Character discussion

Discussion of characters, folks. I'll check everyone's characters over in a couple of days time. One thing I'd like to say is that I'm not going to make you start with any Warping points unless you want to. If you want to, you can take up to 1 warping point per 2 years previous experience (this should allow you up to 5)

I'd love any suggestions for a character concept. With the aura fixed at 3, the character I built can't live at the covenant. That was already my second character concept, and at this point my well has run dry. Any suggestions at all will be very welcome and appreciated.

Demon Blooded Magi. Make sure you have a power to blow off decrepitude, and crises. Some magi work with demons. You are one. :slight_smile:

I would like to take a Warping score of 2 (16 points) from the 8 years my Magus lived in a Fearie Region.
So I wonder if this is OK and more important what effects do this have on the char.
From my understanding he would fall under Faerie Calling as he have a Sympathy Trait and his Gift wasn't opened to the magic realm at this time.
(Sorry so fare I didn't have expirience with warping and so its bether to ask bevore I mess up)

Now I want to make a demon blooded companion...

This is for a companion, yes? I don't think we've got a Redcap yet. If I recall correctly, you're doing a Magical Mercere as your magus, but if you don't mind sticking with the same House, that'd be a great niche to fill and leaves a lot of room for interesting variation.

While I'm thinking about it, it might be good to reiterate everybody's choices to date. Trying to pull the info out of the old thread is a cumbersome.

I'll be playing a Muto-focused Criamon whose hobbies include mystical meditation and turning people into sheep for their own hopeful enlightenment. I'm currently leaning towards a medical type for a companion, as I don't think anybody mentioned healing as a focus so far. I'm hoping to pick up A&A this Friday and am stalling finalizing that concept until I've gone over some of the info there, but every team needs a medic, right? :slight_smile:

Anybody else want to jump in and summarize their choices so far? I know nothing's final at this point but I think it'd help everybody to plan this second wave of design if we know what's intended so far.

I'm playing a Vim specialist Mercere with the Gentle Gift. Not much help in combat, but he'll be able to actually go into town and interact with the people there :slight_smile:

I haven't begun work on a companion yet, I'd probably choose a martial one since my Mercere is so bad at combat. Well, he'll do okay against magical opponent with PeVi, but he would be in deep trouble if faced with a child armed with a sling :slight_smile:

Ryu, if you are looking for ideas for a mage (my recollection is that you tried a Mercere idea, then gave it up for your Transformed Being, and must now give that one up ?), here's a grab bag off the top of my head

  • Celtic bard (their are specific names for the Scottish one, you'd have to check Wikipedia). Probably a Jerbiton
  • Aquam specialist who can breathe water and explore the bottom of the ... I'm feeling lazy with my Googling tonight, whatever the Scots names their fjords.
  • Ice specialist from the North, maybe an ex Misc or a Flambeau.
  • Returning crusader (given the rulings on the subject, you'd have to go for magical protections and mundane weapons).
  • Bjornaer (or non-Bjornaer shapeshifter), with a beast form suitable for use in a city. Or Bjornaer trying to recreate Nessie with the Inner Heartbeast :slight_smile:

It's a mage concept I'm looking for. I did scrap the Mercere (it was so specialized, and ritual focused, that it was essentially a Companion character), and now the Magically Transformed Flambeau-turned-Jerbiton is out the window too due to the meager aura.

Here's some more quick ideas:

I was originally thinking about a school of Ramius Flambeau - a warrior with a mundane weapon but plenty of personal augmentation spells. Maybe he's a hoplite and a militates, or maybe he's just back from the Crusades and is hoping nobody will ask any awkward questions about what he did there.

We seem to be lacking a Verditius. Maybe an enchanter with something a less more exotic than black-smithing for their craft. Maybe something like weaving - whip up tapestries and rugs to affect rooms, create a magic cloak to protect your back, maybe even a long magic scarf to throttle your enemies!

Guernicus is an interesting choice. Maybe take the upright, uptight Quaesitor and pass him through a Raymond Chandler filter. I could see a disillusioned magus trying to retire from his Quaesitorial duties, tired of defending a code everybody seems determined to ignore, but who can't resist getting nosy anytime there's something amiss.

It seems like a Trianoma would be interested in our little project. Do you like intrigue stories and political stuff? How about an expert in magical espionage - Silent and Still Castinng, expert in Mentem and Imaginem, skilled at blending with mundane a as well a magi, and always right on the edge of a scrying charge.

If you go with a Ramius Flambeau, you'll want a GM ruling on the relationship between wards and penetration.

"We seem to be lacking a Verditius." Another person to suck up all our vis? :wink:

Guernicus is interesting. The only cannon tribunal book on Loch Leglean (Lion of the North) had only one Quaesitor in the tribunal and the tribunal as a whole had little respect for the code anyway. The tribunal as described by Niel seems much better organized than that. I suppose it'd be a good idea to get an 'introduction to the tribunal and it's major characters' post from Niel.

