Character discussion

I put my Mercernary Captain up even if not complet finished. I hope that despit that he isn't complet optimised for Pre+Leadership he still is acceptable as our Turb Captain.

I'm having some difficulty coming up with a companion idea. Anyone have any preferences or things they'd like to see?

:smiling_imp: Infernalist! :smiling_imp:
Think of all the power you could teach to the Grogs. :smiling_imp: We could have super grogs! You could start a Grog uprising! :smiling_imp: You could eliminate the Divine Aura in town for us.

I'm getting confused keeping track of who's playing what and what 'standard slots' are still open. (For example, do we have an autocrat at this point?) I'd like to suggest someone (I'll volunteer) start a thread to keep track of this stuff, the first post of which is going to be a who's who, and where additional comments will be for people to indicate the edits that should be made.

Sound like a plan?

Sounds great to me!


I have a strange feeling that will backfire...HORRIBLY...

Regarding people needing companion ideas: anybody going to do an autocrat? (I'm not asking because I want to do one, its just funny that nobody has.)

Some autocrat ideas to get people thinking:

  • I'm sure the operations at Harco involve enough people keeping an eye on being organized at all levels that it's a natural place to 'apprentice' to become an autocrat.
  • A former Chancellor or Steward kicked out because getting caught in a particularly scandalous adulterous affair.
  • A merchant cursed with too many marriageable daughters that struck a bargain (probably with the Mercer - they always want to reproduce) to be an autocrat to deal with it.
  • A merchant sea captain fleeing from the sea because of a curse (running away from a sea farie?).

Just some ideas.

Autocrat just never seemed epic enough. Why do that when you could play someone with mystic powers, experimental philo, or being a fae.

I like that one! Somebody should run with it!

Eh...I'm not feeling an autocrat myself. I'll keep thinking.

It looks like we are only missing the companions before everything is ready to go? If people don't have ideas we can always come up with them in play?

I think Zaubersberg didn't even gave his OK to all mage chars. At last he didn't say anything to my mage.

Well, my idea is a wandering "scholar" simply obsessed with learning new things. Anything and everything. Unfortunately, he also seems like a complete moron and maniac. How's that sound?

Yes, more scholars! Young padwan you too could learn the art of experimental philo. How does that sound?

I have no idea what that is.

It's a topic from Art and Academe, which I'm currently devouring. Basically, think of non-magical ways of using natural science and philosophy to produce useful items and effects.

Anyway, your idea sounds like it might have potential. Would he really be a moron, or just misunderstood?

With all the scholarly minds about, maybe we'll get a jump start on the University of Edinburgh! :slight_smile:

Basically someone that sounds like a total hick and looks like one. But given some good fortune, natural curiosity and sheer persistence, he has learned a bit about a variety of topics.

At least that's the goal.

Savant is a flaw in the Grogs supplement. I'll transcribe the text sometime tomorrow night, but it might be something to look out.

I hope Grogs will become a PDF when the already anounced next book hit the stores. Thats why I delay creating a grog for now.