Characters: Quick reference

Write about 2-5 lines about your magus allow that sum up how others see him or her. Update the information if they undergo major changes. This thread is there to make it easier to interact with the other characters. It saves you the trouble of digging through their sheets. Describe him (use different senses), talk about his clothes, equipment, familiar, quirks, reputation and the way his personality comes across. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY COMMENTS HERE to keep the descriptions easy to find.

Alazais Clergues (Autocrat):
The Autocrat is middle-aged, yet unmarried woman of 25. She is petite, has long dark hair that highlights her pale skin, her huge dark eyes and her ruby lips. She moves with the grace of a goddess and uses "savon", which gives her an exquisite smell of lavender. It is her language that gives her away though. Her voice is loud, her jokes are rough, and her dialect local.
She is good at what she is doing. You are lucky to have Bastion's sister to run the covenant. Just refrain from fondling the maids. She is sure to learn of anything that happens at Solitude and she does not like disrespectful behavior towards women.

As a necromancer Bastion is perhaps quite obviously not loved by the church, however his desire to make attempts to resurrect his wife in direct defiance of the lord makes him positively hated. Bastion has two children of ages 2 and 5 with whom he is distant, his late wife would take care of the children however since her passing that responsibility has been placed upon the grogs as he becomes more and more consumed by his studies. Perhaps predictably Bastion has a profound disrespect for those claiming to have a position of authority over him, to the dismay of his parens.

Clovis is a very small man of average corpulence, his most striking feature is probably his gaze, there's a sense of amusement bordering madness on his bright eyes. He's smiling most of the time. His short, yet bushy mustache and beard as well as his somewhat undisciplined hair are unusual for a Magus, specially from House Tremere.

He's actually quite hardworking, but despite painstaking attention to details, he doesn't seem to take what he's doing very seriously and laughs from his mistakes most of the time. He doesn't have the sense of self importance typical of most magus. He's usually wearing richly ornamented doublets and fine reddish leather boots when he's inside the covenant. When traveling, his soldier formation surfaces and he equips a leather armor hidden beneath a very thick grey hooded cloak made of wool embroidered on the edges with dark checkerboard patterns. He always wears a dagger on the belt, but that's more a tool than a weapon.

He's not the aggressive type and tries to circumvent problems with illusion and wits rather than application of pure strength.

St. Avery is a beanpole; nearly 6'4" tall, and almost rail-thin, with thinning brown hair and pale skin. He has a perpetual slouch (developed by spending entirely too much time in the Library), and fingers stained with ink and other dyes. His off-white cassock seems to be somewhat greyed and dirty, although a closer inspection shows that he's actually quite clean, and that the stains move slowly in eldritch patterns if you stare at them for too long. He wears his favorite sandals, regardless of the occasion, and is usually seen wih a grey woolen hat of some sort (he gets cold easily).

In conversations, he has an air of permanent distraction, muttering about 'high-magnitude refraction' or 'thaumaturgic regressions in the Lion's Carbuncle' - which, if you ask him about, he will happily explain to you for hours on end. His hands will usually wander vaguely about, as though he is slowly trying to catch fireflies. In addition, he will often pick up and gesture randomly with items in his environment, and then forget to put them back, leading to a rather large collection of paperweights, spoons, and stylus in the pouches he carries along his belt.

When travelling, he usually carries a staff (not a Talisman) - mainly for investigating (aka 'poking') interesting phenomena with.

In magic circles, St. Avery is likely known as an up-and-coming Bonisagus researcher from Stonehenge, who specializes in wards; to mundanes, his Gift causes him to present as an absent-minded proto-scientist who probably won't vivisect you.

Cornelius exudes an impression of solidity. Sharp brown eyes look out from a rather square face, with light brown hair that is usually kept short. He moves slowly, with a bit of stiffness to his stride. His occasional smile is expressive and friendly, while his voice is pleasant enough, though he retains a noticeable slavic accent. He often wears sturdy travel clothes made for durability more than comfort, only switching to more ostentatious robes for formal occasions (and looking unseasy when he does so).

Elizabeth's Gift doesn't give off the same stench that follows most Magi, and she generally wears simple clothing. She cuts her black hair short as to not interfere with lab work, and the cut is rather uneven. Despite that her slender tall build manages to leave a striking impression regardless, and her emerald eyes dance with light that can't quite be quantified.

As a maga of House ex Misc in the Deathless tradition she has the cheery and slightly spoiled outlook of a lot of them, even if she does spend a lot of time meditating or writing down her strange thoughts.