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Players in the Mystikae Eikona saga should post information here about their magus/maga characters. That can be complete or partial character sheets, or simply a few paragraphs about things that are generally known about the characters.

NPC characters are in their own topic.

[size=150]Humbert de Venosc[/size] aka [size=150]Humbert du Cheval[/size] aka
[size=150]Humbertus Eques filius Livia, House Guernicus[/size] aka [size=150]Humbertus Scorpio[/size]

Humbert the Horseman

Humbertus is of average height, perhaps just a hair shorter than usual. He is relatively fair skinned with medium length brownish hair. He is clean shaven. His eyes are blue. His build is a little on the stocky side, reflecting his peasant birth. His fingers are quick and deft, a sharp contrast to the limp which spoils his gait; his left leg was broken at some point in the past and did not heal properly. When asked, he says it was "during his apprenticeship," but will not elaborate.

He has adapted quickly to the clothing style of Cappadocia and the Middle East, favoring light silks for the most part, though his boots and belts are made of leather. He is rarely seen without a leather pouch on his belt and, to those with eyes to see, enchantment is visible upon it.

Humbertus has a lively and inquiring mind, not unusual in a quaesitor. In Humbert's case, it has led to a tendency to pry into, well, almost everything. He is, in fact, something of a busybody.

He will also argue at the drop of a hat on very nearly any subject. He claims that he is sharpening his skills at disputatio for use at Tribunal and elsewhere. Probably he just likes to argue.

Humbertus Eques (Humbert the Horseman) arrived at Mystikae Eikona seven years ago, having passed his gauntlet some eight years before that at Mystikae Eikona's mother(?) covenant in the Alps. He cited climate as the major reason for his migration.

He rapidly established himself in an expansive ground floor laboratory and quickly built a reputation for himself as a busybody and a fiery disputant, primarily on the behalf of his newly adopted home. He is a fiercely loyal friend, as some came to learn, but just as fierce an enemy. Clearly more comfortable with animals than people, said animals oddly not fearing him as they do most magi, he nonetheless worked hard to make a place for himself in the Covenant, bringing his skills as a Quaesitor to bear when needed.

The horse raising enterprise was a favorite of his, of course, and his limping presence was often seen around the enclosures - that is when he was not riding his own mount.

As time went by, he began to convert his lab into a veritable menagerie of local fauna as well as small stable and stockyard for the subjects of his experimentation. It was somewhere during this time that he made the acquaintance of Octavia, the exceptionally large scorpion who was to become his familiar (and cause of a new cognomen for Humbert himself, Scorpio).

The disturbing (to some) sight of Humbertus with a rat-sized scorpion riding on his shoulder has become common around the Covenant, although Octavia wisely remains hidden when Humbert rides out to visit the horse ranch or other areas outside of the somewhat eccentric confines of the covenant.

Humbert is, of course, Catholic and has recently taken to meditating and praying in the Chapel on occasion. (*note, he's not rabid about it or anything mind you, but he was raised Catholic and the presence of the Divine is indisputable.)

Humbertus occupies a sizable chunk of the cave complex and has turned it into something that resembles a zoo as much as a laboratory. As one approaches it, the first thing one sees is the stabling area where a selection of horses live, including Humbertus' favorite mount, Piedvent. The stables are constructed out from the caves and include access to a small field in which the horses can run and play, although they are quite often left to run with the other herds, half wild in the vale.

From that point, one enters the laboratory proper, a spacious area in a shallow cave, isolated from the rest of the cave complex - at least, so far as anyone including Octavia has been able to determine. Wooden shutters may be closed to block off access to all or part of the cave, and a few areas in the back have been walled off to provide more protected storage.

To the left as one enters, most of the wall is taken up with a menagerie of local fauna, the care of which is one of Theodora's main tasks; Theodora being the local girl who serves as Humbertus' personal servant. There is an extensive scorpion habitat, among other structures. Some of the holding pens are built into the walls themselves, others are cages or bins resting against it, and so on. Nearest the open air is large bird house with access to the open air.

A feature of both the stables and the menagerie which is not immediately apparent, but which becomes obvious on a very short observation, is that many of the enclosures are not actually sealed; the inhabitants are free to come and go as they please. Some, of course, are true cages, and when asked why some are kept one way and others another, Humbert replies that some animals are more trustworthy than others and some are just too stupid to be left to roam free.

[size=200]Peregrine filius Sowa of Bjornaer[/size]

Redacted character summary (note that the summary is incomplete, since more information about the character would only become known to others through play; this information would most likely have been gleened from correspondence with Sowa ex Bjornaer regarding Peregrine's moving to Mystikae Eikona upon his gauntlet).

Covenant of Origin: Taneb’s Tooth, Transylvanian Tribunal

Known Virtues: Affinity with Aurum and Deft Form: Aurum; Adept Lab Student and Book Learner; Wilderness Sense.

Known Flaws: Chaotic Magic and Deficient Form: Ignem.

Known Abilities: Peregrine has excellent grasp of Latin and is sufficiently versed in Magic Theory to set up his own laboratory. He has sufficient knowledge of the skills that an Hermetic magus should know upon taking the oath (i.e. minimum scores in Artes Liberales, Code of Hermes, Concentration, Parma Magica, and Penetration).

Description: Peregrine is not physically impressive. He is of average height (5’6”/168 cm) and slim of build (115 lbs/52 kg), with shoulder-length straight black hair and piercing black eyes. His clean-shaven and delicate features, combined with his size, give him the appearance of a young man in his mid-to-late teens rather than a fully gauntleted magus who would have to be in his early twenties at the least.

