Character Development


Age: 35
Size: 0
Confidence: 1 / 3
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 1 ( 7 )

Intelligence: +5
Perception: +2
Strength: +3
Stamina: +2
Presence: 0
Communication: +1
Dexterity: +1
Quickness: 0

Virtues: Puissant Magic Theory, Bows, Craft: Woodworking, Philosophiae, Minor Magical Focus ( Archery ), Lesser Potent Magic ( Archery ), Great Intelligence x1, Elemental Magic.

Flaws: Weak Spont Magic, Restriction ( Items ), Hedge Wizard, Tormenting Master ( Members of House Verditius ), Overconfident ( Major )

Gained Virtues: Verditius Magic

Gained Flaws:

Personality Traits: Hubris +1, Overconfident +3, Brave +3

Reputations: Hedge Wizard

Equipment: Longbow, Leather Armor

Encumbrance: 0




Welsh ( Prose ): 5 ( Native )
Latin ( Hermetic Use ): 4 ( 51xp )

Bows ( Longbows ): 5 ( 75xp ) ( +2 Puissant )
Brawl ( Daggers ): 3 ( 30xp )
Awareness ( Alertness ): 2 ( 15xp )
Athletics ( Running ): 1 ( 5xp )
Swim ( Not Drowning ): 1 ( 5xp )
Hunting ( Tracking ):slight_smile: 2 ( 15xp )
Stealth ( Hiding ): 2 ( 15xp )
Leadership ( Forge Companions ): 2 ( 15xp )
Ride ( Speed ): 1 ( 5xp )

Artes Liberales ( Ritual ): 2 ( 15xp )
Philosophiae ( Items ): 2 ( 15xp ) ( +2 Puissant )
Verditius Cult Lore ( Initiating Others ): 2 ( 15xp )

Craft: Woodworking ( Archery): 6 ( 105xp ) ( +2 Puissant )

Magic Theory ( Items ): 5 ( 75xp ) ( +2 Puissant )
Concentration ( Spells ): 1 ( 5xp )
Parma Magica ( Corpus ): 1 ( 5xp )
Finesse ( Speed ): 1 ( 5xp )
Penetration ( Creo ): 1 ( 5xp )


Creo: 10 ( 55xp )
Rego: 5 ( 15xp )
Perdo: 5 ( 15xp )

Aquam: 5 ( 15/10xp )
Auram: 10 ( 55/37xp )
Ignem: 10 ( 55/37xp ) ( +3 Puissant )
Terram: 5 ( 15/10xp )
Vim: 5 ( 15xp )


PeTe10 Rusted Decay of Ten-Score Years ( Potent 7 )
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind
Rusts and destroys the metal of the targets.
Base 4 + 1 Touch + 1 Size

PeVi10 Fellblade of the Art ( Potent 7 )
R: Voice D: Mom T: Ind
10 Might Stripper, Magic Realm
Base 5 +1 Touch

PeVi10 Demon's Eternal Oblivion ( Potent 7 )
R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind
10 Might Stripper, Infernal Realm
Base 5 +1 Touch

PeVi10 Words Wrought With Iron ( Potent 7 )
R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind
10 Might Stripper, Faerie Realm
Base 5 +1 Touch

CrIg15 Pilum of Fire ( Potent 7 )
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind
15 Damage
Base 10 +1 Touch

CrIg20 Fireball ( Potent 7 )
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind
15 Damage
Base 10 +1 Touch +1 Size

PeIg15 Winter's Icy Grasp ( Potent 7 )
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind
10 Damage
Base 10 +1 Touch

CrAu30 Incantation of Lightning ( Potent 7 )
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind
30 Damage and make size stress roll of 6+ or fall down
Base 5 +1 Touch +4 Unnatural

Year Breakdown: 734xp

Birth - 5: 45xp
Later Life ( 15 years ): 300 xp
Year 21: 45xp Latin, 15xp AL
Year 22: 68xp MT
Year 23: 3 Seasons Teaching Master Craft Magic, +6xp exposure Latin, +15xp Verditius Cult Lore
Apprenticeship ( 12 Years ): 240xp/120 Spell Levels


( Coming Soon )

Restriction ( Items ) Reflects his inability to cast spells don't either effect items ( IE Sword of Flame, Rusted Decay ) or are built into an item ( See Rustic Magi from HoH:S ). So yes, he may know Pilum of Fire, but he can't cast it at you. However he could build an arrow with a Pilum of Fire spell inside of it...

