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Viscaria Verditii, of House Verditus, is a very short woman, usually dressed in thick leather smithy clothes. Beyond her Gift and her obvious dwarven/fae heritage, there is something earthy and secretive about Viscaria, whose easy laughter is oft replaced with a suspicious glare. She'll wrap a shivering puppy in her last bit of clean clothing, mumbling all the while about how the brute will be sure to bite her.

A variety of small baubles hang off of belts and straps. Her eyes look startlingly like cut amethysts, and her long hair is usually kept in a bun. She is often nervous in unfamiliar environments, but loves to write letters to people she's met only once.

She seems to display a obsessive interest in freedom, safety and security.

She is an adept glassworker who loves all things made of stone - from cathedrals to the smallest statuette.

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Helena ex Bonisagus; stands with a straight back, she wears her blond hair plated.

Walking around the covenant she will normally wears a fur trimmed coate of a practicle colour (for an scribe black, brown or maroon!).
Her hair is usually covered by a simple veil (she probably tried a wimple and ended up frying it after the thirtieth time it had fallen onto her writing desk)
Around her waist is a belt designed to hold a book and writing implements.
She tends to walk slowly and while taking in some of the world around her, one feels that part of her is always conducting experiments or writing her next book.

When she speaks it is with a clear confident voice, and a sharp tongue for anyone not doing their duties,her sigl is of golden lilies

Serrano Ex Miscellanea is very ordinary looking person , slightly taller than average.

If he is distinguished by anything , it is the brightly coloured embroidered borders on his clothing.
He maintains personal cleanliness whenever practical ; always clean shaven.
When not working , he will be found indulging in games of chance , at which he is extemely unskilled.

Notably , he will have nothing to do with horses.
This is not a phobia , but more keeping a respectful distance.
He is interested in providing what creature comforts he can to others
and pays his gambling debts with moderately well-made clothing.

Berenguer filia Rollant, scholae Jerbitonis Phoenixensis

A native Tolosan, of moderate height and pleasing mien, he appears to be a knight errant to those who do not know him. He has shoulder-length dark hair and dark, deep-set eyes, and the face of a beardless youth, new to the world. He dresses elegantly, is pleasant to all he encounters, and optimistic about his prospects.

He wishes to live, as closely as he is able, the life of a troubadour. He is always willing to tell the tales he knows, and wishes he could play an instrument or sing, in order to embellish his stories.

There is certainly something strange about this young man.

Cygna ex Bjornaer is a tall, slender long-necked woman who normally dresses in light-colored homespun robes. Her most noticeable features are her piercing black eyes and her snowy white hair, which is accented by a black bar on each side of the temple.

She is typically in one of two modes: singing or screeching. She has a volatile temper, has been known to throw whatever was at hand in fits of rage, and has been overheard to yell even when there was no-one around to infuriate her. Aside from that, she has a relatively melodic voice, and speaks Latin with an English accent.

Hermetically, she specializes in Mentem, and has an interest in ghosts, spirits, and shades.

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Hiems Ex Miscellanea

Tall and slim, with pale blue hair and eyes, which, combined with his pale skin, betray his overwordly origin. When travelling among mundanes, he usually dyes his hair black, though. His skin is cold to the touch, and winter seems to settle him, as rooms are always colder when he's somewhere.
He often wears white furs whatever the weather, not because he needs to, but because he likes it.
Generally cool and collected, he has a chevalrous temperament, especially towards women.

Hermetically, he seems to share the Faeries flexibility towards magic, at a great cost to him, though. More importantly, he has also proven himself to be a master of Cold, with an interest in Ice and Corpus.