Character Summaries

The more characters there are, the less chance to refer to them properly exists. So I find a short summary helpful for quick reference (without crawling through the depths of a character sheet. You can make life easier for me and others by posting a small summary containing concept and appearance.

Aetos ex Bojornaer
Aetos heartbeast is an eagle and life revolves around birds. He spends more time talking to birds then to humans. Unsurprisingly, his best art is Animal.
Aetos is a thin middle-sized man from the Alps whose brown hair and full beard are streaked with gray. He has remarkable amber eyes and an aquiline nose. His voice is deep and low. He has the habit of suddenly turning his head and staring at people he talks to. He is usually seen with some pretty bird perched on his shoulder. He tends to wear cheap brown woollen robes.

Grog sergeant Miklos Fortunato
Miklos is an ex-leper whose touch can cure leprosy. His incredible luck has made him dangerously optimistic. Despite his disfigurement, he is a charismatic leader, and some of those he has healed now serve as coveant grogs.
Dark-haired, tall and always smiling, he'd be very good-looking indeed - if he wasn't disfigured by the leprosy scars that are witnesses of his destroyed eysight and hearing on his right side.

Bogdan & Godzimir (grogs)
Bogdan and Godzimir are twin brothers, boisterous young men who are always cheerful, ready to pull a prank or tell a joke about each other. Bogdan is the natural leader of the pair, while Godzimir is more perceptive and quiet. They are slightly taller than average, with dark brown hair and eyes.

Portia Ennia filia Tacitus scholae Verditii, fabricatrix ab Castra Nova

Maga Ennia prefers to be addressed by her mundane name, Portia, as that name carries weight and garners recognition among the Venetian glassblowers' guild.

She is tall and thin, as she frequently works long hours in the lab and forgets to eat for days at a time. She has blond hair and green eyes, and might be pretty if not for the severe burn scars covering her arms. She dresses in craftsman's clothing of thick cured leather, to protect her from the heat of the forge. Despite her obsessive lab work, however, Portia is a deeply sociable creature that loves to extemporise on Hermetic theory with just about anyone who can keep up with her intellectually.

Gregorius filius Slyvanus doctrinae Tremendi

Gregorius is a Tremere scout, fresh from his gauntlet. He's of medium height, but lean, with a slightly weathered appearance. His hair is dark brown, and his sharp, dark eyes have a watchful look. By nature, he's an idealistic, and passionately believes in the Order, seeking to protect and improve it. Due to his upbringing in a translyvanian Tremere House covenant, a lot of his current ideas for how the Order can be improved involve making it more like House Tremere.


One of the (in)famous white wolves of Tremere, Alcimus accompanied Gregorius from Translyvania after he was ousted from his position of leader of the local pack of white wolves by Ferox, the newly bound familiar of Gregorius' friend Carolus.

Alcimus terrifies most mundanes, due to being a enormous wolf the size of a pony, with far too intelligent a look in his eyes. Humans in turn largely amuse the wolf, and he has been known to enjoy playing with them from time to time. He has, however, learnt a healthy respect for magi and their property.

Tamura Scheria, Companion to Magi of the Order

Tamura is an ungifted leanred magician, a Mathematicus of Bologna. Until the death of her husband she lived a more or less quiet life of study with and old Mathematicus that took her in as his own as a father figure: Abramo. She had a family, property, and the respect of her community and peers. Then her husband perished in the course of a senselessly violent robbery but she was saved by a Redcap, Bereleyn. Beside herself, she searched for direction in life, and returned to study with her old teacher, uncle Abramo. Redoubling her efforts in the arts she ended up loosing Abramo to the ravages of old age - but he passed on to her the direction she had been seeking. In his younger days he had adventured with true magi of the Order, and so would she. Beginning by tracking down Bereleyn, she eventually agreed to assist the base camp project in the hopes of finding a place where she belongs and honoring her debt to the Mercere.

Flavius Trajanus, Magus ex Miscellanea, Adept of the Azure Vault

Fourteen years out of gauntlet Flavius is a gregarious magus interested in travel, exploration, and exotic magics with aspirations to apotheosis and a love for Imperial wonders. Skilled in the art of Rego and secretly inducted into the Philosophers of Rome Flavius leads the double life of those who partake in the mysteries. On one hand seen as an enthusiast for things ancient and exotic who does like to enjoy the finer things in life and in secret a man driven to become more. Young, talented and willing to play the supporting role of acolyte in the cult, Flavius is popular in their ranks. In the wider context of the Order he has decided to make a name for himself by aiding those who push the boundaries. No better project than Nova Castra, where powerful sponsors and daring Magi wish to literally expand the reach of the Order itself!

Viola of Merinita

Viola is a reclusive maga more than 20 years out of Gauntlet, with a reputation for weirdness even by Merinita standards, exemplified most obviously by bright violet eyes, hair that changes color with the seasons, and a penchant for strange labs. Her first covenant was Haunted Springs, in the Crimea--the nearest covenant to Nova Casta, in fact, but in 1220 she moved to Andorra for six years, before falling out with a covenantmate. Other than general oddity, she's most known for her prodigious ability with spontaneous spells. Her familiar is Constantine, a purple emperor butterfly.

