Character write up lists

Does anyone know of any fairly comprehensive lists of all the fully-statted characters in the various AM 5e books? I know the Atlas website has a list of all the Magi, but I am more interested in hedge wizards and companions.
I'm attempting to put something together. I have the characters from HMRE, RM, and DI.
I was primary interested in Hedge Magicians, but I included anything that looked like a humanish character. Unfortunately my formating skills are nil.

Name Tradition Source Age Notes
Elisavet Elementalist HMRE 28 51 Ungifted
Matilda Folk Witch HMRE 47 22 Gifted
Eliza Fok Witch HMRE 47 45 Ungifted
Mistress Greta Folk Witch HMRE 48 76 Gifted
Janine Kyteler Folk Witch HMRE 49 32 Gifted
Anne Kors Folk Witch HMRE 49 30 Gifted
Jeane the Wise Folk Witch HMRE 50 28 Ungifted
Domhnall Gruagach HMRE 75 31 Gifted, Gruagach Master
Conall Gruagach HMRE 75 25 Ungifted
Stefano Learned Magician HMRE 99 30 Gifted, Master
Marco Learned Magician HMRE 100 27 Ungifted, Student
Rothinger Nightwalker HMRE 117 21 Ungifted, Hound of God (companion)
Arno Nightwalker HMRE 118 21 Ungifted, Benandante (companion)
Eirik Svennson Vitki HMRE 140 29 Gifted, Warrior Vitki
Klymene Amazon Sorceress RM 21 25 Giftedu
Polemusa N/A RM 20 27 Amazon Warrior
Stuliane N/A BRM 40 ? Amazon Sorceress Spirit
Helene N/A RM 41 ? Amazon Warrior Spirit
Viea N/A RM 42 ? Amazon Magic Human
Bici Augustan Brotherhood RM 68 26 Gifted, Court Wizard
Kotkill Ulfsbrodir Muspelli RM 87 25 Gifted, Follower of Fenrir
Gunnvara Jarnvidja Muspelli RM 88 71 Gifted, Follower of Gullveig
Ali / Thomas Soquotran Sorcerer RM 137 137 Gifted, Olibanum Tribe
Leif Ormsbrodir Muspelli DI 71 31 Gifted, Follower of Nidhogg
Magnus Norn Muspelli DI 72 43 Gifted, Follower of Urdur
Ingvar Suttungja Muspelli DI 74 68 Gifted, Follower of Surtr

That seems like a good project to start on.

(I know of no such list, sorry!)

I assembled the magi list. There’s no comprehensive “NPC stats compilation”, but that sounds like a great project. Breaking into chapters like “hedge magicians”, grogs, and companions would make it super useful.

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