Charged Item

Terribly sorry if this has been asked before, but do charged items need a 'uses per day' modifier?
On the surface I'd say yes without thinking, but then why not simply devide your charges into seperate items, or would they still require that modifier?

No "uses per day" required. As you say, you can create 1 item per charge (like the example charged arrows) or you can have all the charges in a single item. That is up to you. Each use spends one charge. That is the only limit.


A generous and creative SG could allow a limit of 1/day on a charged item, and reduce the overall level (very!) slightly, but that would almost have to be done case by case.

But btr, nope, none needed, none allowed.

I couldnt see much point in doing that anyway - unless you are making something you quite literally only ever want one of. Once you have made the first one the level is irrelenant isnt it? Dont you get straight lab total/5 in charges if you have a text.