Character Development: Bertran

A thread for developing the character and story of Bertran filius Gervais ex Flambeau

Badbh Aonarán was an eremite magus of House Diedne, originally trained at Baiocassium, who hid deep in a faerie regio during most of the Schism War. But Thelonius of Flambeau, a very active member during the Diedne hunt and a member of the party which finally brought Baiocassium down found correspondence between Badbh and his parens Féath Fíadha, with indications of where he lived in the forest of Brix, northwest of where the Orchard of Sour Apples (and later Confluensis) would be built. Thelonius hunted Badbh down deep into the faerie regio, evading or killing both the wolf hunting lords and the noble boar fae that stood in the way. But Badbh had been following Thelonius' advance through his faerie allies, and he managed to prepare a ritual which trapped the Flambeau inside a Red Pine. Nothing was heard of Thelonius for over three decades.

In 1049 Thelonius returned to Sinapis after a very long Twilight episode while hunting for Diedne outcasts. The magi at Sinapis were glad for another sholdier in their conflict with the Tytali, although only two remain that knew Thelonius personally - both dead within the year, in what seemed to be an attack from Vexatores. Thelonius helped the Quaesitores track down and kill the Tytalus criminals and became a famous Hoplite in the Normandy Tribunal, his conduct during the Schism war muffled by the Quaesitores eager to gain support from House Flambeau.

The aged Thelonius trained a pupil named Thibalt before passing away into Final Twilight in a nasty accident during the hunt of a Bonisagus maga accused of harboring Diedne books and diabolist experimentation. Thibalt follows in his pater's steps and manages to destroy the former Bonisagus maga, earning a position among the Tribunal's Hoplites and beginning what would become a tradition spanning four Hermetic generations as his filius Gervais went on to become a prominent Hoplite in the Tribunal, as well as Gervais' filius Bertran, whose story we will follow.

I started playing with the sheet a bit and came up with the question of whether I should create a Flambeau magus (Puissant Ignem or Perdo) and then put the Diedne bit or if I should do something differently like getting the Ex Miscellanea starting package and putting a Flambeau coat over it.

I think it makes the most sense to have your magus take the Falmbeau package, and then add Diedne magic (etc...) to it as your individual virtues. First, your character would need to be able to "pass" as a Flambeau, and that means knowing Flambeau magics. Second he was raised around Flambeau magic (both his pater, and his covenant mates, amci etc.) so it seems reasonable that it is at least a part of his makeup.

It does make sense, since they have been pretending to be Flambeau for 4 Hermetic Generations so far... Just thought I'd ask :slight_smile:

Ok, cool, I'll play with the sheet a bit and post a gauntleted Bertran tomorrow hopefully!

Here is Bertran right after his Gauntlet, for approval and comments!

The Strong Faerie Blood is related to the Korrigan of Brocéliande, and most of the V&Fs are also connected to this blood link. In truth, he was kidnapped by the Korrigan and a changeling put in his place. He was only released at age 9, when Gervais struck a deal with the Korrigan for the right to take him.

I'm not trying to be a catch all, really! I did consider a Merinita/Diedne at first, but it just matched better with Flambeau for Badbh Aonarán's fake persona...

Anyway, ideas, suggestions and thoughts welcome!


Faeries are not just for Merinita anymore. :slight_smile:

SFB is one of my favorite virtues. Hermetic Magic is not medieval but faerie stuff grounds a character in real folklore. Even a hint of "he was raised by faerie librarians" or "he has the blood of a faerie knight" evokes something.

And Diedne are not just for Ex Misc and Merinita!

I think they're hiding out among their old allies in House Bonisagus, the lineages of apprentices quietly "found" and adopted.



Just be thankful I am not playing a Flambeau magus in this saga :smiling_imp:

Small frame and being 182lb 6,2" is a little too much :slight_smile:

ROF, Good catch. That is what I call a glamour.

