Character sheet for Feng Shui 2?

I have the book, looking for a printer friendly character sheet. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Here's a Dropbox link to a minimalist PDF I put together while the playtest was running. The ghosted fields for attacks and Fortune types are easily filled in, and the red circles on the WP track print as a distinct gray in B&W. I based the layout on the Bristlawn sheet for FS1.

Thank you so much for that! :slight_smile:

Here's some supplements that I've made, including editable PDF character sheets pre-filled for all the archetypes. You can use them as-is and then update the schticks, skills or stats as you gain advancements. ...

Here's a thread about it with a little more details:

Sooooo.... while I'm totally cool with buying the PDF, is there any way to nab the "official" character sheet without doing so?

Woops, double post... So it seems that there is not an "official" PDF Character Sheet currently available? At least, reading this question in two different threads would seem to indicate.