His wizardly robes, which he dons as “formal” wear, are colored to reflect his heartbeast’s coloration: bluish-gray back and sleeves, tan front, and grayish-white around the legs, with a finely embroidered feather motif from head to toe. When not garbed as a wizard, he normally wears brightly-colored clothing from his homeland (akin to figure 4 and 8, 10, & 13).

Peregrine is a remarkably cheerful fellow, and is almost never seen without a smile and an easy laugh to share. He is also possessed of an acerbic wit, and can be rather sarcastic at times. He is fairly athletic, a nimble climber with an exceptional sense of balance. He normally takes his meals in the great hall with the others unless he is trapped in the lab, in which case he will have Elene bring him his food. He has yet to travel by horse or cart since his arrival at Mystikae Eikona.

Known Attributes of Domazhir Slipoi, filius Hephaestia, ex Verditius

Domazhir is a swarthy, heavily bearded Slav. At 170 cm [5'8"] and 75 kg [155 lbs/11 stone] he is unremarkable in his height and build. Being physically superior to many magi, he tends to be a bit too sure of himself in mundane situations, and lacking in perception of things not presented plainly to him, he often misses the cues that would prevent trouble from arising. He has dark, shaggy hair, dark eyes, and is left handed. He owns a finely crafted, well used, suit of full chain mail, along with the other panoply necessary for a foot warrior on the modern battlefield. He is as comfortable in this, as he is in his leather apron at his own forge.

  1. He trained and gauntleted in Lemnos, at one of the known forges of Hephaestus
  2. It is rumoured that he experimented during his gauntlet to achieve a more poweful item than would otherwise have been possible
  3. Domazhir is a Pagan, and worships Svarog, his sons and clan, and Mati-Syra-Zemlya
  4. He is a master blacksmith/swordmaker, with an interest in the equipment of warriors
  5. It is possible that he has spent some time as a mundane mercenary
  6. His magical proclivities lie in Terram, and he has a strong grasp of the theory of magic
  7. Born somewhere in the lands of the Slavs, Domazhir speaks Slavic as his mother tongue, as well as the scholarly Latin he learned during his apprenticeship
  8. From his time as a journeyman smith, he has learned a little common Greek, Russian and Turkic
  9. Do not ask him to explain anything for you, it will take an entire season for you to beome less knowledgeable than you were previously
  10. Although very poor at explaining matters to others, he is swift to learn in any way available
  11. The cold of Mother Russia follows all of Domazhir's effects. There is a brief lowering of the temperature of anything affected by his magic.

Domazhir's adopted family
In the spring of his fifteenth year (1190), Ieuan left his village of Llancarfan in the Vale of Glamorgan to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Richard, Coeur de Lion was in London, making the last preparations for his Crusade to the Holy Land, and the youthful Ieuan was keen for adventure, and the guarantee of heaven that a crusade would bring. In the late summer of that year, he left the isles that were his home.

Ieuan served in Richard’s army in Sicily, witnessing the sack of Messina, and in Cyprus, where the heretic Greeks were put to the sword. He attended the celebrations of Richard’s marriage to the beautiful Berengaria, and then, with them, travelled to Acre. He fought at the siege of Acre, the slaughter of its garrison, and witnessed the disintegration of the crusade as the nobility bickered over the spoils, and Richard’s henchmen threw down the banner of Leopold of Austria. Ieuan was also at Arsuf, Ascalon and Jaffa, and was, for a short time, within sight of the walls of Jerusalem itself, but by now, his thirst for adventure had been slaked, and his hope of heaven diminished by all the death he had seen.

When Richard finally concluded a peace with Yūsuf Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn ibn Ayyūb (Saladin), a disillusioned Ieuan took the opportunity to travel through the holy land on his way home. His travels took him north, and eventually into Cilician Armenia, where he met a young woman, Theodora Prasomales, wandering dazed and confused after her village had been destroyed by a Seljuk raid. He took care of her, and she of him, and they now have a son, Gwilim. Not long after Gwilim’s birth, the newly formed family found a place at the covenant of Mystikae Eikona, where they have been for nineteen years.

Ieuan still thinks he is on his way back to Wales, but Theodora knows better. He has been away for thirty years, and has been living with her for twenty of those. Gwilim knows little of Wales, only that which his father has told him, and is much more Greek than Welsh. Theodora is perfectly happy to let Ieuan have his dream, knowing that there is little risk of him leaving Mystikae Eikona.

The family have been living at the covenant for most of Gwilim’s life, and certainly for all of it that he can consciously remember. This is now home, however much Ieuan fails to recognise it. At Mystikae Eikona they are part of the community, they have friends and comrades amongst the other covenfolk, and now have a very comfortable living as part of Domazhir’s household. The Magus treats them with respect and courtesy, and has even begun placing enchantments onto Ieuan’s and Gwilim’s arms and armour, to aid them in the current troubles. Theodora is, reasonably, content. Moving her from here will require the destruction of this community, which does not seem likely from her lofty vantage point.

Gwilim does not share his father’s desire (however weak) to travel to Wales. He has grown up here, and he can gain access to the training in swordsmanship that is his burning desire. Here, too, he is well known to the young ladies, and may, one day, begin a family of his own.

Ieuan, Theodora and Gwilim inhabit the upper floors of the fairy chimney, above Domazhir's laboratory (ground floor) and living quarters/studio (first floor). Domazhir regards the whole of the chimney as his sanctum, and his family of guards/sevants are thus under his protection.

[size=150]Tellus filius Aldelia of Bonisagus[/size]

Tellus is a small man and prematurely balding.
Joning the covenant just over 10 years ago, shortly after his gauntlet, he has made himself known as friendly if driven.
His passion for Terram has hardly managed to avoid the attention of anyone.

(more to come as soon as I remember where i put my notes, or who Tellus was)