Yan, thats very cool. I didn't know if we were going to have any faerie interactions with the way theother players were developed, I think it is a good possiblity now.

LOL Good one... I forgot to change that when I decided on the Korrigan!

True, true and true... but when I finished the sheet the thought occured to me "why didn't you keep it Merinita as you first thought about it?" and I felt like justifying to myself (and to you!) why.

Definitely hiding among the Bonisagus, agreed.

I am! I thought you might want to kill me for doing the Flambeay/Diedne thing! :slight_smile:

Yeah I thought so too, but not everyone has talked about their characters yet. Bertran is going to be mainly involved with Hermetic society - we have enough people on the Church/Nobility front! And then there is Deborah. :wink:


What about her? :slight_smile:



I might. Or I might use it to Blackmail you. Just pray I never find out, for I will use it to torment and manipulate you in ways that serve my ultimate grand plan :exclamation:

That is, once I can agree with me and myself and other I upon just what that grand master plan is...

Just remember that is is a Dark Secret :wink:

Bertran is looking good!

I don't see any problems, so let's see what he does in his first five years.

We need editing powers!

But anyway, Personality Traits and Spells added, height and weight fixed. +5 years tomorrow...

Please note the changes in the skill set after gauntlet.

Year 1: 1178

Winter: After his gauntlet and acceptance at Carnacis, Bertran takes the Winter to study Parma Magica, but finds out the library available to newly gauntleted magi is far too restrictive, and has no choice but to take his second option instead, picking up Second Flames. As the weather improves he begins preparations for his planned tour of Normandy, and takes the opportunity to request his single pawn in Muto vis - who knows, it might come in handy. (Ignem +16 = 7+3; 1 pawn of Muto vis.)

Spring: The first part of his journey is taken on the covenant's ships, until he reaches Concarneau. After two days at the small port city he manages to find a boat willing to take him to the Île de Sein, and from there to Ushant - but it is not cheap, and he decides he needs to find a way to better fund his trip. At Ushant Bertran easily finds its way to Fudarus' main gates, and after long wait he is informed of Prima Buliste's challenge: if he is to gain entrance to Fudarus, he must first convince a young fisherman from Lampaul to steal something valuable. The young magus scowls at the condition imposed, but departs, determined to gain entrance no matter the cost. After a week at the small village he is beginning to lose hope when he meets the young man Alan and learns of the fisherman's infatuation for his cousin Gaëlle. After two days observing Gaëlle's routine, Bertran comes to Alan late at night, bearing her face and voice. He tells the confused Alan how she desires him so, and that while she must say no and fight so that her soul remains pure, that in truth she wishes him to take her the following morning when she is alone at the eastern shore. Buliste can't help but smirk, and Bertran spends the next two weeks at Fudarus, observing the Tytali. He would stay more, were it not for the Certamen he lost to Heptarda on the matter of Sinapis' abandonment. She teased him with how weak the Flambeau had been to relinquish the site and flee to the neighbouring covenants, but it was when she said she didn't know how Gervais hadn't followed them that Bertran snapped and challenged her. Her choice of Mentem was a poor one for him, but he was unwilling to appear weak by refusing it, so he named Muto. The two proceeded to create phantasms which shifted and changed under the other's will, until Bertran could take it no longer, and was defeated. Whatever spell she cast he didn't learn, but when he woke he departed, furious with himself and swearing to have his revenge. (Intrigue +5 = 1; Brittany Lore +2 = 0; Hermes Lore +3 = 1)