Tormenting Master ( Members of House Verditius ) Represents the fact that since he's a 'Hedge Wizard', he wasn't worthy of becoming a member of the House. Most ( if not all ) of the older members of House Verditius won't admit he's a member of their House.

First of all, sorry to double post.

Actually Arya, Vort is completely correct in bringing up both Men and Damage as examples. Take a look at the examples listed for Major Magical Focus on page 45 of the Core Book. Also Necromancy only applies to dead people ( see the same page/examples ). Personally I like his concept and think that the idea of a Perdo guy who creates magical diseases is rather spiffy. As he stated, the focus is no less broad then plenty of the others.

At the end of the day it's your saga so it's your decision! But I figure you should have all the facts before you do make said decision :smiley:

You have three too many points in Flaws here. Though, Weak Spontaneous Magic and Chaotic Magic are rather mutually exclusive, so you I'm guessing you intended one to replace the other and then forgot to delete one. Anyway, please clarify!

Nice! Though bear in mind, that also means that all your spells can be thwarted by a Lv10 Rego Herbam. And Herbam specialists are more common in Stonehenge (in this Saga, anyway) than in the more Latinate-influenced Tribunals.

If you got your master's attention in the way we talked about, the House as a whole doesn't have a problem with you. Once you've completed an apprenticeship under a well-respected Verditius, you're one of us now. (The Hedge Wizard reputation still works-- your master has a big mouth and can have complained incessantly about how difficult you were to teach, while puffing himself up in the process.)

Your master, on the other hand, still feels that you owe him three more years of indentured servitude and may feel therefore that you aren't really a magus yet; but you've already passed your Gauntlet (created your talisman) so by Verditius house standards, you're a Verditius magus.

Your master, being a metalworker, might also think that woodworking is fluffy and ridiculous, and thus that you're not worthy to call yourself "...filius Cuprincus."

Or he might just be pissed that you didn't choose a Latin name for yourself at Gauntlet, and is embarrassed to have his name cited in your formal name, "which might look almost like a real name, to someone who doesn't know what a vowel is." :wink:

Take your pick!

Haha, well since we designed him as an Ex Misc at first, I went with the whole Ex Misc Major/Minor Virtues + a Major Flaw. So it's going to look like he's over what he should be at. 14 Virtues / 13 Flaws. I basically wanted him to be terrible at any sort of casting, outside of making his items that is.

Yes all of his spells could in theory be blocked by a level 10 ReHe, but he could also build spells to dispel such effects into his arrows. Go go a lil bit of PeVi!

The reason I did the whole Older Verditius having a problem with him is that is says as much in HoH:MC. When it talks about Magi from other houses joining House Verditius it basically says that the Traditionalists don't really like the 'Converts'. How bout we say that it's a lil bit of both?

Oh - I thought you were building him as a Verditius, since your "apprenticeship" years are under a Verditius master. Either way is fine. Though as an Ex Misc, I think that means you're short a Major non-Hermetic virtue.

Either way, you can't have both Chaotic Magic and Weak Spont. Your Verditius pater sponts Chaotically as well, if that helps.

Well he had to have picked up the Rustic Magi virtues from somewhere eh? That's why I built him according to the Ex Misc rules from Rustic Magi and had him initiate Verditius Magic during his apprenticeship ( hence the warping ). His Major non-Hermetic virtue is Craft Magic, his minor Hermetic virtue would be Spell Foci, both of which I forgot to add. The Major Hermetic Flaw from that tradition is Weak Spont, so I supose I'll ditch Chaotic and find another flaw, it's not a problem.


The 'Damage', 'Men', and 'Disease' Foci are both examples directly from the 5th edition core book insets of focus examples. Damage and Men are in the 'Major' examples on page 45. Disease is a Lesser example in the inset on page 46. Damage is explicitly stated to cover -all- forms, in all arts, of direct damage. Men effectively covers all Corpus effects when applied to Men as the target.

So any variety of Disease applied to a person is a Lesser, by that. The restrictions that you are describing ( mostly ) are exactly what I would agree would be the limits of the minor focus. Essentially one of the core ideas of the concept is exploring and, in the parlance of rpg players 'Abusing', the gain in broadness in upping that focus to a Major.

