Character Development: Ancel scholae Trianomae

I hope this isn't out of line, despite being late to the party. This first post is just to have a spot for me to work out the details of my character rather than the main Character Development Thread.

Ancel of House Bonisagus, magus Trianomae and Seeker

I'm looking at a Bonisagus who exemplifies a mix of both the House's founders. On the one hand, you have a magus who's willing to talk to 'exotic' traditions on an amicable basis and see what they have to offer to the world of magic; or to seek out ancient sources of magic and revive them. On the other hand, you have someone willing to take that magic and make it fit within the Hermetic Theory. While I haven't fully worked out stats, I'm looking at someone with either some Breakthrough work, or Integration work (a la Hedge Magic).

While reading through Ancient Magic, they did mention 'little' integration projects, that only require 15 Breakthrough points. Although such a breakthrough would likely be something a true Bonisagus lab rat would sniff his nose at, I'm thinking that my magus would revel in these 'little' discoveries. Sure, the corresponding prestige is smaller, but maybe he just doesn't really care so much about that. Alternately, he's made amicable contact with a local hedge tradition and is working on his integration project(s) on that end. I don't want to make it more specific without getting some OK that Breakthrough projects are suitable for this saga.

I realize that research-types tend to have weaker scores than dedicated scholars, but such is the sacrifice innovators make for the greater good of the Order. :smiley:

Seems like a cool idea, and when I play its usually a boni lab rats. I'm fine with breakthroughs in the saga.

Your maximum hermetic age is 46. It can be as low as 40.


  1. Is the Hermetic age random or something I can work with?

  2. Are there any particular breakthrough projects offlimits? Is the breakthrough something I can pick to work on? Is it something that you'd like me to run by you first? (I imagine the last one will always be the case, but hey, can't hurt to ask) :slight_smile:

  3. We're starting the saga in 1220, right? (therefore, my character would have been born mid 12th century)

(did we meet at the Bay Area tribunal?)

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1)Hermetic age is random (40+a stress die, which i rolled and posted in your thread). You may be younger than your max, but i strongly recommend you be at least G+40.

  1. run it by me first.


Sketching out some more details. I've thought that the V&Fs represent more what he'll end up with. Perhaps some V&Fs were gained through adventures, initiations, or Twilight experiences: he didn't necessarily have all these V&Fs through apprenticeship, that is.

Age: 70 (Gauntlet +46)
Born: 1150 AD
Size: +0
Confidence: 1 (3)

Intelligence +4
Perception +1
Presence +1
Communication +3

Strength -2
Stamina +1
Dexterity +0
Quickness +1

The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Puissant Intrigue, Gentle Gift, Puissant Magic Theory, Book Learner, Improved Characteristics x2, Great Intelligence, Good Teacher, Cautious Sorcerer

Virtues primarily represent his upbringing in the premier House of the Order; if not already claimed by a Trianoma Bonisagus, a more research-oriented Bonisagus would likely have claimed him. He has absorbed elements from both sides of the House, however. He has natural talents which allow him to engage in and work with hedge wizards more easily; hedge wizards taught by him in the basics of Hermetic theory, or Parma Magica, receive excellent instruction -- which helps move their loyalty closer to the Order, something a Trianoma magus always encourages.

Enemies (Major), Driven (Major), Twilight Prone, Seeker

  • Driven: "To seek out new life, and new civil--" Er, wait. "To seek out new and exotic magic and integrate them into established Hermetic theory". It's not enough simply to find them, House Bonisagus is also known to advance theory. Also, it'll stick it to those lab rats who never leave home if I do it first!
  • Enemies: He's probably not been entirely successful in his dealings with exotic magi all the time. Or perhaps some other group/covenant/Tribunal/mundane think that a certain group of hedge wizards belongs to them and dislike some stranger coming in and getting chummy with their hedgies.
  • Twilight Prone: Exposure to magic and magi outside the known boundaries of Hermetic theory has its risks.
  • Seeker (HoH:True Lineages, p.25): Ancel is open about his affiliation with the Seekers

Personality Traits
Driven (as above) +3
Curious +3
Brave +1
Seeker +3

Abilities (As of being Gauntleted, Hermetic Age +0)
Normandy Tribunal Lore (exotic magic/magi) 2
Athletics (run) 1
Awareness (searching) 2
Brawl (dodging) 1
Charm (first impressions) 2
Concentration (lab work) 2
Etiquette (magi) 2
Folk Ken (magi) 2
Guile (fast talk) 2
Intrigue (alliances) 1
Leadership 1
Speak French 5
Order of Hermes Lore 1
Profession Scribe (copying) 1
Teaching 1
Artes Liberales 1
Speak Latin 4
Magic Theory 3+2
Code of Hermes (exotic wizards) 1
Finesse 1
Magic Lore 1
Parma Magica (Mentem) 1
Penetration (Intellego) 1

(Specializations for certain skills TBD)