Summer: Following the Rose Coast, Bertran eventually reaches the spot where his pater had told him Kergentuil had once stood, and sure enough there was the Dolmen. But there was nothing to be seen of the covenant of the same name or the Diedne that had once inhabited it, so he sails once again, taking enough time to see each of the Seven Isles as well as the twin Bréhat Isles. He falls in love with a girl named Juliote who lives at a small village just east of Tréguier, but she rebuffs his every advance. After several days, decided to learn from Alan and just take what he wants, he wanders into the woods while he plans on how to lure her to a quieter place. Unknown to him, the woods are the home of a ten feet tall faerie giant, one of the few remainders of the Breton tales, who watches him from the shadows. His opportunity with Juliote comes a few days later when she goes into the woods with her sister Amelie to gather mushrooms and berries. Bertran follows the two, as silently as he can, trying to think of a way to split them so that his love would be alone. He needs not think long, however, for they split on their own and the young Flambeau can feel his heart pounding in his chest as he confronts Juliote, who drops her basket, surprised and scared - but fate had its own surprise ready, and Amelie lets out a scream of pure terror, followed by the giant's growl and the sound of cracking bones. Juliote's eyes past Bertran and her eyes widen before she collapses, fainting from the excess reality to which she had been exposed. With little time to react, Bertran jumps to the side, anticipating a blow from the giant. It is enough to save his life, at the cost of a broken rib. More importantly, it gives Bertran enough time to conjure fire at the giant's face. The brute groans in pain and lashes blindly but finds only air, for the young magus had rolled to the side and now struck his sword into the giant's groins. Another painful groan and the giant kicks Bertran on the chest, sending him several feet away. Bertran has to think on his feet, despite the stinging pain on his ribs and chest, so he jumps onto the giant's head with the aid of his spells and stabs the creature repeatedly with his knife. As the giant is wounded more severely, he collapses onto a tree, and Bertran is bruised further by the broken branches and sent to the ground once again. This time, however, he just stays there, catching his breath. (Diedne Lore +1 = 1; Brawl +3 = 2; Single Weapon +3 = 2; Brittany Lore +3 = 1)

Autumn: The long recovery extends into Autumn, and Juliote's father houses Bertran and tends his wounds. The girl has new eyes for him, and before he is fully well they consummate their love - much to Juliote's despair, for he soon looses interest in her and steals away before things get too complicated. He travels east, towards the mythical Mount Dol, and explores the area for the best part of two months, living off the land, before setting his feet on the road again, this time back home. (Diedne Lore +2 = 1; Hunt +5 = 1; Survival +3 = 2)

Please note the changes in the skill set and Arts after the first year.

Year 2: 1179

Winter: Bertran returns to Carnacis and sets pen to paper to pay his dues at the covenant. He suggests a tractatus on Parma Magica, so that the other newly gauntled have at least something to study about it if they wish, pointing out how it might have served him in his bout with the giant, but his pater is against it telling him the first book a Flambeau writes in his life must be about the noble art of Ignem. He agrees, and De Lumen Qualitas is born. (Ignem Tractatus Q7; +2 Scribe = 0)

Spring: After the writing of his first book, now feeling like a true member of Carnacis, Bertran begins the outfitting of his laboratory. It is not hard work, but precise, and takes up most of his time. What free time he has he spends with the grogs and custos, trying his best to learn whatever he can from these tested warriors. As the season advances, the magi get ready to travel to Tribunal and take part in the Tourney. Bertran learns the covenant does not need him to participate in any of the events, and so he hands Gervais his sigil, telling his pater to vote as he sees fit. (Magic Theory +2 = 3)

Summer: Summer arrives and with it inspiration. The magi are gone for the best part of a month, and Bertran takes the oppotrunity to explore the surroundings. Postponing the completion of his laboratory, he spends quite a lot of his time wandering about the covenant's lands and enjoying the warm weather. The season seems perfect for the practice of his Pillum of Fire, however, and he casts it to exhaustion. (Pillum of Fire Mastery +5 = 1/Fast Casting)

Autumn: And as the leaves redden and fall Bertran knows it is time to return to his laboratory once more, and finish what he had started before. The season goes by slowly, as the most of the grogs are away pirating, and he has little to do in his free time. (Magic Theory +2 = 3)