Charm Magic and Ease Factors for making Charms

I'm looking at the Charm Magic Mystery on page 96 of Mystery Cults and I'm having a hard time working out the Ease Factors for making charms.

In the example (page 97) Mari creates an "enemy" charm. She apparently succeeds in her Communication + Language roll against an Ease Factor of 9.

Fine, so it looks like 9 is the ease factor to beat.

But later we learn that we can make charms that are associated with more than one thing. Page 97 gives an example of "Darius the magus in winter". We're then told that the Ease Factor is 12, explained as each additional concept adding 3.

So, unless my maths is up the spout, a base 9 + (2x3) = 15.

Unless by "concept" they mean "Charm Categories". For instance, "Magus" and "Darius" are both "Character" charms. Winter is an "Event" charm.

I guess, if I follow that line of thinking it all works out okay as there is only one additional Charm Category, so only 1 +3 modifier so we do get an Ease Factor of 12.

Is this clear? Is my last idea on this correct? Have I simply missed the better explanation in the book?

Okay, I've found the sidebar on page 88. The ease factors for temporary and permanent charms are different (6 & 9 respectively).