character design and development

Hi raccoonmask!

I may be very late,and this already been discussed, but I just noticed Oliverius Refined his lab twice in one year, in the first year he took possession. Don't you need to work in the lab for one year per current Refinement score to attempt to further Refine it? (thus at least to 1123 to attempt the 2nd Refinement).

As to the Metallic minion, are you crafting two as Lesser Enchanted items, or one as a Greater Enchanted item, Opening in the first and enchanting in the second?
This is the Tireless Servant but with metal, not bone, correct?

you do need to have worked a lab for a number of years equal to the refinement score in order to refine it.

For 1123, Sybilla has no adventures, she's shy! Will advance.

Sandor has an adventure in Summer, will advance for Spring. Done, will advance.

Gloriana binds Mother Rabbit in Spring. Advanced for the year.
Aging roll: _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 +4 age - 2 Magi standards - 2 Healthy Feature - 1 Good food - 1 Good wine - 2 Bronze cord = -0 no apparent aging.

[strike]Others await the results of adventures or invitations to adventure.[/strike]

Lady A has no adventures, will advance for the year. Aging roll: _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 + 4 Age - 2 Wealthy- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine - 14 LR = -12, no apparent aging.
Her husband's aging roll: _: 1D10 = [8] = 8 + Age 6 -2 Wealthy - 2 Healthy location - 1 Food - 1 Wine = 8 apparent aging

Andros has no adventures until Winter, will advance him for Spring to Fall. Winter will advance. Aging roll: _: 1D10 = [3] = 3 + 7 Age - 2 magi Standards- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine-3 familiar bond- 6 LR = - 5 nothing happens

Danae will study her jinn for Sihr in Spring. Her Summer adventures are finished, will advance.
First aging roll! _: 1D10 = [9] = 9+4 Age + - 2Magi standards - 2 Healthy feature -1 Good Food - 1 Good wine = 7, nothing happens (Unaging)

silveroak, I was unable to translate Mother Rabbit to Faerie, and I love the concept so much that Gloriana will indeed bind the fertile bunny.

You are correct- For some reason I thought this was my second season. I added the refining in there to just move things along. Numerically I could have done the greater feature with one season of refining, so I switched the Spring forge-setup with that extra refining. Numerically it should all work out.

Regarding the Metallic Minion: He's going to be crafting two items: One for Aurthor, as promised. Then, he's going to use the Vis from that production to make a second one for his own lab.

Thanks racconmask!

You are creating it as a Lesser Enchanted item then, in one season, but how are you getting to 80 Lab total? Andros was also raising his arts to create something like the original in the book, so I tried to work out your route and I obviously missed something.

I get ReTe 28 + 3 int + 11 MT + 5 Philosophae (Verditius runes) + 6 Craft iron + 5 Aura + Lab 3 + assorted unnamed Shape and Material Boni up to +6 + 1 Hubris = 68.
If you add the Rego Elder Rune, you get to 82, but the Metallic Minion level goes up to 45, right, requiring a 90 Lab Total? Arduino is busy in the schedule, so I guess he's not helping in the lab for this project.

Is it that your focus (Metals) applies? I have seen endless discussions in the forums about focus(swords) and such not applying to enchanting items just because the thing being enchanted is your focus, is this something silveroak ruled on? If so it would seem too powerful as it would never not apply to anything Oliverius would ever craft.

I did apply the magical focus on Metals, because I am using Rego Terram to magically manipulate and move metals - not just enchanting metal to (for example) spit fire. If Silveroak says that doesn't apply, then I'll start fiddling with the numbers more.

for animating a metal statue, even as enchantment it does apply. as long as the effect is based in metals.

Evandrus's spell invention results:
First spell: Child of Last Night's meeting.
Simple Die:5 Not that it really matters, since he has I think 80+ without even Clawballs help.
Risk=+1, Extraordinary results dieurl=[/url]+1=9= Special or Story Event. Uh oh. This can't end well.

Assuming the result isn't too terrible the next spell invention: Frozen Womb!
Simple Die(4) Woo.
Extraordinary Resultsurl=[/url]+1=5
Side Effecturl=[/url]=Minor Side Effect for Frozen Womb

Spells were from here

P.S. If you look up Evandrus's history you'll see I made several rolls that were 1d0 on accident. Obviously I ignored those. :blush: Interestingly the result is automatically 1 on a zero sided die. Who'd a thunk it?

