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Inspector Ken Huang, Maverick Cop

Melodramatic Hook: Inspector Huang was dragooned into Section 44 following the disastrous end of his last case for the HKPD, when his entire team, including Sun Meiying, a female partner who he had an unspoken love for, was ripped apart by a bloodthirsty demon. Huang's still rather bitter about his reassignment, which to him was only a step up from being fired outright, and his failure to protect Meiying and his other comrades still haunts him. And every ounce of him wants to make that demon pay for it all, along with the bastard who summoned it in the first place.

Attributes: Bod 7, Chi 0, Mnd 5 (Cha 7), Ref 8
Skills: Driving 15, Guns 14, Intimidation 10, Martial Arts 10, Police 8
Gun Schticks: Carnival of Carnage x2, Eagle Eye, Hair Trigger Neck Hairs, Signature Weapon (The Persuader)

Weapons: The Persuader - Signature Mossberg Special Purpose (16/5/9), Two Beretta 92-FS Pistols (10/2/15+1)

Wealth Level: Working Stiff

Archetype - Medic

snip as there's a more up to date sheet later - GM

By my count Nam, you still have 2 skill bonuses to spend.

Detective has become police and had 2 spent on it, but the others are all at their default for your attributes.

Now for MasterAir's character

Chris Small
Chris Small is a one-time small-time crook who turned informant a couple of years ago as his long-term prospects seem healthier that way. He still has connections in HK's criminal underworld, but he knows which side his bread is buttered and hasn't let the police down yet. He'd be in a whole bucket of trouble if his associates found out he was passing information. He's scruffy and rather scrawny, but he can put up a good fight if cornered.

Transformed Rat

BOD: 5
CHI: 7 (For 4)
MND: 5 (Per 8)
REF: 8

Guns 13
Martial Arts 13
Deceit 6
Detective 9
Info/History 8
Info/Hong Kong underworld 10
Intrusion 9

Disorienting Strike (Chi: 5 / Shots: 3)
Doolittling (Chi: 2 / Shots: 1)
Infect (Chi: 3 / Shots: 3)
Squeeze x2 (Chi: 3 / Shots: 8)

Kahr K9 10/1/7+1

Working Stiff

So this girl walks into the bar, she's tall, she's dark, and she's definitely a stranger. Flashes me a glance with those heavy lashed eyes and murmurs for a mineral water. I ask you? Does she think this is a frickin' up-town wine-bar?

So Louie and me are taking bets on her parents' nationalities, and admiring the view, if you know what I mean, when these knuckle-heads try a bit of smooth talking, and put their hands places where no gentleman should.

Wham! She spins around, clips both of them across the jaw with one kick. And this is where it gets odd. She reads them their rights. I ask you? Does she think this is a frickin' up-town wine-bar?

Seeing as I don't recall all-in-black being any kind of police issue I've ever heard of, I guess she must be something else.

Soo-lin is tall, with shoulder length raven black hair, cut with severe angles. She has dusky skin, sloe eyes and high cheekbones. She wears a black poloneck, skirt and boots.

Her archetype is Ninja, though I'd prefer to call it Ex Special Agent. With extra points spent on Deceit, and the extra-sneaky shtick.

She has joined Section 44 on exchange from the Commonwealth Special Circumstances Unit. Any querying you might choose to do about this will reveal that no-one claims to have heard of it.

I'm new to play by web, so I hope this is OK for starters. -Sam

I think I'll drop down the intrusion and extra sneaky. It's not a big part of Soo-lin, and I prefer to let Chris Small excel in shneaking, and spend my points on other stuff.

Soo-lin Ma

snip as there's a more up to date sheet later - GM

I would be delighted if you allowed me to swap Deceit and Intrusion!

Be my guest.

Soo-lin Ma


Bod 8
Chi 0 (Fu=7)
Mind 6
Ref 6 (Spd7)

Deceit 14
Guns 8
Info/(Topic Restricted Access!) 12 (4)
Intrusion 10
Fix-It 9
Martial Arts 14
Police 8 (2)

Shtick: Willow Step

Posted: Thu May 22, 2008 1:07 pm Post subject: Dr Anthony Walker, Combat Pathologist

*Thanks for that, I'll increase my archaeology skill.



Archetype - Medic

Bod = 7
Chi 0 (Fortune = 2)
Mind 7
Ref = 7 (Speed = 10)

Police = 12
Driving = 9
Guns = 13
Info - Archaeology = 11 + 2 = 13*
Info HK Area = 9
Medicine = 15 (speciality - forensic pathology)

2 gun schticks - Who's the Big Man Now and Signature Weapon

Weapon - Remington 870 Police 13 +3 = 16 / 5 / 7

Debbie Moore: -

New to Section 44 she is still under the illusion that police work is similar to television - busting heads, shooting baddies and car chases. It's Section 44 so she's not far off but the concept of shooting things (or better yet blowing them up) still seems to excite her perhaps slightly more than it ought.

"Dallas Rocket" - Excitable rookie cop

Bod 7
Chi 0 (For 5)
Mind 8
Ref 6

Intrusion 10
Martial Arts 10
Deceit 13
Info/Section 44 13
Info/Colonial HK 13
Driving 13
Guns 13
Sabotage 10
Police 11
Info/HK Sewer Network 10

Signature Weapon: Charlie (Automag IV)
Shoot Weapon
Lightning Reload