Cr 4 In 5 Mu 2 Pe 0 Re 3
An 0 Aq 0 Au 0 Co 5 He 0
Ig 0 Im 5 Me 5 Te 0 Vi 6

Spells (120 levels)
InCo 15 - Whispers Through the Black Gate
InIm 20 - The Ear for Distant Voices
InMe 10 - Sight of the Transparent Motive
InMe 20 - Posing the Silent Question
InVi 2 - Sense of Magic's Corporeal Form ()
InVi 2 - Sense of Magic Power (
InVi 2 - Sense of Faerie Power ()
InVi 2 - Sense of Infernal Power (
InVi 2 - Sense of Divine Power (*)
InVi 5 - Scales of the Magical Weight
InVi 5 - Sense the Nature of Vis
InVi 20 - Piercing the Magic Veil
ReVi 15 - Gather the Essence of the Beast

(*) Variations of the Level 1 InVi spells that detect the presence of vis, or a given Aura. +1 Magnitude for Touch


  • Advancement: He will likely go into Intellego and Vim, with minor focuses on Im, Me. There will likely be a flurry of Creo and Corpus research as he nears Longevity Ritual age. I'm estimating that around the 20 or so year mark (Hermetic Age) he should have a broad enough Arts base to potentially take an apprentice.
  • Hermetic Research: Something relatively safe, he's looking to formalize the 'Comprehend Magic' Virtue that Ex Miscellaneous Pralicians use with their magic. In his Seeker mode, he's dealt a good deal with House Ex Miscellanea, and the Lineage of Pralix in particular to get exotic magi inducted into the Order. He's become fascinated by the Pralicians' ability to relatively easily analyze spells, beings, and magical artifacts in their work. (HoH:Societates pp.107-108; Comprehend Magic, Supernatural Virtue (with Ability) is a 45-point Breakthrough project based on the various Breakthrough and Integration notes in HoH:True Lineages, Ancient Magic, and Hedge Magic)
  • His Gentle Gift allows him to approach exotic magi without the usual penalties that Hermetic magi have, allowing him to make overtures to hedge wizards in order to learn from them. Although curious, he is not reckless with his interactions and tries to be mindful of the Peripheral Code when dealing with them. He will, under no circumstances, offer to teach them Parma Magica, for instance, unless/until they are members of the Order and have sworn the Oath.

One last note: Yes, I remember you, Ken. The crazed, ancient Tremere whose Tribunal initiative was the only thing passed. :wink:


  • Write book every 3rd Winter
  • Attend Tribunal every 7th Summer
  • Have adventure every 4th Spring
  • Learn Parma Magica every 5th Autumn
  • Correspondence in Magic Theory every season

I'll be doing up my advancement in a spreadsheet and make it available for review. One question: What is the Communication score of my Correspondent(s)? I'm trying to determine the Quality score of books generated by collections of letters, and the Communication of both correspondents is factored into the Quality.


That's me! :wink:



Advancement, Years 1-5

Year 1
Spring: Study Vim Summa, +13 xp
Summer: Study Vim Summa, +13xp
Autumn: Study Intellego Summa, +18xp
Winter: Study Magic Theory Summa, +15xp
Correspondence: Magic Theory each season, +4xp

Year 2
Spring: Adventure (encountering local hedge wizards), +10xp Magic Lore
Summer: Study Vim Summa, +13 xp
Autumn: Study Rego Summa, +20 xp
Winter: Study Magic Theory Summa, +15xp
Correspondence: Magic Theory each season, +4xp

Year 3
Spring: Study Rego Summa, +20xp
Summer: Study Vim Summa, +13xp
Autumn: Study Rego Summa, +20xp
Winter: Write Book, Exposure Profession Scribe, +2xp (?)
Correspondence: Magic Theory each season, +4xp

Year 4
Spring: Study Perdo Summa, +18xp
Summer: Study Vim Summa, +13xp
Autumn: Original Research, Exposure Magic Theory +2xp
Winter: Original Research, Exposure Magic Theory +2xp
Correspondence: Magic Theory each season, +4xp

Year 5
Spring: Learn spell from Lab Text (Aegis of the Hearth, ReVi 35), Exposure Vim +2xp
Summer: Learn spells from Lab Text (Wind of Mundane Silence, PeVi 20; Humbling the Creature of Magic, PeVi 10(*)), Exposure Vim +2xp
Autumn: Learn Parma Magica from instructor, +12xp
Winter: Learn spell from Lab Text (Wind of Mundane Silence, PeVi 30), Exposure Vim +2xp


  • (*) Similar to Demon's Eternal Oblivion, except it targets creatures with Magic Might
  • Hermetic Research will begin in Year 4. Ancel will start by inventing InVi 15 effects (lab total 35). The spell will be variations of Eyes of the Dissembling Fae. He will apply a +2 Risk Modifier. He will invent one spell for each Realm. Research Season 1 will be Eyes of the Dissembling Fae. Research Season 2 will be Eyes of the Airy Spirit (to detect invisible/disguised creatures of the Magic realm)
  • Eyes of the Dissembling Fae, InVi 15 (Base: 2, +1 Concentration, +4 Vision), Allows the caster to detect a Faerie creature of Might 40 or higher, even if it is disguised or invisible, and need not penetrate Magic Resistance (See Hedge Magic, p.53)

Books Produced

  • Commentary on Hermetic Magic (A study of Bonisagus' Principia Magica), Q13 (Magic Theory)
  • Two Correspondence books on Magic Theory, gathered from his letters (Quality TBD)

Books Completed Reading

  • Hermetic Magic (A study of Bonisagus' Principia Magica) (Magic Theory)
  • Ruminations of Pure Magic (Vim)
  • On Divination (Intellego)
  • Magical Control (Rego)
  • Foundation of Destruction (Perdo)

House Bonisagus Acclaim (Boukoloi) 1 (7xp)

  • Invent an original spell, +3xp
  • Invent an original spell, +3xp
  • Stabilize a discovery, +1xp

Net Changes

  • Intellego +18xp
  • Perdo +18xp
  • Rego +60xp
  • Vim +70xp
  • Magic Theory +54xp
  • Magic Lore +10xp
  • Profession Scribe +2xp (?)
  • Parma Magica +12xp
  • Learned 4 new spells (standard)
  • Conducted 2 seasons of Original Research, inventing new spells in the process

Question: Does spending a season writing a book count as Exposure or Practice for the purposes of Profession: Scribe?

Research results for Year 4, Autumn and Winter seasons

Spell being invented: Eyes of the Dissembling Fae (InVi 15) as described above.

Invisible Castle Rolls: 8, 8
With a risk modifier of +2, Ancel can move the result by up to 2.

Autumn Season: Discovery Roll of 8 -> 10 (Discovery!)
Winter Season: Stabilization Roll of 8 -> 10 (Non-failure) Success!

Warping Point Roll for the Stabilization success: Invisible Castle Roll: 4
Warping Points gained: 3 - 4 = -1 (No Warping Points Gained)

Year 4 Result: 3 Breakthrough Points gained, +1 House Bonisagus Acclaim Points

Breakthrough Points to Date: 3

I have to wonder now if 'Twilight Prone' is a good thing for a theoretician to have, given that every Stabilization will result in a twilight point gain roll. Heh.

heh! :wink:

Hey Renimar,

As I myself mainly pay my covenant work with contributions to the Library, I could not help but notice you wrote that you'll write a book every third winter. We are obliged to do covenant work every second, not third, year to gain our Vis salary :smiley:

(And it's nice to have another good writer at Falling Leaves!)

I'll note that every other year, I'm also adding a book composed of letters that work out to a Tractatus. As such, it works out that I'll be contributing a book every other year and every third year. :slight_smile:

However, that does bring to mind a question: Can adventures be qualified as 'covenant duty'?

ROF: You're right about obligations to the covenant for our vis salary, so I'm redoing my progression to write a book every other year. This has the added benefit of increasing our book supply and/or giving me books with which to trade. :slight_smile:

It's going to be a busy weekend, as I've got tabletop games today, tomorrow and Sunday, but I've been doing hand-written notes on progression that I just need to type up. I'm hoping to have Years 1-15 all posted.

Sorry it has taken me so long to comment. This is mostly fine, but I note that you take MT correspondence every season. I think that correspondence has to relate directly to what you are working on:

Saying that magic theory is always within the theme of any magical activity; including study of Arts or Arcane abilities, or going on an adventure, is too broad. If you read in Vim, you can correspond in Vim. If you adventure, then you're not "reading or researching" to get correspondence at all. i think the rule of thumb is that If you could not claim exposure XP in the Ability/Art, then you can't usefully correspond to get the 1 xp. MT correspondence would be available if you read MT, practiced MT, or did any lab work (since you can always claim lab work as MT exposre).

Good work on already achieving a stable discovery. You're off to a good start.

Study under a Pralican would be a good source of insight for you. Since you are not far from their "home territory" it would be fairly easy to make contact with one at or shortly after Tribunal. If you choose to do so, one young Pralican is interested in your proposal. He will teach you about his magic, if you will agree to teach him or work for him for two seasons for every one he teaches you. if you agree, the length of the teaching depends on how quickly you grasp his strange magic. Each season you learn from him you make an Intelligence + Magic Theory stress roll against an 18. If you succeed you gain an Insight and can stop, otherwise you can continue. He will teach you for up to a year at a time, immediatly followed by your service. If it becomes necessary you can repeat the 1 year learning, 2 years serving as many times as you like. However, every season you serve under him will add 1 to a Hermetic Reputation "Lab Assistant to Hedge Wizards."
If you succeed in gaining the insight, you may at any time thereafter invent a version of InVi 40 "Sight of the Active Magics" but you must experiment during the creation of the spell. If the spell is created successfully, even if warped beyond use, you will get 8 Breakthrough points. The spell itself will have the unusual property of allowing you to identify magi whose highest Art is at least 10, even if they bear no active magical enchantments, which is outside the usual realm of Hermetic Magic.