Hi silveroak, couple of questions:

•Haven't resolved 1122 Winter Gloriana's Initiation into Mentem affinity. There was a quest involved, not sure if you wanted to roll an adventure (for which the season was left open) or exactly what.

•Gloriana desires a dedicated casting space with all the works for ceremonial magic, she will quest for unique props. She might even install a Greater Feature that would grant +3 to Rituals (casting and inventing), is this reasonable?

•How do the Magi go about obtaining Objects of Virtue?

•Mother Rabbit: added Second Sight to the skills. Will add in the specialties.
•What is MR's Teaching exactly, she has Puissant and affinity and skill 10, is it skill 10+2?
•How does her Comm. raising power work? She has -5 Comm, but because it's a constant power she has +1 in the end?

Evandrus is updated.

Silveroak, with Evandrus's two most recent spells he's up to 35 points for integrating Fertility Magic. So is that enough for the breakthrough? I know thirty-five is what Ancient Magic recommends, but I don't know if anything is getting varied. And if it is enough for the breakthrough is the result just straight out of ancient magic?

Oh and there is a minor side effect for Frozen Womb...

side effect- the mother's breasts continue to swell/grow during the suspended pregnancy

yes, 35 points is enough for the breakthrough, you now have the virtue Fertility ritual magic, let the conceiving of children commence.

the quest should be an adventure, I assumed the season dedicated to initiation was spent in service to the mystagogue, you will still need to schedule the adventure.
rituals is not a category you can specialize your lab in- you can add a feature to specialize in spells, but it will only add to invention, not casting. Longevity rituals can be specialized in, or any of the arts...
things of virtue can be quested for, and count as twice their value in vis. Keep in mind that most items of virtue cannot be used by hermetic magi due to magic resistance.
MR teaching is 8+2, her SQ as a teacher is obviously then 10+5(good teacher)+com- which will depend on whether anything has disrupted her magically enhanced communication characteristics. Assuming she maintains an effective +1 com she has a SQ:16, which will be the case unless something disrupts her power, which would only happen during an adventure.

Hi silveroak,

Ok, Winter will have been service to the Mystagogue (exposure MT), and will declare a Quest for 1124 to resolve the Initiation.

Thanks for the Mother Rabbit clarification.

Gloriana will still try to build a dedicated Ritual casting space in her sanctum per p 58-59 HoH:S, and obtain a number of Medium props to carry and a Large one as part of construction.

Hi silveroak

I'd like to know if Ibis, the new familiar of Aurthor, has your approval.

One more question, familiars advance with no penalty for might right? Is it applied for Transformation also? I mean, if Ibis practice to gain a magical quality 8), gets all the 4 XPs per season without spending vis?

familiars do not face a might based penalty for advancing with the magus- adventuring together, learning from the magus, exposure working with the magus, reading in the same season as the magus reads. Independent learning sources still face a might penalty.

As for Ibis, I'm trying to understand your process for creating this character. As written including size adjustments it has 18 points in characteristics- 10 in physical and 8 in mental, with the physical characteristics being 8 above the default for a bird, yet you only have improved characteristics twice

I have been lazy and took the characteristics of the wise owl of the forest (RoP: Magic p.65) as written including the 2 improved characteristics virtues :blush: .

Doing the math myself now: Int +2, Per +2, Pre +1, Com +1, Str +2, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik +3 -> 13 points allocated (7 + 6 from Improved Characteristics x2).

After Size -4 adjustments (add twice the Size to Str, substract it from Qik) Ibis will have Str -6, Qik +5.

Final characteristics: Int +2, Per +2, Pre +1, Com +1, Str -6, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik +5. These values do not differ much from those reported for the bird of Nephelococcugia character guide (RoP: Magic p.68) so I think are acceptable for a bird.

What do you think silveroak? These new values are ok?

Int +2: 3
Per +2: 3
Pre +1: 1
Com +1: 1
Str +2/-6: 3
Sta +1: 1
Dex +1: 1
Quick +1/+5: 1
3+3+1+1+3+1+1+1=14, so it is still one over
remember points into characteristics do not simply buy charateristics- a 1 is 1 point, a 2 is 3 and so forth.

You are right silveroak, dropping Pre to 0 Ibis should be fine: Int +2, Per +2, Pre 0, Com +1, Str +2(-4), Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik +3(+5).

BAM! Anna and Fang are updated. Anna has a new spell! Woot!

silveroak Regarding Ibis, are there any other issues apart characteristics values (now fixed)? I'm waiting for your approval to update my characters.