Character Development: Maga Aislinn cultas Críothamon (Player: Callen)

And here we go, round two?

Ya, round two. But I think you will get to see a viable Criamon, and I'll be providing different areas of expertise. It looks like I still have an extra Flaw, but it all fits together well, so whatever.


While Aislinn is rather small and weak, she is quite clever. She has a true knack for riddles, though, and she has a talent for explaining such confusing things to people well. During her apprenticeship to Turlough cultas Críothamon at Qui Sonant Pro Quieto it was found that she's not even particularly strong with Hermetic magic, finding much of it hard to grasp without being able to attach it to the mysteries of the world. But in House Criamon she found a blending of mystery and magic, and her stigmata have become a source of immense knowledge and understanding, allowing her to examine past and future events and do so much more, possibly through her exposure to so much past magic at Qui Sonant. Her understanding of the Enigma is so strong that she even started developing some traits of different Paths as she matured and delved deeper.


Int +3, Per +1, Str -2, Sta 0, Pre +2, Com +3, Dex -2, Qui -2

House Criamon:

  • The Enigma [free]
  • The Gift [free]
  • Hermetic Maga [free]
  • Skilled Parens (Turlough cultas Críothamon) [1] - Trained well by the oldest Criamon in the tribunal.
  • Ability Block: Martial [-1] - From her pacifist training.
  • Driven [-3] - From her time at Qui Sonant she understands the value of historical magic in Ireland. This must be true elsewhere as well. She seeks to bring peace and unity between magi, much of the supernatural, and the population to preserve this supernatural heritage.

Talent with and fondness riddles and mysteries and the Enigma:

  • Int +3, Per +1, Pre +2
  • Affinity with Enigmatic Wisdom [1] - Talent with riddles and the Enigma.
  • Gentle Gift [3] - Connects to the Path of Walking Backward.
  • Puissant Enigmatic Wisdom [1] - Talent with riddles and the Enigma.
  • Unaging [1] - Connects to the Path of the Body.
  • Magical Fascination [-1] - She has always liked riddles, and then she became enthralled by the immense amount of magical heritage she saw at Qui Sonant.

Small and weak:

  • Str -2, Sta 0, Dex -2, Qui -2
  • Small Frame [-1] - Obviously the "small" part.

Trouble with Hermetic magic:

  • Study Requirement [-3] - Magic on its own isn't nearly as clear to her as it should be. But when she can see how it connects to the mysteries of the world, her understanding of mysteries allows her to pick it up much better.
  • Unimaginative Learner [-1] - Study from raw vis, being too purely study of magic on its own, is even harder for her than other ways of learning Hermetic magic.

Past information and future possibilities revealed by stigmata:

  • All According to Plan [1] - With her stigmata revealing elements of the future she can plan for them.
  • Font of Knowledge [1] - Her stigmata reveal elements of the past, providing even lost and esoteric knowledge.
  • Predictive Stigmata [-1] - Her stigmata reveal elements of the future.

Able to expound well:

  • Com +3
  • Good Teacher [1] - She is able to explain even complex concepts in ready-to-grasp ways.


Aislinn was born on a farm on the shores of Lough Neagh, in Ulster, to a Cruithnigh family in a Cruithnigh village. There she learned to play around with other children and in nature, even if she was much smaller than the other children. The most characteristic thing about her at her young age was that she would always ask "why" instead of the usual defiant "no," still commonly to her parents consternation. Often enough they just wanted her to do some little chore instead of taking more time to explain than to do it themselves. Even bedtime stories would get interrupted as she demanded additional explanation throughout. While annoying at the time, it was the beginning of her true path. Meanwhile, she was immersed in Cruithnigh culture and started to gain an appreciation for people in general.

Area Lore: Hibernian Tribunal 1 (Supernatural Sites) [5]
Athletics 1 (Dance) [5]
Awareness 1 (Alertness) [5]
Brawl 1 (Dodging) [5]
Charm 1 (Debate) [5]
Folk Ken 1 (Debate) [5]
Guile 1 (Debate) [5]
Language: Gaelic (Ulster) [75-75=0]
Stealth 1 (Natural Areas) [5]
Swim 1 (Underwater) [5]

4: 3 years

Aislinn had about one more year of easy childhood, still questioning everything around her, and then things became odd as her Gift emerged. Her turbulences tended to show up on her own body. Ripples across her skin, color changes in her hair or skin, etc. She tried on her own to control these, but found there was little she could do. Giving in to them she started to find patterns in the apparent chaos. While at first it seemed ludicrous, she started being able to find things lost long ago, rare herbs, and other things. This might have been appreciated in the village, but the negative effects of her Gift had turned her into an outcast.

