Character generator sheet

I've been teaching myself how to spreadsheet by making an Ars Magica character generator spreadsheet. I was wondering of there would be any objection to me posting it online for others to use? I don't think there's any reason for objection, but I wouldn't want to accidentally make trouble.

In general we encourage fan support of our games as long as you're not charging money for it.

Cool, thanks :slight_smile: I have no intention of trying to charge for it, just want to be helpful.

The one caveat I'd add is to be careful about including a lot of our text in it. Generating numbers and the very basics are one thing, but we would not smile on something that included all of the virtues and flaws from all of the ArM5 sourcebooks, any more than we smile on pirate copies of our books out there on file-sharing services.

For a truly complete and professional ArM character generator, we highly recommend the official licensed program, MetaCreator, from Alter Ego Software (

Okay, thanks.

What I have at the moment only includes info from the main rulebook, and no details - just the names of abilities, virtues and flaws and so forth, plus their direct effect on the numbers used in character gen (so Skilled Parens gives extra xp, etc.). I have no intention of including the descriptions of the virtues and flaws, but is it okay to use the names like that?

Beyond that, I hope to expand it to include Virtues and Flaws from the sourcebooks I own. I hope that will also be alright, as long as I include no details? My thought was that without a book to look up what the virtues actually do, a spreadsheet that lets you choose them does no harm to the product line, and at best might get someone to take an interest and possibly buy a copy. Of course, it's not my line, so if you feel differently, I will defer to your judgement.

I have posted the spreadsheet on my blog at if you want to see what I've done, and if it's objectionable, I will take it down.