Character Development

I thought he had a 3. Must have looked at the wrong character sheet, or misread.

I'm unsure what general rule of thumb to apply to books on mundane topics--they're not magic, but they're extremely valuable in game terms, and they're quite expensive. How often would it be reasonable to obtain one, and what guidelines might we use to determine type, level, and quality?


A leadership summae is probably going to have a strong military or political subject matter and be as much a historical text. Leadership is a topic that I think would have been very popular for centuries. I’d say getting a very high summae score will be expensive but a high quality would be cheap as there is so much material available. Overall it’s a cheap text, although not as cheap as a version of the bible.

Cov.p95 indicates that almost any mundane book is a pound and available in a large city, delivery in a season.
So 3/12 should be pretty cheap, a 5 getting pricey?

A relatively low level, high quality is what Gregorius is aiming for at this point - ideally he wants to be at level 2 after a season's study (or at least very close to it), and then go off and do something else with his time for a while. We're pretty close to Constantinople, so we have "large city" covered.

Viola doesn't object to one book. In the medium term, however, we need to get our income sources going--we've only got enough silver left for this year and half of next.


The income notes say covenant needs to do something about getting the toys to market and also get the quarry producing.
Could Theodoric and Phocas be asked to start setting potential distribution points for the quarry? No idea who t do this except to unleash the grogs using their bargain and business savvy.

Bumping the question on the vis cost of the Roots or tractus of roots.
Was also.discussed at the start of the saga.

I think we'd already agreed previously that we were going to have to take the quarry off building up the covenant and turn it to income generation now. Do we need to do anything other than make the declaration?

Getting the toys to market was meant to be an adventure, but ran into the problem that there was no-one to run it.

I think that should be enough--it won't be difficult to find buyers.

We need someone else to SG....


I’ll try my hand at SG for the toys. I’ll need to rough out a plan of what’s desirable. It’s been a long time since I SG’ed.

I'm sure you'll do fine. :slight_smile: And you probably have until we recruit a new player or two to actually carry out the adventure.


That seems fair. What stats are we using? Is Fray going to donate/sell these to the covenant for its library?


He will be studying them to raise his arts from zero, and then much later use for an apprentice. Fray would be happy to loan them to the library for all to use.
Scores might be 5/15 in each, he's seeking starting books in all arts.

Which characters will be playing in the story for the toys? Just want to know what type of challenges to throw.

When we started the previous thread, Calliope got invited along - I'm happy to play or not play her as you'd prefer. (She's really meant to be an NPC, but...)

If you'd rather bring Gregorius or even a companion, do that. But it's up to you. :slight_smile:


Gregorius is going to leave the faerie regio to the specialists, now it's been found.

[To be honest, faerie stories don't massively excite me, especially if they're tending more towards the "fairies as weird things doing weird stuff" end of the spectrum, which the initial trip seemed to tend towards.]

If you don't want to play in that story, feel free to sit it out, though we might need someone on occasion to play the grogs.


Magus concepts:

  • a Tremere fortifications maker - an existing character has requested one, so I could make one, turn up to make buildings and review the fortifications, and then stay around for a few years to read the library and see if there's any interesting buildings in the area
  • a Flambeau who is an Aquam specialist, who throws corrosive liquids at the monsters he hunts and creates wine, beer and oil to sell for his covenant.

Companion concepts:

  • a nomad with Premonitions who feels something important will happen with the covenant, and wants to help. Are the locals Kipchaks?
  • a Byzantine merchant wanting to make use of the trade routes up the River Don.

New magi character concept

Flambau inducted in to the cult of Mercury straight after the end of apprenticeship. Flawless Magic from apprenticeship with Mercurian Magic/Pagan from joining the cult of Mercury. Wields fire and also has a number of healing rituals. He is a Dwarf, but make fun of the fact at your peril (Tyron Lannister is the image in my head). He would be two years out of apprenticeship.


Middle aged weapon master who cowardly fled the siege of Constantinople while most of his students died in defence of the walls. The remainder, many noble, are now enemies of him and any who harbour him.

Magus concepts:

  • a Seeker ex Bonisagus, searches for magical sites, second sight, Intellego Vim, student of magic, definitely not a lab rat
  • Stonemason, MuTe heavy, potentially Giant Blooded Verditius building enchanted structures.

Companion concepts: none yet