Concentration 1 () [5]
Etiquette 1 (Ireland) [5]
Intrigue 1 (Debate) [5]
Font of Knowledge 3 (Overcoming Auras) [30-5=25]
Leadership 1 (Debate) [5]


(Note: I'm adjusting Turlough cultas Críothamon very slightly. It says he "gained a new apprentice at the last Tribunal, thanks to the cordial relations he maintains with the Coill Trí." I'm having him find her 15 years ago instead, and not through the Coill Trí. I figure that's really not too much adjustment.)

Growing up not exceedingly far from either Leth Cuinn or Qui Sonant Pro Quieto, on the southern shore of Lough Neagh, it wasn't surprising her turbulences and social oddities might be notice by a magus at one of the two. It was Turlough cultas Críothamon who found Aislinn and brought her to Qui Sonant. Outside of the Opening of her Gift, one of the first things Aislinn learned at Qui Sonant was to join the chants. Turlough had her trained heavily in Latin and some in singing to manage this so she could join the chantry as soon as possible. Afterward Turlough focused Aislinn's training mostly between Magic Theory to assist him, a dabbling in the Arts, and Enigmatic Wisdom.

It was this last to which Aislinn took so well. She seemed to have such an intuitive grasp of it. Not only that, but she took particularly well to the Criamon ways. As her desires to harm and covet faded she found the odor of her Gift faded as well. After extensive labyrinth meditations she found her body somewhat sustained by the flux of harmony and strife within the Inspirato, though not nearly as much as she heard other Criamon could do. Her turbulences moved into her stigmata, which began to move in predictions of the future. Over time Aislinn learned to use these predictions to prepare for coming events.

Meanwhile, the blend of being surrounded by so much magical heritage and history with the Criamon training in Ireland helped Aislinn find her passions. She is intrinsically curious about the supernatural, almost to the point where she had to make a concerted effort not to use Whispers Through the Black Gate at the covenant after learning it. She also understands the value of historical magic in Ireland. This must be true elsewhere as well. She seeks to bring peace and unity between magi, much of the supernatural, and the population to preserve this supernatural heritage.

Artes Liberales 1 (Debate; Latin) [5]
Code of Hermes 1 (Hibernian Tribunal) [5]
Divine Lore 0(1) [1]
Enigmatic Wisdom 5+2 (Labyrinth Meditation) [75/1.5=50]
Faerie Lore 0(1) [1]
Finesse 1 (Certamen) [5]
Infernal Lore 0(1) [1]
Language: Latin 4 (Hermetic) [50]
Magic Lore 0(1) [1]
Magic Theory 3 (Spells) [30]
Music 1 (Singing) [5]
Organization Lore: House Criamon 1 (Initiating Others) [5]
Organization Lore: Order of Hermes 1 (Hibernian Tribunal) [5]
Parma Magica 1 (Sharing) [5]
Penetration 1 (Certamen) [5]
Philosophiae 1 (Ceremonial Casting) [5]
Profession: Scribe 1 (Latin) [5]

Intellego 4 [10]
Rego 8 [36]
Corpus 1 [1]
Mentem 1 [1]
Vim 7 [28]

Somnus Lays His Gaze on the Beast - The Call to Slumber @ Sight, v. animals (ReAn 15), Mastery 1: Adaptive Casting [5]
Whispers Through the Black Gate (InCo(Me) 15)
Rise of the Feathery Body @ Touch w/ direction (ReCo 15)
Sight of the Transparent Motive (InMe 10), Mastery 2: Quiet Casting x2 [15]
Somnus Lays His Gaze on the Man - The Call to Slumber @ Sight (ReMe 15)
Searching the Haystack for a Needle @ Concentration (ReMe 15)
Unraveling the Threads of Vim (PeVi 10), Mastery 1: Stalwart Casting [5]
Shroud of Metaphysical Iron (ReVi 15)
Suppressing the Wizard’s Handiwork (ReVi 15)
Sustaining the Demanding Spell (ReVi 25), Mastery 2: Imperturbable Casting, Stalwart Casting [15]

Edit: Moved 10 points from a Mastery over to Philosophiae and Scribe as I'd left them out.


For her macgnímartha, Aislinn generally wandered Ireland, exploring. She had debated heading to Leth Moga for the year, originally thinking the macgnímartha mostly incompatible with pacifism. But then she realized the opportunity she had to find interesting supernatural things. Due to her Gentle Gift and peaceful air travel was easier, as she was not generally bothered by anyone; and the few who would have robbed her or similar woke up later without her presence. Her accomplishments during her macgnímartha were few, but they led in the same direction. Her accomplishments included rescuing a hedge mage being hunted by Ashenrise grogs, protecting an Irish family from some English soldiers, and twice negotiating between faeries and farm families.

Personality Traits: Amiable +3, Curious +3, Methodical +3
Reputations: Peacemaker 1 (Hibernian magi, faeries, and hedge wizards)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Certamen Style: Hoplomachus