"It seems like a Trianoma would be interested in our little project." Very, I'd think. I love politics.

I think we will anyway - in my experience, that issue tends to come up a lot.

Yeah, there is that. I'm concerned about our vis sources as it is, but I guess that's a thought for the covenant thread so I shall go and express it there. Vis given to a Verditius can be well invested though. With their discount in opening items and the speed with which they can crank stuff out, I'd be willing to donate from my share if it got me and/or the covenant as a whole some useful items.

I'm already playing a Verditius in Andorra, I don't want to play another puffed-up blowhard.

I dunno, I'm not feeling any new character concepts. I might just opt for not having a magus, because if a character doesn't speak to me, I can't play it.

You could try a Mythic Companion, perhaps someone with the Blood of Heroes (True Lineages, Mercere section). Or for that matter pick an ancient God or Hero and make a magus/mythic companion with the blood of that god/hero. I once had fun trying to design a magus with the blood of Nemesis, Greek Goddess of Putting Down Uppity Mortals (well, okay, I'm paraphrasing her title).

I didn't bring it up before because I didn't want to be presumptuous, but since there is a question about coming up with magi ideas I'll bring it up now.

From HoH:TL:

In the field, I could see the house assigning two Tremere to a task as partners to have each other's backs when operating far from other house support.

Sorry I haven't been in on many of the conversations over the last several days - work got to be hectic.

I understand! In the announcement for this saga, Zaubersberg mentions an option to move in or out. If inspiration hasn't struck before we start, maybe he wouldn't mind deferring your magus character until it does?

Should we post threads for our characters?

Would this fit for the story of our Turb Captain? And is the name acceptable to someone who speak Scottish?

Alright still wondering if we should make threads for our characters . However I think we should start getting the concepts locked down and figuring out connections between characters. So this is a bit of a repeat from the old thread, but my character ideas:

Magus Character, Lilith wx Bonisagus: An ageless magus and a creature of the magic realm. Her long term goal is to become the mother of a whole new breed of ageless gifted humanity, along with preferable her sister Eve who is still in apprenticeship. She has come to the covenant as basically as a way to kill time and gather resources so she'll be able to raise children. Highly arrogant and believes she is superior to mortals, as they are rotting from the inside. Herbam specialist who has a couple spells to be productive with.

Now companion/grog ideas:
Companion Character, Thug: A character who wields both a team of thugs and fae wizardry. Ideal for black ops missions in the mortal realm, or a handful of exotic fae abilities. She is hiding in Hiddenhall because well... Hidden. Plus its a magic aura in the middle of the city.

Companion Character, Political Operator: High intrigue and such. Moves in the higher echalons of the mortal world and influences and moves events in our favor. Probably someone with wealth and status.

Companion Character, Ancient Loremaster: Fae character who loves ancient lore, and teaching. Teaches mortals who wouldn't otherwise wouldn't be able to get an education. Attached to the covenant because here she can be herself without hordes of pitchforks or the like.

Companion Character, Infernalist Infiltrator: Its an infernalist who seeks to corrupt this place and get more demon worshippers. Wants to start a coven. May start first among the Grogs.

Companion Character, Nun: Divinely Empowered Nun. Got assigned by the Church to watch the covenant for infernalism. Likes holy fire.

So preferred companion anyone?

I wold love to see your Ancient Loremaster as he fill the Bard spot we now have open in the covenant.

OK short version of my Magus Story
His first vew years he lived in a fearie realm like a prince till he got kidnapped and sold to a Merinata Mage.
The covenante he spend his time as apprentice is considered a Bonisagus covenant and is in the Scotland Highlands.
1 year bevore he became a mage he married a doughter of one of the covenant crafter and by now have 2 children with her.
In his time as Mage at the old covenant he got initated to 2 Arcadian mysteries and.
Especial the second Initation is interesting as there he spend nearly a complet saison in Arcadia and became friend to a dwarf and it was short bevore he change to the new covenant.
The small village of the covenant is regular visited by mercants and Quendal hired a old Mercant who have his family in Edinburgh to teached him in Bargain for 1 saison /year over the last years.
His fearie family probably know where he is and for sure will get back on him when they see the time is come for him to fullfill part of theyr story but Quendal don't know a way back to them.
The focus of his magic right now is Terram - Mutto & Rego especial crafting magic (Glassblower,Stonemasson & Blacksmith) where he works for most part equal to at apprentice-journeyman of this crafts what could be enough for some cost saving.

(Sorry thats all the links to my mage I can offer from how I put his story together)

I need to find out if it's OK with Zaubersberg but I was thinking about making my Companion a natural philosopher with a focus on the healing arts. Theriacs and all that. I should probably be thinking of a back-up plan if that's not a go. I'm not sure if he has the book with all that in it, for example.