Also some of the critique of what 'is' or 'is not' a disease is inaccurate according to the established medical mechanics of the setting as described in detail in Art & Academ. For example the first sentence of the disease section of the medical chapter is 'The immediate cause of most diseases is a shift in the the complexional balance of the body, inducing a state called dyscrasia.'

Essentially 99% of disease in Mythic Europe is caused by humor imbalance within living things. The other 1% is spiritual. Focusing on the humor stuff is effectively what this guy could do. Manipulate in good or bad ways the humors of living things, whether people, animals, or magical creatures, as long as they are physical critters. Spirits, well, probably don't have humors. But Dragons I would say definately do.

This makes the Disease focus make a lot more sense, I think, as a focus when you could almost view it exactly the same and rename the focus on humor manipulation.

Make any sense?

Disease may be a minor focus, encompassing things we understand to be diseases that were in existence in the 13th century. There is no corresponding major virtue available for the purposes of this saga.

Those are both in-cannon exaples of a Major Focus presented in core RAW.

IIRC, don't Ability Blocks need to be for entire classes of skills? (i.e. Social, Martial, Academic, etc.) I will double check my book when I get home tonight.

Other than that the Forge-Companion looks fine.

Look in RoP:F. They have a suggestion of using Ability Block for Faerie Upbringing. (Look at the section on Faerie Upbringing near the back. I don't have the page numbers on hand.) They suggest choosing five from a list of about ten abilities. From that list I chose all the human dealing with non-human things with the thoughts that religion doesn't make much sense to me and that animals should be wild. I kept all the human dealing with human things.

I can change it if you'd like, and then I will definitely add the ability Ride. But I have followed the Ability Block suggestion from RoP:F.


I can't find anything on a minor version of Potent Magic, so I believe this is two Major Hermetic Virtues. An Ex Misc build gives you a single, non-Hermetic Major Virtue. You'd need to pick one or the other between these two, and choose a different Major for the Ex Misc tradition.

Actually, I'm not sure the Virtues/Flaws really work this way. Since your actual Hermetic apprenticeship was under Cuprincus Gwilym really should be built as a Verditius instead of the Ex Misc V/F template. Your arts weren't opened until the Verditius Mster did it, so your Rustic virtues should be part of the Verditius build.

If you want to have your apprenticeship as an Ex Misc you wouldn't have had the same quality of Hermetic education, and you'd be younger :slight_smile: You won't find a Verditius in Britannia who will teach you Verditius Magic without making you serve as an apprentice. It's their name and reputation on the line!

It's in TMRE, There's a Greater and a Lesser version. Check the curious common magic section.

The problem is if I build him as a Verditius he has to take four points worth of virtues that he was getting 'for free'. This really guts the build/concept. Now if you're telling me that I have to in order to keep things the way I'd like, fine. But I see no problem with him being built like an Ex Misc and initiating Verditius Magic ( as per the rules in HoH:MC ) sometime before/during his Apprenticeship.

The problem is finding someone willing to teach it to you, without making you suffer, basically, a second apprenticeship. Would you prefer to keep the Ex Misc build and then seek someone to mentor you in gameplay? The scenario by which you would have done so in your backstory, had you done the Verditius build, would make for a pretty fun story IMO. The first Tribunal will be in two years' time (Summer 1222) and there will be a Verditius regional concept then.

Let me know which you prefer so we can get Gwlym advanced and start gameplay soon :slight_smile:

Well tell you what, let me see if I can tweak the build a bit to include the Rustic Magi stuff while building him as a Verditius. So let's go with that and try to get advancement knocked out of the way.

I don't have my books with me butthat sounds entirely reasonable. Moving to the Character Sheets thread.

I have more time than when I replied earlier. Here it is:

Hopefully that will save you time looking.


Post-Gauntlet years for Attravere

Mostly just numbers at the moment. Slowly inputting the bread and butter of events.

