin a damage code of +5, a long spear +7, so we can give you +5 damage from the form created, but that would still give you a base 10 magnitude to do +10 damage (+15 including the weapon shape), and the creo aspect would add a magnitude as it definitely gives more potency to the spell...

So, I'm a little lost at this point... Is this version Ok for you?

R: Voice, D: Inst, T: Ind
A spear of iron materializes and speed of at a target that is within Voice range, doing +15 damage.
(Base 10, +2 Voice, +1 Re)