Character sheets

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Ni Ming Shi
Techie Gun Bunny

Body 5
Chi 2
(Fortune 3; spend 1 to roll 1 extra positive die on a task check)
Mind 8
Reflexes 6

Driving +10 (=15)
Fix-It +10 (=15)
Guns +7 (13) [Max 13]
Info/Science +4 (12)
Police +1 (9)
Sabotage +1 (7)

Weapons: Franchi SPAS-12; 13 damage, 5 concealment, 7 capacity; pump/semi-auto shotgun; +1 dam by taking shot to make KACHINK sound; double Difficulty mods for range; 6 shots to reload

Unique Schtick: You always happen to have the right item on hand. When you want to pull any tool or gadget item out of your handy toolkit, spend a Fortune point and - bingo - you got it!

Wealth Level: working stiff

Character Portraits:

Inspector Ken Huang, Maverick Cop

Melodramatic Hook: Inspector Huang was dragooned into Section 44 following the disastrous end of his last case for the HKPD, when his entire team, including Sun Meiying, a female partner who he had an unspoken love for, was ripped apart by a bloodthirsty demon. Huang's still rather bitter about his reassignment, which to him was only a step up from being fired outright, and his failure to protect Meiying and his other comrades still haunts him. And every ounce of him wants to make that demon pay for it all, along with the bastard who summoned it in the first place.

Attributes: Bod 7, Chi 0, Mnd 5 (Cha 7), Ref 8
Skills: Driving 15, Guns 14, Intimidation 10, Martial Arts 10, Police 8
Gun Schticks: Both Guns Blazing x3, Signature Weapon (The Persuader)

Weapons: The Persuader - Signature Mossberg Special Purpose (16/5/9), Two Beretta M9s (10/2/15+1)

Wealth Level: Working Stiff

Notes: As you can probably see, I've opted for the best of both worlds with Huang here. The Persuader is Huang's primary weapon against mooks and named guys both, and like Michelle's techie, Huang will have to spend five shots (not six) in reloading the sucker when he runs out of shells. But at the same time, Huang's not averse to some BGB action as well with the Berettas. He'll just have to take the mooks one at a time, being as I didn't buy up Carnival of Carnage.

Arthur Lee, Magic Cop

Driven to the occult from his younger age, Arthur Lee is dedicated to study the universal energies from a mystical point of view. He has no doubt that spirits, phantoms and demons exist, as he sees them everywhere. He considers a duty for him to protect the world of the humans from creatures of the Other World. To fulfil this duty, a good gun and a swift legwork is sometimes a more efficient answer than any mystical spell.

Physical description: Arthur is a 30 years old eurasian of average size and light frame. Most of the time, he wears a black raincoat and a hat, as if fleeing direct contact with the sun.

Bod 7
Chi 2 Mag 8
Mnd 6
Ref 8

Guns =12
Info/Occult 13 (Mnd + 7 + 2)
Police 9 (Mnd + 3 )
Sorcery =13
Driving 14 (Ref + 6)
Martial Arts =12

Gun Schtics: Lightning reload, Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs
Sorcery Schticks: Summoning, Fertility

Nic Bennet
Taoist Wizard

Bod 5
Chi 7 (For 9) (Mag=8)
Mnd 5
Ref 5

Info/ Taoism +4 b[/b]
Martial Arts +8 b[/b] Chinese kenpo
Sorcery +6 b[/b]
Info/ History +1 b[/b]
Medicine +2 b[/b]
Deceit +1 b[/b]

Schticks: Influence, Divination, Summoning
Taoist Trickery: Gain +2 on Influence checks, but -2 on other Sorcery checks (except Divination)

Wealth Level: Working Stiff

[color=darkblue]Nic could always sense the supernatural around him. From childhood, he had visions and read auras. Later, he traveled the world until he found another medium like himself to train under, and he learned to perform exorcisms, cleanse homes, and speak with the long-dead, among other tricks. Quickly, he found out that his gift allowed him to see much darker, more sinister things than fortunes in tea leaves. Several times he's faced Underworld beings, and one of those evil encounters cost his mentor his life… and his soul.

Nic feels comfortable with the supernatural. Spells and potions, scrolls and ghosts, are all as common to him as television and traffic jams. This background and his reputation have earned him the attention of Hong Kong Section 44. Having Section 44's resources will allow Nic to more effectively pursue his goal of tracking down and eliminating those darker forces among the natural. What happened to his mentor won't happen to another innocent victim.

Nic is optimistic, philosophical, and friendly. Mid-30's, short dark hair and dark green eyes, fit but not muscular. Dresses casually in baggy cargo pants, a long-sleeved T-shirt, and Sketchers sneakers. Nic carries a sturdy walking cane carved from white ash wood, with tiny arcane symbols burned into the surface along its length. He doesn't need it to walk, but he plays with it and taps it against things when he's thinking, and if necessary he can use it to protect himself. He has several bracelets and necklaces made from natural materials like bone, leather, stone, and wood that he wears under his shirt, and he wears a few rings of various metals. He doesn't fit most people's idea of a "wizard", but that's just what he is, and he's usually got a packet of odd powder or splinters of charred sticks in his pockets for some reason or another.

I added photos and a name to my character sheet. Check them out! :slight_smile: