Character Development: Lorcán (Player: Callen)

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As a young child (5ish) Lorcán got lost in the faerie woods. He'd been lost before, but he'd found his way home so he was never worried. This time he didn't, drawn in as he followed things most children couldn't see. The Tuatha who found him saw great heritage in him, so they brought him to their court. There he kept his name Lorcán, though he forgot his last name. True to his heritage, he grew up as a knight in the faerie court. But with his human creativity focused on combat, he was different than the other faerie knights, even though he used faerie magics as he fought. Many faerie knights were drawn to him over the years to challenge him, them growing in vitality from him and he growing in skill from facing them.

Int -2, Per +1, Str +2, Sta +1, Pre 0, Com -1, Dex +2, Qui +2

Easily lost but without worry, both as a child and now:

  • Optimistic [-3]
  • No Sense of Direction [-1]

Lugh's heritage:

  • Affinity with Single Weapon [1]
  • Cautious with Single Weapon [1]
  • Puissant Single Weapon [1]
  • Strong Faerie Blood: God (Lugh) (Faerie Sympathy: Weapons, Second Sight) [3]

Growing up in Faerie and learning to fight with Faerie magic:

  • Fáenchless [1] - Cles learned from the fae.
  • Flight [1] - A faerie power he picked up as is particularly adept at. He now fights in a very faerie style.
  • Puissant Flight [1] - A faerie power he picked up as is particularly adept at. He now fights in a very faerie style.
  • Faerie Upbringing [-1] - Having been in Faerie from early childhood until recently.
  • Prohibition (Never Harm a Woman) [-1] - Geas tied to Fáenchless

Faerie knights and similar are drawn to challenge him:

  • Supernatural Nuisance (Faerie challengers) [-3]


Back at a time he cannot remember, Lorcán was born to human parents with ancestral faerie blood. For a short while he grew up in (leaving location to match Ronan). He played with siblings and other children, always being terrible at hide-and-seek because he kept getting lost. Even at that age nothing seemed to phase him, though, even getting lost. He was just happy roaming about being a child.

Athletics 1 (Running) [5]
Awareness 1 (Alertness) [5]
Brawl 1 (Dodging) [5]
Charm 1 (First Impressions) [5]
Folk Ken 1 (Women) [5]
Guile 1 (Getting out of Trouble) [5]
Language: Gaelic 5 () [75-75=0]
Stealth 1 (Faerie Areas) [5]
Survival 1 (Faerie Areas) [5]
Swim 1 (Not Drowning) [5]


Getting lost in Faerie (6-10)

Maturing in Faerie (11-15)

Becoming a smith (16-20)

Becoming a warrior (21-25)

Becoming a knight (26-30)