The Cat

The Covenant of Andorra, like any sizeable human settlement, has many cats, but the covenfolk referred to one cat in particular as “the black cat”, or simply, “the cat”. Several of the older people insist they knew her when they were children, which would make her a very, very long-lived cat, hence suggesting a magical nature. There are even rumors that she’s the covenant’s original cat, having been brought here as a kitten in 807 when the covenant was founded—that would make most of the other cats her descendants.

Alas, shortly after acquiring the ability to shapeshift into human form, the Cat came into conflict with one of the covenant’s magi. Hence, when Viola left Andorra, she took the Cat and her most precocious kitten with her.


Theodoric is a weathered but formidable grog in middle age. He served the old covenant at the ruins of Tanais. After that covenant was destroyed, he returned to watch over and rebuild it.

Patrick of Tytalus

A Rego Ward specialist, mighty beast tamer (pun intended), and hard-drinking Irishman, Patrick's early life was filled with promise. Blessed by the forest with the gift of animal tongues, he had a loving wife, a litter of Gifted children, and a bright career of mystic study ahead of him. Some say that he snapped one day, and destroyed his covenant and entire family. Others whisper that he was part of some secret cult that had made powerful enemies. Yet others dismiss the entire conflagration as a laboratory explosion that had nothing to do with him. To those of his house, the cause is irrelevant, given his utter failure to pull himself out of his despair.

Late at night, deep in his cups, he still talks to his wife, Maeve, and eldest daughter, Leah, though both were burned to cinders over 6 years ago.

Patrick has come to Nova Casta hoping to find purpose for his life again. He doubts he'll find it.

Leon the Hunter

Leon is convinced that he is a fish that was magically transformed into a human being five years ago. He can even explain why exactly a fish would be an expert shot with a bow, have a penchant for climbing trees, and an aptitude for learning languages. The answer doesn't make sense to anybody but him, but you could say that about pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth.

Restoring Leon's mind is one of the few things that gets Patrick out of bed in the morning.

Myron Poupoulakos, Magus of Jerbiton

Myron Poupoulakos is a man of fine tastes. Originally from Helios, his family of wandering minstrels travelled the pilgrim's route to Jerusalem. At the age of seven, a travelling maga from the Theban Tribunal noticed an unusual magical aura around him, even though he did not outwardly appear to have the gift. As a Jerbiton from Constantinople, she was excited to train an apprentice with a the gentle gift. Myron's love of music infused his training, and he performs his spells as acts of exquisite music. Indeed, he spent more time on his academic and musical interests during his apprenticeship than on his magical ones. It wasn't until he completed his gauntlet that he focused on plants and gardens, creating incredible scenes out of magic and flowers. His sigil is the scent of rose.

Orestes the Sculptor

Orestes is a gregarious and colorful character who is supremely confident in his abilities. He is a skilled sculptor and craftman, and worked with a covenant previously before being displaced by the sacking of Constantinople. His friendly and unguarded nature often gets him into trouble as he cannot hold a secret.

Rouhan & Elham Qazvini

This young couple just got married and are madly in love with their lifelong true love. Nothing can permanently separate them and they share an incredibly strong bond. Both have a love for creating beautiful things and are incredibly loyal to Myron after his promise to take them to a place where they can create wonderful art in peace and safety. Safety is important as Rouhan never fights. Elham is also caring and compassionate, although she will hold her ground to defend one she loves. Rouhan is a skilled glassblower who always embellishes is creations with some sort of ornamentation. Elham is a skilled gardener and does wonders with flowers. She also communes with animals, especially birds. They married in the Muslim lands of Levant, where Elham is from. Rouhan is originally from Persia. They have been travelling with Myron and Orestes and have picked up a minimal amount of Greek although they do not speak Latin.

Asena ex Flambeau
Asena is a small woman with long raven hair and black eyes. Her voice is surprisingly deep for a woman her size. She wears practical clothes of good quality.
Maga from local stock, raised by the Mongols, apprenticed in the Nowgorod Tribunal. She fights as a horse archer in the Mongol style. She is brave and (over)confident.

Wishbone ex Flambau

I Giant of a man with blonde hair and blue eyes. His face has an evil counternance and he suffers from a strong, unpleasant body odour. A wielded of fire he follows the school of te founder within house Flambau. He wears full chain armour over thick quilted padding and carries a great sword that he wields somewhat ineptly.

Timaios ex Guernicus

Timaios is an unassuming Greek man of average height and build with an olive complexion, curly shoulder-length black hair and beard, dark eyes, and a slightly aquiline nose. He is not especially muscular and tends to dress in subdued fashion, simply in a magus' robe made of local wool. He is frequently serious and tends to listen to others before speaking up. He is rarely armed with more than a walking-stick and a bag of smooth stones.

He performs the usual functions of House Guernicus, able to carry out Quaesitorial functions adequately, and in addition to his general proficiency with Mentem and Rego has some flair with Aquam.