Met elder Mercurian Magus, Alessandro, began study of Parma Magica Summa at his advising. Introduced to Harco's impressive collection of texts and trinkets from around the world.
Read Parma Summa, +16xp Parma Magica
Got acquainted with a few of the lovely young women at one of Mercere's many "Resthouses".
Continued study of Parma Magica.
Read Parma Summa, +16xp Parma Magica
Looks like that Resthouse stop got a little too intimate. Attravere is going to be a father.
At request of house, spent season crafting Boots of Seven League Stride from lab text.
Exposure of +3 xp Rego
Grew tired of Parma, read up text on Leap of Homecoming Mastery. Alessandro understanding. Somewhat. "Youth. I remember it."
+12 xp Mastery of Leap of Homecoming.
House Mercere takes care of its own. Attravere is the father of a lovely, mundane, baby girl. Alessandro has an enlightening "discussion" with Attravere regarding the fine merits virility and the MANY follies of indiscretion.
Felt able to stomach some more Parma Magica after the joys of becoming a father. Additionally being able to cover both daughter and mother in Parma would be nice.
Read Parma Summa, +16xp Parma Magica
Read up on Seven League Stride Mastery.
+12xp Mastery of Seven League Stride.
"Service to the House is service to the Order."
Crafting Boots of Seven League Stride for House.
Exposure of +3 xp Rego
Inspired to Re-discover Magic of Mercere Portals while chatting with Redcaps. Told by Alessandro that "Older, wiser, BETTER magi have tried. Perhaps once you've learned all there is to learn from our texts on Rego, Terram and Magic theory you might have a chance of gleaning some small information. It is a... worthwhile pursuit... I suppose." Immediately started.
Read Terram Summa, +19xp Terram
Celebrate's daughter's first birthday. May have visited a few other cities in Greece and Spain in the meantime.
Still felt driven to re-discover Mercere Portals.
Read Terram Summa +19xp Terram
It seems that those visits to Greece and Spain may have had unintended consequences. Returning at Alessandro's insistence to bear the responsibility of his... indiscretions, Attravere finds that he is to be the father of two more children. At least.
Seeking a different approach to Mercere Portals.
Read Rego Summa +16xp Rego
Greek Redcap mother bears a son (Gifted, but not yet known) to Attravere. Spanish Redcap mother bears a son (mundane). Thankfully it seems that there were only two.
Seemingly annual service to house - Crafting Boots of Seven League Stride for House.
Exposure of +3 xp Magic Theory
After a year of focusing on Mercere Portal knowledge Attravere felt it necessary to re-touch Corpus.
Read Corpus Summa for +16 xp Corpus
Returned to study of Parma to reach a state acceptable to Alessandro. "Do not leave a task unfinished simply because a more interesting one presents itself."
Read Parma Summa for +16xp Parma Magica
Finished reaching an "acceptable" level of Parma. "A bit longer than some might take, but fairly done. Now I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine. She's a fiery young Flambeau. I'm sure you two will warm up to one another." And warm up they did.
Read Parma Summa for +16xp Parma Magica
Service to House - Crafting Boots of Leap of the Homecoming.
Exposure of +3 xp Magic Theory
Guilted to study Corpus at request from a few interested Redcaps.
Read Corpus Summa for +16 xp Corpus
Third son is born to Elanor of Flambeau and Attravere of Mercere. Both are curious to see whether the child will be gifted.
Continued Corpus studies.
Read Corpus Summa for +16xp Corpus
Pursuant of the desire to eventually investigate a Mercere Portal and learn something useful, Attravere cracked open one of Harco's many Magic Theory Summae.
Read Magic Theory Summa for +15xp Magic Theory
House Service - Crafting Boots of Seven League Stride.
Exposure of +3 xp Magic Theory
Continued preparations for Mercere Portal investigation.
Read Terram Summa for +19 xp Terram
Feeling closer to completing Rego studies, Attravere pushed ahead with those texts.
Read Rego Summa for +16xp Rego
Pushing further in the hopes of finishing the available Rego texts..
Read Rego Summa for +16xp Rego
And for yet another season before...
Rego Summa for +16xp Rego
Sent by House to Castellum Solitas.

Advancement for Attravere is approved (alliteratively!), so please update your character sheet to reflect these changes.

Additionally, Attravere receives 8 bonus experience as a reward for the insight into his personality and background.

So, looking around at Tylwyth Teg I found:

I was thinking of the dancing and the drunken folk part pointing towards a glamour/reputation. Perhaps "hedonist" or something like that?

The bread and cheese thing looked interesting for a Lesser Malediction. Automatic betrothal based on being given some specific food is both too harsh and too rare for my tastes. I'm thinking something like gifts of food will force a strong positive response. I wouldn't say it would buy loyalty, but much more than just good will.

Do these sound like good directions? The second would certainly need some clarity/specificity.