I've been reading and day-dreaming about these recently and was wondering if some of those knowledgeable about ancient warfare would care to comment on a few questions that have occured to me.

Are chariots, on suitable terrain, faster or slower than heavy cavalry? Light Cavalry? Would this depend on the size of the chariot ( two / four person? )? Or more on the number of horses paired to it?

My impression has become that chariots are a missile delivery platform first and a melee platform very much second. The tactical use seems to have been based around small units of perhaps ten or so chariots that would engage in wolf-packish skirmishing/harassing tactics, engaging from misslile range and making 'drive-by' style attacks for the most part. Is this the consensus?

The training of chariot teams ( the people ) seems to have been rather extensive and intricate. For a two person chariot this seems to have been a driver/shield bearer paired with a nobleman archer/warrior. A four person similar, driver/shielder, two archers, and another shielder/warrior type.

I've heard reference to chariots becoming obsolete and their use being discontinued thereby... but I'm curious what people think made them obsolete? What battlefield concerns/changes made them no longer viable tactically/strategically? Economically?

I think it could be a fair assumption that they are not likely to be encountered in active mundane use in mythic europe. I have however been considering the possiblities of them being in use in a distant arab/egyptian-esque land, or by the greekish hyperboreans for example.

I won't spill the beans any further... Andorrans beware! :wink:

These links might prove helpful... ... rfare.html

and a link to general GURPS chariot combat rules which you might perhaps be able to modify for ARS use... ... ariots.htm

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: